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You know you’re a medical student when…

By Fatima Baluch
1st Year

1. This is how people generally greet you:

     2.  You are the favorite kid in the family. Without a doubt. PERIOD.

3. This is your weekend summed up nicely in one picture:

4. You wake up every morning (if you went to sleep at all, that is) and this is the first thought you have:


           5.  Coffee is your staple diet. (Roti chaawal who?)


    6. When non-med students talk about how tough their routine is:
And you react like:

        7. You can totally relate to this:

   8.    You are surrounded by people (read:theetas) who constantly like to show off the size of their hippocampus (right brain-part for memory, right?):

     9.   Every disease you read about, you obviously have it:

    10. At family gatherings, your khaandaan is accustomed to your absence due to some godforsaken test the next day. I mean, why don’t you just crawl into a hole and shut yourself away from the world already?

     11.           Pangs of guilt hit you every time you think of sleeping.

You should probably be studying RIGHT NOW as well. You know im right. YOU KNOW IT.

    12.   Your family stays clear of your room because you bring back those scary, unclean, great-way-to-scare-your-younger-brother bones.

 13.    You spend more time with cadavers and books than you do with your family:

       14.  When you have to excuse yourself from friends’ gatherings for the 7858437th time because you just HAVE to study, and they don’t believe you:


      15.  You feel like the king of the worrrrrld when you find out you’ve passed..YOU FRIKKIN’ PASSED!


(Those who topped don’t have a life, is what you tell yourself to console yourself. Truth is, you hate that genius kid.)

    16.              You feel betrayed by House, Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Scrubs and all those medical shows you watched and which made you think medicine was AWESOME.


    17.           You made plans to study today.
‘I’ll get around to them as soon as you turn off the internet. Promise,’ you just told yourself with determination (HAH).

I mean, who are we kidding really…

      18.   You have nervous breakdowns on a regular basis now. Throw in those migraines and that stemetil-froben combo and you have your day nicely packed into a sentence.
        19.       You know you’re socially awkward. Get over it.

    20.       Your cupboard is full of books because you didn’t have space for those very important, gazillion reference books you’ve convinced yourself you’re going to need one day, on your desk.

     21.             An uncalled-for holiday is the best news you’ve had in forever.

      22.           You see your non-med friends having fun…and then you stop thinking about that, because you’ve just remembered you have a test the next day. Life=amazing (Y)

     23.     You convince yourself you’re awesome because you have brains. And brains are AWESOME.

      24.             You’ve said good-bye to your sense of humor and warmly embraced a socially-impolite sense of cutting sarcasm.

          25.           You constantly whine about your routine, complain about the long hours, curse your books, feel you’re incompetent, sleep in all sorts of places other than your own bed, score less despite all your hard work and then end up questioning yourself why you chose medicine in the first place.

     26.    BUT then you answer yourself that one fine day, you’ll cut open a person, put him right, close him up back again, make a difference in someone’s life, and get to feel so good about it.
And then you’ll do it all over again. And again. And yet again.
So many feels. :')

And if you feel good about that, then you know that it’s all going to be worth it.


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