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Musings of a Firstula - Spring Chapter

 Ayesha Mushtaq
1st Year

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(By Hajra Saeed)
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For us firstullas, terribly battered by the torturous journey through the intermodular block, replete with the tiring labs, lectures, gross demonstrations and dissections; the horrors of multiple tests and substages and then the harrowing stage – March was like a whiff of fresh air. Synonymous with module, this month offered us an opportunity to take multiple days off the university without any fear of attendance, for it were proxies galore. Even yours truly, only a novice in this field, marked up to ten proxies in a single lecture.

Just a day or two into the module, stage result was put up. But not without preceding drama of course, as all the girls ran helter-skelter from one person to another, trying to trace all the articulated hands our respective demonstrators had issued for study. For Ma’am Lubna would not put up the result without it, going so far as to threaten the students to appear in supply if the ‘hands’ of their batches weren’t submitted back to her. But all’s well that ends well and our efforts ultimately bore fruit. Hence finally after much effort, our aimaal naama was put up on the notice board. (Lower limb batch did not face any such difficulties though. )
Fast forward to the second week of March, and bang, “Welcome Party”! The much-awaited, dair-aye but very darust-aye (yes I just borrowed your terminology Hajra) Welcome Party. For a couple of days and nights before the party, the only topic of discussion girls had was welcome party. “What are you wearing to the party?” , “Show me your dress” , “these accessories would go with this dress or that one?” , “What hairstyle should I have on the party?” were some of the frequently heard sentences ; and the excitement and activity reaching its peak the night before , as everybody ironed their finest fare and laid out shoes and accessories .

The evening, showcasing some of the best talent from the two years, was made all the more memorable by Aida baji’s singing, the skit Shughal e Azam, and the brilliantly composed videos by 2nd year. And perhaps a little less memorable for some due to the ragging and bisti-fication that were titles. First year was not behind either, with pK-2, Usman Shami’s beatboxing and Humza Gill’s singing stealing the show. The only regret was that we couldn’t have our class photo as security concerns pushed the evening to an early end.

Days passed and first year was caught in the trivialities of “Thorax ki substage hogi?” , “Substage kab hogi” and so on; till many rumours and opinions later it was finally confirmed that substage nahi hogi.
And then the next big thing: test delay karwao! The discussions in old auditorium and then the endless discussions on Facebook, many logics and arguments and searching for Prof. Samia all over the university. And then on the last day of module when all hopes shattered and the representatives finally returned from the office with the news that test will be held as per schedule. Us heartbroken students returned to hostel early and made one last attempt at stuffing Guyton into our numb brains as silently everybody tried to make their hearts and minds at peace with the idea of failing the module. And then just as Guyton had finally started making sense to me, my roommate delivered that good news we had all been so hoping for. Thanks to Maida and Saniah, the module assessment finally did get postponed. The entire hostel burst into celebration at this, as cheers, laughter and cries of joy were raised and we hugged each other in absolute exhilaration.
This also left us free to make the most of Lights of Hope. The much talked about event we had been eagerly awaiting for months; a charity night well organized by the Students’ Patient Welfare Society (SPWS) , featuring sky lanterns, LED sticks, earthen lamps, tantalizing food, photo booth and some of the best performers of KE.

We firstulas came back to university after a few holidays and were ushered into the rigors of intermodular block once again. And the module test. The postponed then preponed module test. Although hopes regarding the test aren’t really high, I still wish the 327 of my class fellows best of luck fort the outcome.
We were done with the looming monster of module test just in time to gear up to enjoy sports week to the fullest. Our first ever sports week in KE. Funfair in which first year actively participated by setting up many stalls, Theme Day (first year having the most drab theme of daakus), Color Day where we donned the colour of a zardey ki daig, movie night and Gymkhana events. Our athletes made us proud by their brilliant performances in many of the events and brought home a number of medals. At the same time, Batch ’19 rewrote history by being the only class in years not to present a skit during the interclass competition.
Photo Credits: Top - Hira Sarfraz; Bottom - Saad Anwar

The winning athletes
During March, the world cup fever was also at its peak and gripped everyone alike. The Kemcolians weren’t spared either and Piccadilly could be seen brimming with students while zero point bore a deserted look, particularly every time the greens were on the pitch. Society season also kicked off as March witnessed not just SPWS’ LOH 2k15, but also KELS 2nd Spelling Bee and various initiatives by IFMSA. Between all these events throughout March, nearly everybody had sufficient stock of profile pictures and cover photos for Facebook and other social media!

Piccadilly during a match - Courtesy HoKE
Spring break followed sports week, but many hostellites, particularly those hailing from far-away areas, decided to forego sports week for the sake of longer holidays, and started departing in a steady stream soon after the module test, till on the last night there were only eleven girls in the hostel. And lets not even get started about the anatomy test that burdened us throughout this vacation… 


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