8 Things Every Firstula Should Know

Firstula? You should have heard the word by now; but if you haven’t, don’t scratch your heads crazy about it. It is simply a term for ‘first year’.

With that out of the way, let’s break down some of the more important things for you.

Patiala Block and Pathology Department are your desi Hogwarts.

Always dreamt of the majestic Hogwarts castle as a child? Never got your owl?
Look no further. Your acceptance letter might have arrived through regular post (or not reached you at all), but King Edward does offer plenty of spots where you can channel your inner Harry Potter. Or Ronald Weasley. Or Hermoine Granger. Or whatever.

DO NOT buy the Dissector.

As a firstula, you would almost invariably be lured into buying the entire book list; but I repeat, DO NOT buy the dissector. You would hardly use it once or twice a year (unless you are the over enthusiastic one who plans to do the dissections everyday).
(I stopped two first year students from buying the dissector at Zubair last year. Never been more happy with myself  😊)

 The oldest university has also the oldest style cafeteria.

Can you even call it a cafeteria? Maybe canteen would be better. Most would have already seen PC (I mean Piccadilly Cafeteria, not Pearl Continental -_- ) and been disappointed by it. Unfortunately it will pretty much be your sole means of sustenance between those gruelling lectures, unless you are willing to walk a few steps further to Al Kareem. Or Food Street.

Look for the hidden gems on the desks

On the desks in the lecture theatres, you can find plenty of captivating inscriptions. From anecdotes and history to poetry, you have it all. These writings have eased many a students in whiling away their time in the lectures. If you don’t find something good enough for you, just add your own legacy.

Do NOT miss the events.

From March onwards, the various societies of King Edward churn out one event after the other, and you would not want to miss them. From debates to quizzes, from photowalks to literary contests, from charity bakesales to media festival, KE has something for every one of you. Do look out for the societies when they come to your classes to introduce themselves!

Lights of Hope 2015
KEDS' All Pak Debating Championship 2017

Bring your own shade in summers.

Because the university won’t provide any shady place to hide when the mercury rises above 40. Save your umbrellas not just for the rainy days but the sunny ones too. They sure come in handy.

Ji. Apne apne le ke rakh lain saray.

Apple of your teachers’ eyes?

Not anymore. I hate breaking it to you, but school is over and so is college; the teachers here won’t really remember your name if you answer all the questions correctly in class, but they will memorise your roll number if you put your toe out of the line too many times, and what would follow wouldn’t be too pleasant.

You Can Do It.

Even though there would be a lot of hard work, late nights, sweat, blood and tears involved, but in the end you’ll pull through it.
King Edward can be a roller coaster ride – at times euphoric, at others downright depressing. Just remember that eventually, it would all be fine. With that, welcome to KEMU, Kings and Queens of Batch ’22!
Photo credits: Hamza Zahid 


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