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Musings of a Firstula (Part 2)

By~ Hajra Saeed, First Year.

So sitting in a biochem lecture *not listening to a word of it of course *, here I describe the second and the hectic month of our first year FEBRUARY. The month which started with the giggles and hopes of RED DAY *courtesy: Sir Khurrum* turned out to be a nightmare actually.
We, the innocent newbies, came to uni after the winter vacation amongst fog and tears and were immediately presented by a schedule for our intermodulary block with the bold and underlined and bigger font words SUBSTAGE and STAGE. The anatomy department truly haunted us and dominated in the game of thrones for dreading us freshies. And of course the consolation that some people are worth failing for is for the reigning queens of terror Mam Naaaaaadia and Mam Saaaaaaaadia. And of course our Mam Lubna as well. How dare we forget her?
Then came the Biochem Mania!!! Test test everywhere and not a single test I’ll pass. The perfect description of the advice given to us by our seniors. But still wo 1st years hi kya jo na kahay ke ham toh ye pass kray gay zaroor . of course us spoiled ladlays’ with 90 above percentages at collegiate level studied hard but history shall repeat itself and seniors rock because after the first protein test , I had to ask my foreign friend the translation of I’ll fail my biochem test in Arabic. *Rah arsoob imtehan al biochem*. See Nour I am a fast learner. And for those who say they’ll pass the biochem test : One word
And the physio department. Aah the good old physio. Blood Test not the laboratory one but the physio one. That’s the one we gave and hopefully everyone will pass including the position holders who were in a dilemma because of the delayed ceremony. Plus only Sir Shahid and Sir Khurrum batches know the misery of what we call a TUTORIAL.
And of course who doesn’t know about the SOCIETY CRAZE that takes hold of the firstulas. No one knows the heat and competition of joining every society not because we are interested in it but because our rival joined it or maybe our crush did *desperate times call for desperate measures**my sympathies*.
Plus the first Rainy day felt as if many of our class saw the rain itself for the first time because every second notifications popped *enjoying rain* *omg it’s raining* *selfie with a raindrop* . But the sane people took advantage of the waterpark that KE offers on a rainy day and somehow mistakenly pushed their friends cum enemies into it.

And aah us lucky people .ICC decided to have the cricket world cup in celebration of us getting into KE. But yah I admit that it’s not just a KEMU thing so won’t waste anymore words over it. Just 2 screenshots though.
And yah the 14th feb. Much awaited day with our official class page filled up with pictures like:
Plus the **DH period**. The 2 hours of agony for people who fail to enter the DH with Mam Lubna herself guarding the door. And concluding from the article written by usama bhai , I can proudly say that I and my friends belong to the BADROOH group of DH, who walk around, look out of the windows for sunshine and at the end not know which was the noodle nerve and which was the pasta one.
For those who come late in Dr Tehmina’s lecture, We early people be like *stare you to death*
Now let’s end this article with high hopes for Welcome Party. The much awaited, the much anticipated, the Dair aaye Darust aaye party (hopefully). Thanking you already in anticipation seniors. Cheerio!!! Adios!!! Ciao!!!Yakhrabetiq!!!
PS : I was actually trying to write a sequel to your musings of a firstula #Ayesha and I hope that I keep it up to the mark.
And the blog that started in biochem boring lecture finally ends here in hostel 4 days later plus my roommates and neighbours are so thankful that I finally finally finally finished it. **Zainab Saadat , Maryam Anosh, Hamna Sarwar , Noor ul Ain , Zuha Usman , Areeba Mohsin , Amina Azhar**
Pictures Courtesy : Class Group. Thank you people


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