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Guide to MCAT - Medical College Admission Test in Punjab

Acing MCAT - If I can do it, so can youBy Amna Khalil The article featured as the Cover Story of the weekly US Magazine of "The News".

Finally, it’s that time of the year again; you come back from your last FSc. exam, euphoric at the prospect of seeing your long forgotten love again, the holy bed. You rush into your room, kick off your sneakers and prepare to curl into those sheets ... but what’s that lying on your bed?

A black and white card, bearing a horrible photo of yours, reading “K”.

Yes, all this furore to find a horrifying permit card of yet another entry test preparation academy resting peacefully on your sanctuary.

Sadly, your dad did go through all those MCAT preparation pamphlets, checked out the various places and got you enrolled in an abyss for the entire summer behind your back.

You try and ignore the ugly photo on the card and go through the rest of the details.

All right now, classes 4 t…

2nd Year Prof Papers 2011

Courtesy Abeera Baji, 3rd year :)







Elective Experience: Neurology/ Neurocritical care at Emory School of Medicine

Elective Experience: Neurology/ Neurocritical care at Emory School of Medicine
AOA all,

Bilal asked me to share my experience at Emory with you guys, so here goes nothing!

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored for a 6-week elective in neurocritical care at Emory University in Atlanta. Neurocritical care is essentially a subspecialty of neurology which requires a 2-year fellowship after completing a neurology residency. A physician specializing in neurocritical care is known as a neurointensivist, and
he or she essentially works in a specialized ICU for neurological and neurosurgical patients.

I ended up doing three weeks in neurocritical care and three weeks in vascular/stroke neurology.

The three weeks I was in neurocritical care were not very stressful or hectic, but I did learn a lot. I would arrive at the hospital by 7 or 8 am, go over the patient list for about an hour with one of the
pharmacy students who was also on the rotation (it helped a lot to talk out the cases with a fellow s…