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14 signs you are a society-monster

By Maryam Ayub (4th year MBBS)

(Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to offend anyone except the blogger's friends. Other offences taken are just a bonus)

1.The thought of being a member of only one society gives you feeling of being stranded in a desert.

2. You have more certificates of organising than you can ever have of everything else combined in your entire life. 

3. You define societies in your mind/circle as "the nasty one" , "the fun one" , "the comfy one" or "the weird one".

4. You save tons of money each year (and get to try new places) by going to Atleast five high teas a year.

5. Your Facebook friends include Kemcolians of atleast 10 different years. (From the absolute seniors when you were firstulas to the firstulas of the year you graduate )

6. You just simply can't move around the college without atleast five "assalam o alaikum Bhai/Baji" or "walikum salam . Kia ho raha hai" depending upon your year (seniority in the society)

7. You know two events of societies are clashing (in venue etc.) before the presidents of the societies or even the hall management. 

8. When a junior finds you and you think they have come about their pictures but you realise you were also supposed to collect the forms of something else too. And you think "Damn! Missed that Facebook post"

9. You have atleast two major events going on in the same week. And you have to prioritise ( meaning you have to weigh the odds of being noticed and being reprimanded)

10. You feel guilty when the junior is being really nice and friendly with you but you have forgotten his name even though he told you atleast twice already, and sent his number. But seriously don't they all look alike in first year??

11. On funfair , you are either reaping the benefits of being "social" if you have a stall or cursing the day you were born with empty pockets if you don't

12. You feel lucky when your good PR with the president guarantees you a spot in hosting / desired hosting partner. 

13. Your see your college family more than your actual family during major events.

14. You know you will have ultimate contacts / friends / family for life.


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