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By Abeer Majid

MBBS 1st Year

Nobody will get amazed of the words used as my title especially the firstullas for sure. As it proved to be like this. But before this we had the deadly test of ENZYMES just a day before the stage which we failed to get postponed by Sir Shakeel. Everyone was in a fix whether to prepare for enzymes or stage.

Finally we all decided to prepare the important topics only (the topics which were already told by Sir Shakeel :P)
And during the biochem test we were like

Literally while writing the examples for classification of enzymes!

Then came the turn of STAGE!! The most horrifying thing for a firstulla!! Everybody was preparing for it very hard because nobody wanted to fail it. While doing the preparation of stage I was like

And also

But still tried to get back on track to study. But this explains better
But still it was stage, and I came back to my aukaat and opened BD!! While going through some of the topics I was like, “Have I studied it before O.o.” My condition was actually “Ye bhi nahi aata, wo bhi nahi aata, Rab krwaye ga pass :P This thing gave me a little bit depressor. And finally I started studying. Time was flying away very fast and at that moment my condition was

And the night before stage when everyone at my home were having a sound sleep, I was studying like this

Proving to be a MEDICAL STUDENT.

On the particular day of stage all of us tried to avoid taking lectures but JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ATTENDANCE went to the lecture theater and kept on studying BD with the fear that lecturer might catch you and ask you to close it. To get rid of this situation most of us struggled for the last benches (Good refuge for GIRLS ONLY in Physiology lecture theater :P) But if you get caught by Ma’am Imrana while studying BD and she asks you to close it then you are like

Despite the fear of attendance getting short some valiant theetas bunked the lectures and revised the topics for stage after finding a safe and silent corner in university!!

The written went well, then came the turn of VIVAS! The most horrifying part of stage and if you get some teachers like......( Everyone knows what I mean :P) for it then you should start getting prepared for the supplementary stage. Because while taking viva

And they try hard to fail you even if you answer all the questions :( :/

After going through this now was the turn of SPOTTING!! I must say the most confusing thing. No matter how much you prepare for it or how much you study Atlas, Mc Minn’s or anything else during spotting, you would be standing at your table as if you are seeing that structure for the very first time!! And if you somehow manage to identify it the bell rings..... Time to leave this table and move on to the other :/

No matter how bad your viva was or to which extent your spotting went well at the end of stage everyone feels relieved and I would like to say this in URDU:
SUKOON ka sans aata he :’)

This how my era of stage went!


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