Annual Interclass Trilingual Debating Competition - King Edward Debating Society

Annual Interclass Trilingual Debating Competition 

This will comprise of 
1) Interclass Parliamentary Competition (Urdu + English)
2) Interclass Declamation Contest (Urdu + English + Punjabi)

15th March (Tuesday) 10am to 12pm Parliamentary Debating Training camp at Auditorium
All participants wanting to speak in Annual Interclass competition 2011 (starting from 24th March) MUST attend this camp as essential and basic information about the style and format will be imparted. I repeat, Attendance is COMPULSORY in the training camp!

15th March 12 pm onwards: Welcome Party of KEDS (For people who have already registered with their class KEDS CR/GRs)

24th March: Parliamentary Debates Preliminary Rounds

Final Topics for the 12th Interclass declamation Contest 2011
on 29th March !

English Serious :
1 Might is right .
2. Out of the ashes, we will rise again.
3. I have a dream .
4 Give me an ear and I will give you a voice
5 . A flame of freedom will lick away the dark.

English Humorous :
1 . Welcome to KE
2. It is better to be mad than to be mad in love
3. Don't hate me because i am beautiful.
4. If you can not convince them confuse them
5. What women want

: اردو سنجیدہ
بول کے لب آذاد ہیں تیرے
ایسی بھی کوی رات ہے جس کی سحر نہ ھو
مانگے ہوے سورج سے سویرا نہیں ہوتا
نیا سفر ہے پرانے چراغ گل کر دو
وہ جو بیچتے تھے دواء دل ، وہ دکان اپنی بڑھا گےُ

اردو مزاحیہ
میں اہل ہوں کسی اورکا میری اہلیہ کوی اور ہے
کا ش میں انسان ہوتا
اگر بزم دنیا میں عورت نہ ہوتی
ابھی عشق کے امتحاں اود بھی ہیں
اور پھر میری آنکھ کھل گئ

پنجابی ٹاکرا
ڈاکٹر دا ویاہ ڈاکٹرنی نال ای ہونا چاہی دا اے
جدے ہتھ ڈوی اودا ہرکوی

12th Interclass declamation Contest 2011

Rules for Inter-class Declamation:

1) Time allowed is 3-5 minutes
2) Paper-reading is NOT allowed
3) Speaker must not pass any derogratory or indecent remarks against the chair, national leaders, religious sects, etc

Participants must register their names and topics with their KEDS CR/GR at the earliest

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