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Characteristic beliefs of a freshmen!!!

-Romesa Qaiser Khan, 1st Year MBBS

You know you're a freshman when

1. You feel the overpowering urge to enlighten the whole world with wise, pressing questions (which aren't very wise or pressing at all -.-)

2. You actually believe you'll get a distinction by studying anatomy from last.

3. You think nodding, hmm-ing and yes sir-ing will make the professor your New best friend.

4. You believe wearing an overall all the time entities you to a certain amount of swag. 

5.You believe lecture notes are useful.

6. You write down the names of every book, notes, papers, website anyone so much as whispers about in the naive hope that you'll study from them all.

7. Cramming on the bus, in the holidays and before every class will give you a competitive edge. 

8. As long as you learn everything, you'll automatically be a revolutionary doctor.

9. Socializing is a waste of time, you'll get through the next five years on your own just fine. 

10.Class groups aren't really for study related activities.

Everyone there is just really interested in what you ate for dinner, the state of 

your laundry, the name of your cat. 

11. As soon as you finish mbbs, life will be all rainbows and unicorns and you'll never have to study again. (:


  1. Muhammad Talha ShabbirJanuary 8, 2014 at 11:39 PM

    1) taking lecture notes is useful, but dont write every single bullshit word, just note anything u find important.
    2) professors.................stay away from them.
    3) u wont get a distinction unless u r related to a professor so forget it.
    4) u will get through 5 yrs without socializing.....but believe me its a hell lot easier when u have friends.
    5) after starts all over again buddies, be prepared for that.
    6) u dont need to know every single stupid syndrome, just concentrate on understanding things, learn with open minds, understand the basic physiology behind what u r reading and u will do just fine.


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