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Pharmacology Practical Pattern

general info*55 marks TOTAL = 5 copy + 8 tables 4 marks each + 3 vivas 6 marks each !!
Dont study 1st copy except the 7 calculations + the cardamom that they didnt make us write = 8 calculations learn by heart !
Table 1+2= 2 calculations from copy 1
All vivas are from 2nd copy = DO IT WELL !
Table 3= 2 of those models (seeds vagera around 20 in total DO LEARN ALL with active principles whichever ones have+ uses)
Table 4= 2 definitions from biostatistics chapter e.g. deviation, mean, medianwith a calculation THE MAKING OF TABLE with your own 6 values! calculators allowed but be fast some may learn and go!
Table 5= CNS stimulants caffeine, picrotoxin, strychnine vala know it by HEART with the inferences e.g. cutting b/w eye and tympanic if convulsions disappear = cortex vali etc.
Table 5 i meant un theeno drugs KY MAKING OF TABEL
Table 6= EYE practical on rabbit vali 4 drugs jo hai = atropine, pilocarpine, adrenaline, cocaine know THEIR ACTIONS ON ALL REFLEXES since a printed table is there in front of you with columns with headings light refles/corneal etc. neeche plus minus laga hota hai as in present absent, IDENTIFY DRUG plus mention receptors in eye with actions by stimulating them!
Table 7= 1 prescription!
Table 8= a clinical Q e.g. DM ke symptoms diye hote hain, have to diagnose the disease mention drug used its ROA and AE!

1 viva related to frog e.g. heart has a graph their with 4 labelled readings 1,2,3,4 he may ask whats this prac called? effect of unknown etc. and explain procedure, or see reading etc.
1 viva related to rabbits ileum know everything about it, apparatus, PRECAUTIONS, concentrations and quantity of solutions used, dose response curves that you get, sigmoid their uses etc.
1 viva related to frogs eye light reflex do Q can be anything about receptors, pathway other conditions causing dilated pupil DONT FORGET YOUR TOXI POISONS !


Know how to prepare 2000 mL of dextrose saline (not in copy)
Do the rabbit's eye drugs table really well
the qs we got with it was
a table was given
they asked which drug could it be and give reasons for your choice, we got homatropine
Just read these practicals really well:
1 effect of unknown drugs on frog's heart
2. rabit's ileum wala.
3. rabits eye. learn the light reflex pathway n cornel conjuntival reflx pthways
effect of drugs on frog's CNS too

Sample Prescription
Dr. Wantstopass Practical
Third Year M.B.B.S.
Your Address
Patient Name
Diagnosis e.g. hypertension
Medication Name and Dosage
Your Signature
PMDC # (Exam Roll No.)


1.Nigella sativa
active principle(a.p)thymoquinone n use as antidermatophyte,antibacte
rial n antitumor.
2.cardamom large
a.p is volatile oil n use as carminative
...a.p is volatile oil n use as carminative n purgative
a.p is volatile oil(anethole) n use as carminative,antioxidnt n indigestion
a.p is volatile oil n use as carminative
a.p is alkaloid(papaverine) n use as analgesic
7.senna leaves
a.p is hydroxy anthracene n us as purgative
a.p is vnlatile oil n use as antimicrobial
A.p is glycyrhizin n use as expectorant, diarrhea n carminative
a.p is volatile oil n use as carminative
use as expectornt n diuretic
use as carminative
as normal saline 4 dehydration
use as analgesic,antipyretic n anti inflamatry
use as fungicide n pesticide
16.I2 soln
in graves disease n skin disinfection
Use as disinfctant n antiseptic
18.tincture card.cmp
as carminative
19.nux vomica
a.p is alkaloid(strychnine) n use as stimulant ov git. And Nux vomica is stimulant of sp cord.used for barbiturate poisoning
20.castor oil
a.p is fixed oil n use as purgative.
Summary of uses
Cardamom large
Tincture Card
Senna leaves
Nux Vomica
Castor oil
**Antimicrobial (related)
Nigella sativa
Cymium cumin
I2 Solution


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