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Got admitted? Welcome aboard!


(BATCH 2016-2021)

                       By Hassaan Wajid (2nd Year MBBS)

 Welcome,Bienvenue and
آمدید خوش to one of the most prestigious and respected institutes of Pakistan.We can’t tell you how happy we are to have you people with us(which you will definitely know in the first few weeks by the way :D).It’s a tradition that we guide the freshmen so that they don’t start freaking out about the stuff here.So,let us begin with some basics

How is living in a dorm like?

    You start feeling awkward at the very beginning since you are not in a habit of living like that,everything feels new and kinda disturbing.But with time passing,you get adapted and start enjoying it when you make some new friends around.

You may get homesick and pretty tense but you start learning  many new things gradually like how to manage away from home not being a “mummy-daddy bacha” and which hands to shake and which hands to hold during your journey of becoming a successful doctor.After a few months dorm feels like home,a place where you feel comfortable living.

The Interactions
The interactions with seniors here or called in general language as “ragging” here is not like you have been told by most of your fellows around since we’re all sophisticated people here right?So,don’t be afraid.In my opinion,it opens a door for you to start having a mature mental approach if it doesn’t go vulgar.A typical question coming to your minds would be “What if we totally avoid ragging by showing stubborn behavior?Will the seniors keep bothering us till the end?”The answer in your support is NO!everybody gets so busy with his life afterwards and who is someone to unnecessarily play with your life when you are reluctant.There definitely are other ways of interaction as some say but the traditions persist.So,I say go for it.Not only will it develop a good interaction with your seniors afterwards but will also get you some things to laugh on when you are so stressed with the hectic schedules of study.

The Curriculum
 As far as the curriculum is concerned,there is a big list of topics you need to complete till your prof and completing them sometimes get very difficult at the end.My recommendations?Don’t procrastinate,study until you feel comfortable remembering the stuff you studied and make it your daily routine so you don’t find yourself between Scylla and Charybdis at the end.

The Books
BD Chaurasia (Vol 1 and 2) ,KLM (mainly for clinicals which you can also get from the cafe) and Netter’s Atlas of anatomy
Histology: Laik Hussain, Junqueira(if you want to study things in detail) and Difiore’s Atlas of histology
Embryology: KLM and Langman’s Embryology
-General Anatomy: General Anatomy by Ghulam Ahmed/Tassadduq Hussain 

--Guyton and Hall, Mini Guyton, Firdaus <3

--Mushtaq’s biochemistry, Chatterji, Lippincott, Satya, Harper’s(as reference book since it’s HOD’s favourite), Faiq(Review book; it comes in the market in 2 versions, try to get the better quality one)

Extra-curricular activities
There are many societies that match your taste.We have the debating society (KEDS) winning many awards every year,the dramatics society (KDS) amusing you with great and interesting plays, the arts and photographic society (KAPS) giving you opportunities to express your creative minds, the literary societies of English and Urdu(KELS) separately so that your hidden philosopher gets some fresh air,an international association of medical students(IFMSA) for public service and research related jobs,a welfare society(SPWS) making the poor patients of Mayo smile and obviously your very own Kemunited which is not exactly a society on its own but a handful of people trying to help and guide you in every possible way providing you a chance of expressing yourself and with different study material.

A number of great events take place at KEMU including the usual Sports Day,Annual Play,Lights of Hope,Bake Sale,Debating competitions,Annual Mushaira,Annual Quiz,Media Festival etc.

Last words
Always be proud of being here since you were the ones chosen among thousands.Never let anyone make you regret about your selection at any stage of your life.Keep working hard and pray to thy Lord for help at every point since He has the ultimate power.Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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