1st Year

The Wonderful World of Firstulas

Orientation Guides

Orientation guide for Batch '21
by Hassaan Wajid

Physiology Important Questions for Nerve and Muscle Muhammad Mohsin Ali
Physiological Parameters, Indices and Values Blood counts, Electrolyte levels, etc
Physiology Mnemonics 


Lecture Slide; Biochemistry: Lipids Sarah Arif
Biochemistry and Physiology Study Guide by Sara Atiq Khan The survival guide - A must-read for everyone !
Some Mnemonics for Metabolic acidosis (for first years)


Anatomy Study Guide by Sara Atiq Khan Sara Atiq Khan - A brilliant kemcolian, among the top5 in her class, shares the secrets to tackle down this beast of a subject
1st Year Gross Anatomy Guide by Rabia Zia Gross Anatomy explained. Details of different regions and the important topics.
Anatomy Mnemonics
Access Lectures and KEMU Student Presentations here.
Muscle Tissue

Past Papers

Histology Slides for Professional Exams

Folder 1- Labelled
Folder 2 - Labelled
Folder 3 - Labelled
Histology Revision Slides Updated (2011) by Laiba Khalid
Histology Handmade Diagrams for 1st Year by Ayesha Irfan
1st year HISTOLOGY: Hand made diagrams by Hina Amjad
 Histology Hand made Diagrams & Histology Slides
(click here) by Tauseef Umar

Spotting Resources

1st year - Spotting resource Bank
Lower Limb Anatomy Spotting Labelled
Upper Limb Spotting

Embryology Models

(Some models are labelled and others mentioned in comments)

Anatomy Museum Models (unlabelled)

(This album covers Upper limb, Lower limb and Thorax regions of anatomy)

Biochemistry Practicals

Instant Biochemistry Practical by M.Salik

Viva Resource Bank

1st Year : Physiology Tests/ Prof Viva Questions
1st Year : Anatomy Substage/Stage/Prof Viva Questions

General Tips and Viva Guides

Rabia Zia explains what kind of viva to expect from each teacher of the anatomy department!

Useful Resources




General Resources


Characteristic beliefs of a freshmen!!! by Romesa Qaiser Khan

First Year Reactions by Romesa Qaiser Khan

Firstulas, This Valentine's Day. by Romesa Qaiser Khan 

Soon to be exiled 1st Years by Lubaba Mukhtar

From Princess to Pauper - Life in Girls' Hostel  by Lubaba Mukhtar

Dawn of Reality by Umara Naseer

You know you’re a medical student when…By Fatima Baluch

What We Do In D.H. by M.Usama

The Month of March: Firstula Version 
The Module System: A Road to Glory? by Aneeqa Javaid

How To Fail-A Complete Guide by Aneeqa Javed


What we do in KE: The firstula version Unsa Athar

Being a First Year Student by Awais Tarar

My Epic Tale By Hassan Saed

.K.E. At A Close-Up by Huda Iftikhar

A journey to remember! by Rooqash Ali

A Different Love Story ! By Usama Irshad

Us Against The Odds by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry

1st Year: A month at KEMU - Comic Wise Unsa Athar

Fast And Furious: The Freshman Year By Maryam Fatima. 1st Year.

HOWDY!! by Sania Mumtaz Tahir

The Epic Adventure Begins by Muhammad Salik

Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 1) by Unsa Athar

Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 2) by Unsa Athar

Words of A Kemcolian Pixie. by Unsa Athar

Not just another summer vacation ! by Aleesha Kainat (1st Yr)

The dream that was KE... by Fatima Qamar

A Freshman’s Jolt; King Edward Chapter by Amna Khalil (1st Year)

The King Edward Diaries - Year 1 By Aleesha Kainat, Noor-un-Nissa Zia and Anosha Anwar

Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 1 ‘How it All Began’


Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 3 ‘Finale’

You Are Not Alone ! by Sadaf Hafeez

The Stale shreds of my wilted days-Ruminations in First Year by WildAnthem 2nd Year

Coming to terms with reality by Fatima Waqar
A critical and satirical analysis of the transition that occurs from the pre-medical life to a medical student life!

1st Year General Stuff by Muzna Sarfraz
Muzna gives tips on the very important subject of "how to be a kemcolian and still have a life! "

Tips for Survival for Freshman!  by Aimen Saeed Old First Year

Recommended Books

[Note: All of these books and even more are available at Kemunited’s free Elibrary. You can access it at: elibrary.kemunited.com . To access files, you will need an official @kemu.edu.pk account. Learn how to make an account here.]


Primary Books
Anatomy: Regional and Applied by BD Chaurasia
Gray's Anatomy for Students
Keith L Moore: Clinically Oriented Anatomy
Clinical Anatomy by Richard S. Snell


Netter's Atlas
McMinns (for spotting)


Gray's Anatomy
Last's Anatomy Regional and Applied


Keith L Moore (Recommended)
Langman's Embryology


Wheater's Histology
Junqueira's Basic Histology
Laiq Hussain (Recommended)
Di Fiore's Atlas of Histology (Recommended with Liaq Hussain)

General Anatomy

GA by Ghulam Ahmed
GA by Tassaduq Hussain
GA by Liaq Hussain


Guyton and Hall
Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology (For Reference Purposes)


Mushtaq (1st year)
Lipincott's illustrated reviews: Biochemistry
Reference : Harper's Biochemistry

NOTE: Before buying books, always consult your immediate seniors and your teachers. Also, read our orientation guides to know which ones to buy!

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