Final Year Viva Questions - Gynecology and Obstetrics

Final Year Viva Questions - Gynecology and Obstetrics Professional Exam

Compiled by class of 2013
Components of Gyn/Obs Viva

2 Long Cases 60marks each
Two Table vivas  10marks each
Osce 40marks

Units are assigned randomly.You are told about your units on day of viva.

First you'll be aloted 2 long cases,one from gyne and one from obs. Half hour is given for each. PG'S help available. Then your viva for long case, then 2 very short table vivas. Mine was unit 2 and 4.Everybody was asking superficial questions. Just focus on definitions, investigations and treatment. Last men toacs hoga.

3 resting stations
4 interactive stations(copy, dummy, D&C and vantouse)
16 writing stations
each station carries 5 marks
3 minutes/station

Station1  Why steroids given in preterm labour(for fetal lung maturity)? what's the risk(Pul. oedema in mother, fetal bradycardia)?dose(24 mg)?route(I/M)?
HVSstands for? in which cndition v do this? organisms? comnt on cultur snsitivty reprt

specimen of placenta. placental functions?abnormal forms? wht hormones does it produce?
molar pregnancy picidentify? tumor mrkers? surgcl trtmnt? clincl presntation?

episiotomy scizzor. what structures does it cut?types of episiotomy?which suture is used?
cusco speculumidentify? other names? uses?

pt. with primary amenorrhoea with webbed neck, wide carrying angle. Dx? what would her gonads be like?other causes of primary amnorhea.
pre eclampsia scenario:diagnosis? investigations?

pap smear report, which organ is it takn from?which instrument used?significance?
iron def anemia scenario:
diagnosis? what u wil ask in history? investigations? managment?

hydrocephalus baby(photo). what problems could arise in delivery? whch drug used to prevent it in nxt pregnancy?(follic acid) dose? (5mg daily)

fibroids scenario:diagnosis? d/d? srgcl mngmnt? medcl mngmnt?
macrosomic baby(photo) what problams could arise in labour?in delivery?in early neonatal period?

breach typescriteria for vaginal delievery?complications?
what's preterm labour?causes?
pre mature ruptur of membdiagnosis? tests? managmnt?

twin pregnancy types?complications fetal and maternal? what r indications of c-section in twin.
mgso4 ampule:identify? uses?

primary PPH. causes? management?

threatened abortion scenario. managemnt (reassurance, avoid coitus, bed rest,monitoring) other types of miscarriages?

ectopic preg scnario:
diagnosis? tests? managmnt?
copper-t. contraindications?complicationsocp:identify? mode of action? contraindications?

Prostaglandin E2 vaginal tablets. What's the use in obs? (induction) complications?routes?partogram:when will u make it?what info it will tel u abt labour?

suction cannula. indications?complications?pinard fetoscpe:identify?and 2 more scenarios with it

can't remember.

Best of luck!!

1.unit 2...Long case external listened to the history n examination in detail ( mass abdomen case)n asked a bit too...asked diagnosis...may b she wanted differential m not sure... long case sir Arshad Chohan (case pv leaking) causes of premature rupture of membranes, complications of premature birth, asked def of vertex, attitude,some other this case if managed conservatively what ll b complication? how to test chorioamniotis (fever) what to see in blood (leukoctosis).Table viva external uv prolapse ki investigations (clinical are only to rule out other causes etc may b treatment plan) y would u like to do c/s urine? (to rule out uti as a cause of urinary symptoms) Table viva mam Samia ... presentation of ectopic pregnancy...causes of it(iucd is not a cause according to mam)...causes of post menstrual bleeding?, cervical erosion?,presentation of fibroids?...i think thats it

unit 3 gynae Long case mass abdomen , mam ayesha malik asked about d/d , investigation, treatment, ultrasound findings of solid/cystic, benign/malignant. unit3 external asks about history, history should be complete, pih definition, complications, questions from history.Table viva mam tabinda , infertility, types, causes of secondary infertility.Table viva external ecclampsia definition, treatment

mam samia ask short hstory and then management...Long case UV prolapse...ask about pelvic floor support,nerve supply,managemnt of prolapse....table viva prof wl u assess ovulation in female...external table viva...define vertex,malpresentation,breech delivery wt ur hosptal do?ecv or c sec in breech?

Unit 4 Long case Dr samia. Post menopausal bleeding. Listened to summary of history and examination. Differential diagnosis. Investigations done.After all investigations she wanted to hear examination under anesthesia. Risk factors for endometrial carcinoma. Stage 3 cervical CA treatment. stage 2 endometrial Ca treatment. list all the ovarian tumors. Most common benign ovarian tumors in reproductive age group. Treatment of them. Long case external. state case ( diabetic and hypertensive patient) management plan. How will you plan the delivery.
Table viva Dr chohan. Investigations done for ovulation. state two which are recent.
Table viva external. What is PPH. what is puerperium? compliactions which develop in third stage of labour. what is puerperal pyrexia? causes ( did not accept mastitis). treatment.

.Long case dr. tayyaba: UV prolapse causes, treatemnt options in patient ( 65 years old),45 years old. why it is common in pakistan? complications, ulcers etc.. ( in short typical questions regarding UV prolapse) . long case obs.. unit 5 external: c-section complications, indications, classical c-section, trial of labour in previous 1? when u will not consider normal labour in any case in previous 1 even? short case mam samia: APH, PPH, types of previa/? short case gynae: post menopausal bleeding causes??table viva external with ma'm tabinda: define PIH, she doesn't agree to the bookish defination we tell her... parameters for PIH diagnosis, treatment of anemia, parameters for different type of modalities of treatments in case of anemia... investigations
If Ma'am Tabinda asks for definition of APH ,don't repeat the one written in Chohan.She gets flared up at it.Follow the definition of Ten teachers : It's the vaginal bleeding occurring at any time from 24th week of gestation till ' before the birth of baby'

long case dr. aisha malik:case UV prolapse she checked the complete history.. age of ur patient? risk factors in ur patient regarding UV Prolapse? can u tell by ur history which degree of prolapse is there in this pateint? is this reducible? define 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree prolapse? in this scenario what will u do to ur patient? name other repairs.. complications of manchester repair? rind pessary? its complications? y won't u place ring pessary in this pateint... long case obs with external in unit 3: prev. 2 c-sections, again she listened to the complete history ... for what reason we have admitted this patient? when will u do her c-section? tell me the date on which u"ll do elective c-section... why not later, why not on EDD we usually calculate? what r the risks?? y not before 38 weeks?? what r the benefits of this median time we use for c-section.. what is fetal distress??normal fetal heart rate... table viva dr. tabinda:define endometriosis, its sites, choclate cyst? how is it formed? medical treatment of endometriosis? mechanism of action of danazol...7.long case
ma'm tabinda: prolonged pregnancy : do PA, findings, def of engagemnt of head, how will u manag the case, start with investigations n then treatment, primi main what specific investigations u will do( we ll rule out cpd)
ext: UV prolap
se: diagnosis, investigations, why she had developed urinary complaints n how will u manage it ?
table viva : ma'm aisha: breech delivery complications? ext: IUCD complications
toacs in unit 1: no help at all

8.long case was of hydrocephalus(obs)..gyne..uv unit 2..sir arshad chohan doesnt daviate from his simple viva..kelly suture for incontinenc..supports of utrs..names of cardinal ligament..extrna askd..prophlaxis of hydrocephalus..does it compatible with life..hw it can affect labour..table viva in unit1..mam tabinda was chill..engagement definition..n causes of non engagement.. extrnal..invasive mole risk factors for it..y occur in pregnency..osce in unit 1..mujhy mushkil lgi,,help b km e thi..

Long Case (Unit 5):
Obs: Elective C Section......Ma'm Tayyaba Waseem - Indication of C section in this patient, Indication of C section in first pregnancy in that patient, Causes and Complications of Malpresentation, Causes and Management of PPH (First
tell Resuscitation, then specific management)
Gynae: Post-menopausal bleeding (CA Cervix)......Ma'm Zohra (External) - Diagnosis and reasons, Definite Investigation (Biopsy), Aetiology of Fibroids, Management and staging of CA Cervix

Table Vivas (Unit 1):
Ma'm External - PCO and its presenting complaints, Complications of IUCD, How IUCD is misplaced?, Presenting Complaints of Intramural fibroid, Complications of myomectomy.......Ma'm Tabinda - APH Definition and Causes, Mechanism and Per-Abdominal examination findings in Placental Abruption

OSCE very easy and same to same as in ward tests.....No cheating scene.....Very short time (30min each) for completing histories in long case.....No permission to open books but you can discuss with PGs and friends......The most relieving thing about OBS and GYNAE viva is that examiners never ask anything except the same 10-12 important topics. So, prepare only them.
at last the end of gyne & obs, lets hope none of us has to visit LWH anymore :)

                                                                _____The End____

Compiled by the class of 2012

GYNAE/OBS VIVA+TOACS--30TH JAN,2013---MY combo was UNIT II n III and TOACS in UNIT I...
sab say pehlay LONG CASE IN UNIT II---two long cases.....thirty minutes for each of them...gynae long case MASS ABDOMEN ka tha,,and OBS long case was of PROLONGED PREGNANCY....
GYNAE LONG CASE VIVA---MA'aM TAYYABA---listens to the history very carefully and then askd about the D/D'z ...y does fibroid cause menorragia,,,causes of amennorhea,,,n treatment options of fibroid uterus,,wts the most common complication of myomectomy

OBS LONG CASE VIVA--DR.ARSHAD CHOHAN---sir is extremmlyy sweet...hardly definitons pooch rahay thay aaj....teen say ziada ques tou kisi say bhi nahin poochay....i was askd to dfine prologed preg n its complications in the fetus ...and the causes of maternal mortality in Pakistan..

TABLE VIVA WITH EXTRNAL---andr very nyc examiner...askd to describe uses of sims speculum,,types of contraceptives and their mode of action.....

TABLE VIVA WITH MA'AM AYESHA MALIK---wn is anomaly scan done??how wud u cousel a pt wid a congenitally malformed fetus??how to terminate a pregnancy and wt r the methods of induction of labour??wts BISHOP score....

TOACS---UNIT 1 walon nain tou bohat help ki thee...n her station p kuch bhi poochna hota tha tou bta daitay thay.....scenarios of ecclempsia,,gestational diabetes,peurperal pyrexia,hysterosalpingograam,condom,hydrocephalus,hyeremesis gravidarum,hysterectmy specimen,scenario of ruptured ectopic pregnancy,,interactive sessions p breech n D n C tha....


b of lukk!!!!!

Well for those who have gyne tomorrow just read stuff and have a firm idea of what gyne obs is all about. Do causes of thngs and study forcep delivery with indications etc well. Apart from that all get 50 percent and above but just a little work can make you get 65 percent or more. No need of instruments, labour, models etc.... Every one is helping and nice. All externals are awesome. Waseem Yousuf is bit cheeru but everyone is pass... So relax and do study and u would be ruling all the way. Best of luck.

ok jee.. if u hav ur case in unit3 , baba jee ke paas. tou darna nahin hai . he will ask u stuff jo mushkil bhi ho sakta hai , per basic stuff ana chahiye wahan sab log aap ki help kar rahe hain , plus u r allowed to osee books quickly . thori si hstory zarur achi likh lena, treatment of the present case zarur prepare karna, and advice to leave for home. plus follow up !!! sir goraya will help u. but in unit 3 there are cases of fistula and uv prolapse... baqi osce will be sooooooo chill kuch bhi na ata hou tab bhi u will secure hundred percnt in library hall wali osce. table vivas easy basic things no tension

Long Case-dr. ayesha-prolapse, she doesn't really listen to the history, she just starts from what was your case? symptoms? invg? management? Manchester repair? why do u want to do Manchester in this patient?

Long Case-external- placenta previa-how did u diagnose it? d.d? invg? management? types? placenta accreta?

Table Viva - (there's actually no short case) gynae-dr. arshad chohan- ovarian tumors? hormone producing? oestrogen producing? progesterone producing? krukenberg?

Table Viva- Dr. Tayaba- she gets kinda mad if you don't have the ward card signed by her unit, pih definition, drugs to control it? side effects of hydralazine?
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Abeera Ali long case obs dr tabinda, anemia in pregnancy pluse breech. she asked for parts of history saw every one perform abdominal exam and explain the finding got angry if u missed c section scar. asked risk factors for each case and management plan. for me how to correct anemia its causes, further investigations, how much hb rise with each pint (., how to plan delivery, all the risk factors in my patient and complications of breech. 
long case gyne, external, menorrhagia case she made sure to make everyone cry atleast once, real pain in the neck, 
table viva maam samia easy n quick aph, pph causes etc, 
table viva maam rubina(external) all questions on contraceptions and infertility and tests for infertility
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Muhammad Salman Faisal how are units allocated? random?
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Abeera Ali yes
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Fatima Waqar long case gyn dr samia malik - uv prolapse.. strts with a little bit of ur history , asks ur diagnosis.. then causes n treatment.. complications of vag hysterectomy.. what type of ulcers form on the prolapsed mass n what is the treatment? medical treatment of prolapse? what will you do if sepsis occurs after performing a vaginal hysterectomy? what urinary symptoms is the pt. having n why? She also asked me what true incontinence means but then she dropped her question, saying choro ye zara mushkil hai.. Long case obs :(PIH) External (unit 4) : case summary (Refer to ur pt. as "mrs." so n so , w/o "mr." so n so... or else she gets really pissed off .. She asked me the pt.'s LMP n then her EDD.. normal duration of pregnancy? what are the hazards of hypertension in pregnancy? what are the hazards of preeclampsia? i heard she was asking weird stuff too.. Table viva gyn (dr Tabinda) : what are the tests of ovulation? what would the typical history of a woman who has ovulated be? (mid-cycle pain)... Table viva (obs) External (Unit 1) : What are the causes of PPH? What is the first thing that you wud do if ur standing beside ur pt. n she has PPH (uterine massage)- What will the further management be?
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Amber Batool long case:dr tabinda;placenta previa;do PA exam n findings hw wil u manage. long case xtrnal;fibroid;menhorrhagia ki genital tract inf n tratmnt....table viva mam smia...define iugr.eclampsia n managmnt....tabl viva xtrnal.greenarmytag uses iucd when placed.heagr dilatr uses cmplicaton.......osce in unit 3 most chilll,sr nadeem ne bht help ki tension free hny mai
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Nayab Tariq Long case external with mam Tabinda: Case polyhydramnios, causes of polyhydramnios, normal amount of liquor, complications, management of preterm labour in these patients. what is anemia, WHO classification. Make sure u take LMP, EDD n gestational age correct, otherwise she can make u cry.
Dr. Tabinda long case: Fibroid. Presentation, complications, effects on pregnancy, dd of mass abdomen, molar preg can also give snowstorm app so how can u diff it from degeneration in fibroid. management. def of infertility. why infertility with fibroids.

Table viva Arshad Chohan: Def IUGR, its types.
Table Viva Dr. Tayyiba: An unmarried girl with fibroid, management? Drugs?

ooooo koi banda kuch to likhay k hoo kia raha hay in all units and what to do and what not to.... are we supposd to do instruments, examination, dummy..
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  • Ania Fida for unit 1 instruments and dummy come only in osce and mam tabina asks every student to do per abdominal exam
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig thanx sis... and congrats on getting free...hope thngs wud work for us too
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  • Muhammad Omer Altaf Plz tel per abdomen me kon konse parts hote hain to do ?????
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  • Ania Fida InshaALLAH things will go gr8 for all of u as well...per abdomen examination includes fundal height, lie of baby, presentation and fetal heart sounds
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  • Muhammad Omer Altaf Thora explain hi kar do ania farigh hi ho . Lol ... kese kese kaha kahan se check karna hai .. help neeeded severly . Lol. Scary
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  • Usama Aman Koi aj ka student bhi post Kr de keh aj kya scene ha 
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig result is 100 percent till nw....
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  • Muhammad Omer Altaf Allah jee rehem !!!!
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig omer u have turnd 24... its age when people usd to rule world....u r scared of couple of professors....u r a man nw....a full blown man...
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  • Muhammad Omer Altaf Kemu ne is neemu ka rass nichorr dia hai ..
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig u gotta be hard like a stone or soft as sponge...then nobody wud be able to harm u.... jigar is meant to bleed...
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  • Ania Fida Omer Altaf page 42,43,44 obs read :ppp
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  • Nadia Irshad sir arshad chohan & external...just asked diagnosis,rx(long case gyne,,menorrhagia,,causes,,wts types of fibroid,,surgical options,complications ov myomectomy,,)
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig thts v fine...
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  • Mehreen Mehmood every one is helping in long case so koi tension nai and u only need to prepare for table viva bc os mein wo kahein se kuch b puch sakte.... even no need to do dummy koi nai kerwata... they just ask which manouvre to deliver after comin head of breech etc........model and intruments as wo aik aik aatey and cheating full on ho jati he so u need not to c instru and models.
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  • Muhammad Omer Altaf Thanku . Wich unit is this ???
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  • Mehreen Mehmood unit 2.............! and han xternal table viva mein gynae k chap ki def sun rahein thein! like def pap smear, colposcope, fibroid, squamous metaplasia etc
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  • Mehreen Mehmood and best of luck. IA all of you will rock it.......!!
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  • Muhammad Arslan Baig thts great support at this hour of time.....chuk razai so ja bandya rub kuray ga pass..
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  • Usama Aman Möbius Bx 
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  • Faysal Hayat Umair,tmharay jesay log doosron ko kabhe khush nhe dekh saktay...inni vi lutt nai pay gai(in gynae obs)

common mistake of students in waseem yousuf viva.... the land mark for internal os to decide about level 1 UV prolapse is ischial spine....below ischial spine its grade 1....
UNIT 4 n UNIT 1:long case fibroid n placenta previa mam samia askd type of fibroid n causes of mennorhagia n wat is treatment external asked about normal gestational age n how many wks in 3 months why 40 wks in 280 days n wat is treatment of placenta previa n causes of aph TABLE viva: mam Tabinda wat is missed abortion baby alive or dead n wat are its complication tests for dic ext mam:wat is episiotomy n indication n transverse lie management


Name: Mrs.
W/O: Mr.
Duration of marriage
Gestational age

P.c- write period of amenorhea if present
HOpI: hw did she cnfrm pregnncy? Any antenatal care.
1st trimester history: booking, nausea, vomiting, drugs, fever, spotting, urinary symptoms. etx
2nd trimester: usg done? Quickening, cmplaints of HTn, diabetes, pv bleed, edema, urinary micturition, urgency etc
Third trimester: Tetanus vaccination? Pain? Leakage? Bleeding? Fetal movemnts?
Detail of present complaint.(bleeding k sath ae tau provoking factor)

Obstetrical history: gravida para aborted? Delivery of previous children? Ne cmplications? If ne loss then reason of loss?Duration of gestation of previous children? Gap btw children?gap in 1st children n marriage? Period of lactation? 
Gynae history:
Age of menarche, menstrual cycle n amount of bleeding? ne use of cntraception? Vaginal discharge? Pap smear test? Vaccination? Intermesntrual post coital

Past history: med+surgical
Family history
Personal: sleep pattern, stress, marital relations,smoking etc
Drug history:
Socioeconomic status:
Systemic review
Abdominal: inspection+palpation+leopold+auscultate

Ye gynae obs ki history ka patern bnaya ta

Female pseudohermaphrodite masculinized females hoteen.. XX hi hotee  pr androgens zada hte..
Male pseudohermaphrodite XY htey pr undermasculinized male hte.. 
In dono mei testes or ovaries accord to their sex hoteen pr genitalias sai ni develop htey

Examination pattern for Obs & gynae viva

Toacs will carry 40 marks.

2 long cases each carrying 60 marks.

2 table viva each carrying 10 marks..

No short case..

In toacs there will be 20 stations..10 from obs nd 10 from gynae..
For long case.. One wil b frm gynae and one from obs..

gynae... 1.uv prolapse.. 2.DUB
3. Fibroid..4. Ovarian tumors..5.missed abortion
OBS.. 1. Hypertension..2. Diabetes..3 polyhydroamnios..
4.twin pregnancy.. 5. Previous one or 2 c.section..
NOTE.. It is MUST to pass in toacs and each long case SEPARATELY..

Source: Dr.sofia unit 1

Gynae viva.. 
Gynae viva bi kafi chill hota hay.. U almost always pass unless u really mess it up.. 
There is an osce, a long case frm gynae and a long case from obs.. No short cases.. 
Osce wohi hoti hay ward test wali.. learn it by heart frm notes.. 
cases main internal external dono apka viva lete hain.. Lekin out of case general cheezein bi poch lete hain.. do all the important cases jo long case main asaken..
mushkil hi hoga koi bahar se
Baki bi general jitni reading ho jae book ki better hay
Missed Abortion 
UV Prolapse 
Ovarian Cyst /mass

Hypertension /PIH
Ye hain imp cases.. 90% ko yehi aen gay
Try to give a good internal long case viva ... ziada us pai depend krta hai... vivas kafi hotain hain but try to score in internal. Baki depending on the units help mil jati hai frm the pgs :)

Baki ziada wo head positions n normal delivery positions pochtai hain in toacs... long caee chance pai hai but cesarean is vvvv imp fr obs case. Gynae case mai carcinomas n fistula parh laina cz ye b wahan hotai hain wrna abn uterine bleeding k case

aik tou toacs mai kuch questions repeat hongai jo apkai apnai ward test toacs mai ai tou wo kisi sai revise krlaina

Toacs: dummy breech
D n c
Ocps specimen
Prostaglandin specimen
Booking visit. Improtance, when? Investigation at booking
Endometriosis investigation treatment 
palcenta specimen. Types of placenta previa, delivery of major, treatment in bleeding before term

Ovarian cyst specimen. 
Ring pessary specimen. Other treatments of uv prolapse. Comp of pessary

Pre term pre labour membranes rupture.

Pattern b dia hua.  Do toacs waley notes.. dummy.. instruments.. forceps.. long case mei diabetes.. htn.. fibroids.. carcinomas... uv prolapse... yei atey zada tar.. ek bar rhesus factoe abnormaloty b a gya ta long case..

Specimens b.. dekhney hein


  1. I was looking for the notes; and then i get this link from my friends. thanks for sharing; i helped me a lot in the viva. I recommend this to other for the viva of gynecology.


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