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PHOTOGRAPHY & Poster Making Workshop

PHOTOGRAPHY & Poster Making Workshop , is summarized Online at the KAPS website. All the helping material has been compiled by me with examples. Plus the softwares are also uploaded that we had used in workshop. All those attending the Workshop Week should visit it. The data regarding Sketching Workshop, Tie n Die and Screen Printing will be online after these workshops have been conducted. --Tauseef President KAPS 2011 ------------------------------------------- Video Competition With Music on 21st April Last date of submission of a video is 15th April. details at -------------------------------------------

KemLife Tips: Managing Multiple Societies at one time:

By Farkhanda Qaiser Remember the early days of 1st year when all the kemcolian societies came to your class to introduce themselves...? You felt like joining each and every one of them after watching those musical presentations about their achievements and events...but something or the other always stopped upcoming substage or stage, the fear of failing in physio or of missing classes after you joined those societies... That's what the majority of kemcolian nerds always feel in 1st year but things change considerably with every passing year...You see those same people making CVs, applying for posts and rejoicing on getting those posts...then a new life starts for them: the kemcolian society life...Making announcements in class, doing publicity by pasting charts on zero point, being organisers in mushaira, sitting on the registration desk in declamation contest, shooting pictures for KAPS during sports week, hosting the KELS events, collecting money for SPWS bake sale and a

KDS - Kemcolians Dramatics Society Audtions

Auditions for new KDS members are gonna take place on Monday 28th march from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at auditorium . Auditions are open for all the classes and interested candidates can get the membership forms from their respective class representatives. Spread the word !! - Rizwan Khan (Secretary KDS) Official Facebook page : &ref=ts

Students’ Patient Welfare Society calls for apps !

CALL FOR THE APPLICATIONS FOR Students’ Patient Welfare Society EXECUTIVE AND GENERAL BODY 2011-12 SPWS is inviting applications along with CVs for the following posts of executive and general body. Interviews will be held on 26th March, 2011 at 10:20 A.M onwards in the society office (Room No. 19 OPD ). Candidates can also mail their CVs to .  The posts are as under: EXECUTIVE BODY 1. SECRETARIES A. Medicine Section (4th year/3rd year) B. Blood donation Section (4th year/3rd year) C. Health Promotion Section (4th year/3rd year) D. Media and Press Section (4th year/3rd year) E. Donation and sponsorship section (4th year/3rd year) F. Internal Auditor (4th year/3rd year) 2. EXECUTIVES A. Executive Members: 12 Executive members from: 4th Year...... (2 boys, 2 girls) 3rd Year….... (2 boys, 2 girls) 2nd Year…. (2 boys, 2 girls) B. Class Representatives: 1 CR and 1 GR each from 1st and 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year. GENERAL BODY ASSISTANT

KEMCOL 2010 - Pictorial Section Sneak-peek !

10 More Pages!

KEMCOL 2010 Online Edition Launched!!

For the first time in KEMCOL's rich history, an online edition is being launched ! and that too before the actual release date of the paper-version ! Check it out !! KEMCOL 2010  Online Edition

KEMU New Wallpapers !


The Workshops Week -2011 & On the spot Sketching & Photography Competition

Kemcolians’ Arts & Photography Society (KAPS) KAPS   presents … The Workshops Week -2011 & On the spot Sketching & Photography Competition For Latests, keep visiting : Its Free ! And every KAPS member is Welcome ! Get you name registered by contacting: Lady President KAPS ; Qudsum Yousaf  or General Secretary KAPS ; Osama bin Tahir 0332844551 Last date for registration is 22 nd March. First 50 people to register will be accommodated. Certificates will  be given to Participants. Topics for On the Spot Sketching & Photography will be given on 31 st March. The Workshops Week includes Sketching Workshop Photography Workshop Poster Making Workshop by rasterization technique Screen Printing Workshop Tie n’ Dye Workshop The participants are supposed to bring the followi

Annual Interclass Trilingual Debating Competition - King Edward Debating Society

Annual Interclass Trilingual Debating Competition  This will comprise of  1) Interclass Parliamentary Competition (Urdu + English) 2) Interclass Declamation Contest (Urdu + English + Punjabi) 15th March (Tuesday) 10am to 12pm Parliamentary Debating Training camp at Auditorium All participants wanting to speak in Annual Interclass competition 2011 (starting from 24th March) MUST attend this camp as essential and basic information about the style and format will be imparted. I repeat, Attendance is COMPULSORY in the training camp! 15th March 12 pm onward s: Welcome Party of KEDS (For people who have already registered with their class KEDS CR/GRs) 24th March: Parliamentary Debates Preliminary Rounds Final Topics for the 12th Interclass declamation Contest 2011 on 29th March ! English Serious : 1 Might is right . 2. Out of the ashes, we will rise again. 3. I have a dream . 4 Give me an ear and I will give you a voice 5 . A flame of freedom will lick away the dark.

KAPS ~ Upcoming Event- Inter-Class Short Video/animation Competition With Music Show

 Inter-Class Short Video/animation Competition With Music Show  Everyone is welcome to make a Short Video/Animation . Every one is welcome to Sing, or just play the instrument ! (please note that its a short video/animation competition with music show. NOT the music competition ) MAX video Length : 6 min Topic of your choice. (pls avoid religious and political theme /topic) Final Date will be announced soon(though ,event is expected in 3rd Week of April) Top three positions will be awarded Cash Prizes , a training DVD relating to Cinematography ,and invitation to KAPS Annual Lunch  Music Section will take auditions from singers soon. Please contact Arslan Baig , VP Music Club , for auditions and for registring your name in the singers list. --- KINDLY SPREAD THIS EVENT NOTICE to all the current kemcolians. - KAPS holds the rights to reject any video that contains vulgar or abusive content or language. All the videos will be properly screened. If your video length exceeds 6

Kellogs and KemUnited:Jab We Met

A common principle of approach in medicine is this: When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. Go for the simplest, most obvious explanation. Avoid needless ambiguities. Expanding on the implication, when you think of contrast mediums, think of barium. Or iodine. Or better still, think of Angelina Jolie! I mean seriously! A jet-setting, international celebrity, who has the hottest (supposedly) Hollywood star dangling from her forearm, has a taste for teeth-gritting adventurous stunts(and disaster-struck orphans), is probably bathing in billions AND also happens to be a UN Goodwill ambassador! Now really! Can it get any more fantastic? Probably not. For you see, Jolie is the ultimate femme-fatale. The queen of distinction and contradistinction. Of contradictions and contrasts. And maybe many a fibrillating hearts too. The point of the rant above, you ask? Contrast. That is our watchword for today, dear readers. Being able to embody separates and still be beautifully consoli

King Edward Debating Society Updates

Join the brand-new facebook group ! Open for all members to stay up2date about the latest events and happenings Join Now ! Also read the all-new KEDS newsletter  !!

King Edward Literary Society Blogs ! Kellogs was the first blog initiative of KEMU. With contributors from all years, delve into the exciting world of Med-students at KEMU! The writers of this blog are extremely talented and the stories are pretty interesting. A must-read, if you think that literature is dead in KEMU!