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Lecture Slides: Surgery; Acute Limb Ischemia

Lecture Slides: Surgery; AMPUTATION

Lecture Slides: Gynaecology; Antepartum Fetal Surveillance

MCAT Entrance Test Key 2015

Lecture Slides: Surgery; Brain Injury

Lecture Slides: Pediatrics; Rheumatic Fever

Lecture Slides: Dermatology; Fungal Infections

Lecture Slides: Surgery; Haemorrhage

Tips to attempt written papers

By Kainat Zaffar Laghari

A few tips how to attempt your paper :
A must read for first year students :

1) first of all about MCQ portion which is definitely a bit tricky but u have to sit calm and read it calmly and carefully .  Dont panic if u dont know the answers. Even at times u dont know half of the answers but thats okay u r not alone.

2) dont leave any MCQ.  Just mark it.  mark the closest option near you. That's All

3) SEQ : at time there are such questions which are quite unfamiliar to you but if u know from which
topic the question is just write anything relevant to it.  Believe me u ll not get ZERO in it.  Specially in physio at times there are some questions like How, what's the mechanism??  Even if u dont know both u know WHAT the thing is relevant to just write about it.  You ll definitely get some marks. I have tried it

4) flow charts : try to make flow charts of mechanisms asked.  Avoid writing lengthy and BORING
paragraphs.  It bores the examiner.  Write them in …

Biochemistry Hashmi MCQs

Class Tests 2nd Year 2015

Coming Soon ! Interview with Salman Ahmad

"My favorite time of the day was playing cricket in Patiala Ground" Salman Ahmed, founder of Junoon band and a proud...
Posted by Kemcolians United - The King Edward Medical University Blog - [ KemUnited ] on Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lecture Slides: Chest Surgery ; Complications of Pulmonary Surgery

Lecture Slides: Neurosurgery; Management of Congenital Neurosurgical anomalies

BEHIND THE CURTAINS with Prof. Dr. Azhar Hameed

BEHIND THE CURTAINS with Prof. Dr. Azhar Hameed

Graduated KEMC 1976 First Person to do fellowship in ENT from CPSP 1982 Professor ENT AIMC/PGMI (1993-1998) Head of Department ENT KEMU (1998-2015) Dean of Surgery & Allied Health Sciences KEMU Retired at Seniority no. 1 in Grade 21 (2014)

A family man to the core and a gentleman by nature, Dr. Azhar Hameed is soft spoken, places extreme importance in morality and yearns to spend more time with his children.

We were the pioneers when we shifted from Services Hospital to Jinnah Hospital, we had only one patient admitted in ward at the time and in the fear that he might leave in the night I appointed 9 doctors to come and stay with him in the ward all night for his comfort.

Neuroanatomy Models Labelled by Kainat Zaffar

by Kainat Zaffar Laghari

Lecture Slides : Paeds Surgery ; Vesicoureteral Reflux(VUR) And Posterior Urethral valves(PUV)

Lecture Slides: Surgery; Management of Airway And Breathing

North Medicine Class Test

Lecture Slides: Medicine; Infective Endocarditis

Guide to 1st Year Professional Exam and Send Ups

So finally the prep time is here , the toughest part of the year is going to start rather has started .its not an impossible job to cope it actually you can do it . I Am not a distinction holder or a very intelligent person but I am a survivor :D would like to share some tips Here am gonna tell u about all the subjects one by one ,the time division and the stuff you are supposed to know . happy reading ☺ ANATOMY:
Histology: Its not advisable to give histo 3,4 days separately even in prof preps , its comparatively an easy nut to crack . In SEND UPS preps divide the topics and do a diagram daily practice it and do the theory from Laiq . so you ll be getting it done in 20-25 days maximum Imp topics : Do past papers and mark the questions on ur book or write them on front page . histological digarams of C.T and lymphoid orangs are particularly important General Anatomy : Again its an easy one . do follow Ghulam ahmad…