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USMLE Step 2 CK Experience (264) by Dr Usama Bin Tahir

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficial, the Most Merciful
Date Exam Taken: 3rd April Preparation time:25th December to 3rd April (3 Months)
Mocks Exam: NBME 4: 254 (18 days out) UWSA: 264 (8 days out)
Uworld Percentage First time : Avg 75 percent (Offline) Second time : 92 percent
Step 2 CK in 3 words, UWORLD, UWORLD, UWORLD
Study Plan:
BACK GROUND: Step 1: September 2013 . 3 Month House Job to relax.  I had previously done all the kaplans/MTB with the lectures during my Final Year Prep in January 2013 except Paeds and Surgery.



Physiology Presentation: RBC Indices from KemUnited

This Physiology presentation gives an overview of RBC Indices and their interpretation in differential diagnosis of anemia.
Presented by:
1. Muhammad Mohsin Ali
2. Ahsan Iqbal
3. Muhammad Basit
4. Muhammad Ali
5. Muhammad Irfan Kaleem

BAKE SALE '14 - Relived.


Think food. Every kind of food you can conceive of and multiply it by 10. Think Haroon bhai and Ruhma baji ki constant streams of "bachon kuch chahiye to nahi?" Think scorching heat and thanda limoo pani. Think aromas and colours and spices and flavours. Think fun and charity snowballed into one. Simply put, think bake sale '14.

                            SPWS is a society well known for its glamorous, mega-charity events. Currently headed by the charismatic Usama bhai and Mushafia baji, SPWS brings one event after another throughout the year not only forming an integral part of the K.E. social scene, but serving the much deeper purpose of helping humanity. Keeping in line with their motto "Service to man is Service to God" they have consistently, year after year, helped in the upkeep of our hospitals Mayo, Lady Wellington and Lady Aitchison subtly and silently, catering to the masses of afflicted humanity that flock in millio…

Lecture Slides; Pathology: Classification of bone tumours

Lecture slides; Pathology: Introduction to Bones

Lecture Slides; TB & CD: asthma

Lecture Slides; Surgery: pathogenesis of cancer

Lecture Slides; Surgery: Gallstones & Cholecystitis

Lecture Slides; Radiotherapy: cancer


The day I set foot in the university I had no idea the conventional was about to change. When I was told we were the 'lucky batch' because we were going to experience the modern module system my happiness was beyond bounds. I told everyone about how the university was finally taking an initiative to improve the orthodox educational system. Finally, there was hope that we will be studying on the same lines that the rest of the world is studying. All in all there was much anticipation.

As soon as the orientation was over, the cell module commenced. I must confess I bought all the unnecessary books. I almost bought Robins Pathology as well. (yes! I am a first year student. Do not be doubtful). Molecular biology was the leading subject during the whole module. But soon enough I left all the books just like my class fellows and settled on reading the slides since the content in the books not only seemed unnecessary but unmanageable. Miraculously, most of us passed the Cell Module …

Pathology Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides; Gynaecology: normal labour

Lecture Slides; pathology: disorders of gallbladder and biliary tract

Lecture slides; surgery: cancer and prevention

Lecture Slides; Surgery: Imaging of hepatobiliary pancreatic areas

LECTURE SLIDES : Pathology ; Cardiac disease n Cardiac Markers

Lecture Slides: eye; anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Lecture Slides; Gynaecology: ANTENATAL CARE

LECTURE SLIDES : Pathology ; Liver enzymes n jaundice

LECTURE SLIDES : Pathology ; Hepatitis

Lecture Slides : Pathology ; Pulmonary INnfections

Lecture Slides : Pathology ; Jaundice

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Genetics

Lecture Slides; Pathology: cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma

date: 12.04.14

Lecture Slides; Medicine: Essential Thrombocythemia

Lecture Slides; Medicine: MYELOFIBROSIS

Lecture Slides; Medicine: THROMBOCYTOPENIA

Lecture Slides; Medicine: MULTIPLE MYELOMA

Lecture Slides; Anaesthesia; Sepsis and septic shock

Lecture Slides; Anaesthesia; SHOCK

Lecture Slides; Anaesthesia; pre-anaesthetic assessment of diabetic

Lecture Slides; Anaesthesia; central venous catheterization

Lecture Slides; Anaesthesia: spinal and epidural anaesthesia

Lecture Slides; ENT: MIDDLE EAR

Unofficial Societies at KEMU


We have been introduced to many official societies at KEMU, but in the students’ underworld, exist many unofficial or “2 number” societies.
KEGS (King Edward “ghora” society:
This society has the maximum members from every class at KEMU, the reason being that majority of the students are ghoras at our university: all running and tumbling to achieve the best in studies. The members of this society are popularly known as theetas and although the main motto of the members of this society is to never accept that they belong to it, they’re pretty easy to identify even when they wear the camouflage of “cool people”. There’s such a competition in this society that the identification and crowning of the president has never been possible. I can unabashedly state that every student of our university has at least once in his/her life been a member of this prestigious society but that’s not very surprising, is it? After all they are undoubtedly crème …

1st year Histology revision slide 2011 (Laiba Khalid)

USMLE Prep During MBBS

Doing USMLE in MBBS: By Waqas Nawaz M.DUptil now I explained how one can do steps after MBBS or after house job. Doing this thing in MBBS is more challenging but at the same time more advantageous. It has lot of benefits like:
1- You save 2 years.
2- You don't have to do house job.
3- You can get good electives as most good programs require step 1 before they give you electives. In out days not much people used to do steps as undergrad as there was less guidance and prof. exams used to be more subjective than today . Today exam is more objective and they can be passed by reading step books.
I will explain year wise how one can prepare for steps in MBBS so that each year students may be benefited.

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) detailed Insight

United States Clinical Experience (USCE) By: Waqas Nawaz M.D This is really important part of steps journey. I will try my best to explain it in the simplest way. Those days are over when people with triple 99 only used to get residencies .USA hospitals now require some clinical experience inside USA before you apply. Students work under supervision in hospitals and get L.o.Rs.

There are 3 forms of USCE ( research is not part of USCE -a big misconception):

1. Electives 2. Externship 3. Clinical Observer Status (Observer-ship)

USMLE-o-gram: Mathematics of Match

USMLE-o-gram:Mathematics of Match

Article by :Waqas Nawaz MD
HOW STEP SCORES AFFECT NUMBER OF INTERVIEW CALLS AND MATCHING PROBABILITY-WITH OTHER FACTORS KEPT CONSISTENT; ANALYSIS 1.It is based on the results and data of last 2 years and it is an estimate ;not hard and fast. 2.All other factors like USCE,RESEARCH AND GRAD YEAR are considered constant. Making change in them can change the outcome. 3.Step 3 score; until very high >235 has effect equal to done or not done. 4.The number of interviews are those which are “Genuine” not contact based. 5.Very clear that how the CS attempt can make Green zone a Red zone 6.Also shows that how toppings can make a RED zone a Yellow zone 7.Last row shows that with step1, 2<225 ; all 3 toppings needed to make it a yellow zone 8.A general impression from this analysis is that “ONE interview call increases the match probability by6-8 % “ 9.All these interviews are those which are not contact based. Otherwise strong contacts can bring even a person with s…

USMLE STEP 3 Preparation Scheme

USMLE STEP 3 Preparation Scheme By Waqas Nawaz M.D 
What is this exam? How it is important? - How it is related to Visas?
In this post, I will try to explain facts related to step 3. Most of people don't know about step 3 at the
start of step journey. It is an exam that is mandatory to pass while doing residency, not to apply for it.
But recently it has gained unprecedented importance among IMGs because of increasing
competition for residency.

My Voyage For Residency From PATIALA To PHILADELPHIA

MOTIVATION AND INTRODUCTION: The Unfortunate event of Medulloblastoma in my younger sister leading to permanent blindness despite successful surgery and chemo-radiation sparked in me a desire to become physician. Coming from a small city Dera Ghazi Khan, I entered in KEMU (former KEMC) in November 2004 and graduated in March 2010. Road to USA had never been easy. I was motivated by my parents and elder brother Adnan Khalique to reach the highest as I am the first one ever in my family who was going to become a physician and dreamed of training abroad as physician. But for me burning the boats was not an option so it had to be in this way in the form of many twists and turns till first step of success(Residency). I was looking for shortcut to settle early and was inclined toward going to Australia and that’s the reas…

Interview with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud

Interview with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud * Kemcol English Section Sneak Peek *

Let me cultivate you first: That reminds me of a Chinese proverb, “Once there were five blind men who wanted to “experience” an elephant – having heard of one. Reaching there they felt it, as best they could; One of them felt its leg, one its tail, one its ears, one its trunk and last its abdomen. When they returned they asked each other what the elephant was like. The one who “saw” its leg said it’s like a pillar, which felt the tail perceived it as a rope, the one who got hold of his trunk reported it to be like a pipe, for the one who could only manage his ear rightly thought of a winnowing fan (chagh) and so on. What do you think – which one of the five is telling the truth?
Sir, you talked about going beyond the rules of reason but this world rests on logic and rationality. How to cope with that? This reminds me of a joke: Two English men went to the pub after consuming pints of lager, fl…

Lecture Slides: Anaesthesia; PERI-OPERATIVE FLUID THERAPY