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3rd Year

Third Year

Study Guides

Sketchy Microbiology
Forensic Medicine: Hi- Yield Topics
Third Year Guide: A Prescription
Pharmacology Guide
Important Topics Pharmacology
Important Topics Pathology
Third Year Guide 2011- by Sidrah Latif
Third Year Study Guide- by Muzna Sarfaraz
Third Year: Experiences of Class 2012
Pharmacology Mnemonics
Database of Drug Classification
Physiological Parameters, Indices and Values 

BSc Exam Guide

Guide To Becoming a Graduate before your MBBS
Paper Format for BSc Examination


Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine--Class Tests 2015
Pathology-- Class Tests and MCQs 2015 
Second Professional MCQs 2013--2015
Second Professional Past Papers 2015 
Second Professional Past Papers 2014
Second Professional Past Papers 2013
Send Up Past Papers 2013
PBQ Answers: Past Paper Questions
Pharmacology Class Tests 2013
Pharmacology Papers 2012
Forensic Papers 2012
Forensic Class Tests (Before 2012)
Forensic Send Ups and Prof (Before 2012)
Pharmacology Class Tests (Before 2012)
Pharmacology Send Ups and Prof (Before 2012)
Pathology Class Tests (Before 2012)
Pathology Send Ups and Prof (Before 2012)

Practical Material

Slides, Photos and everything related to pharma, forensic and patho PRACTICAL
Pharma Instruments
Pharma Specimens

Viva Resource Bank

Viva/Practical 2013

Viva/ Practical 2010 
Viva/Practical 2011 
Third Year Wards

All units explained by Class of 2013, Compiled by Sadaf Hafeez

The complete guide to wards in 3rd yr. The books to get for wards, batch-changes and tips.

This is a great article that summarizes the key-points of all that you're gonna do in the surgical ward rotations.

2. Anarkali to Shahadra (Part I) by Maham Waqar 2013-18


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