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Biochemistry Final Prof Viva and Practical Questions 2014

My class helped me collect all of these. Kudos Batch 18!



Na level, K level, Cl level, Cholesterol level, Ca level, enzyme for which THFA acts as coenzyme, its mechanism of action, coenzymes of vitamin B12, what is methylmalonyl Co-A, role of kidney in pH maintenance, anemia in vit C deficiency, what is megaloblastic anemia, why is it called megaloblastic anemia, Marfan syndrome, tetany in metabolic alkalosis, metabolic derangement in ureterosigmoidostomy, alkali reseve, hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis
amides,sorbitol,mannitol,their formation,non standard amino acid,formation and precursors of urea and uric acid,bonds stabilizing tertiary structure of proteins,surfactant and its chemical name,albumin level and its functions,draw choline and ethanolamine and structural difference between 2,keratin,elastin,difference between amino acids of keratin and elastin,Na level in ECF,Ca level,Hb level,isomaltose,draw phophatidic acid and its importance,importance of phospholipids,inuline,total body protein level,morphan syndrome,prions and in which condition they are formed,osteogenesis imperfecta,isomaltose,bone mineral deposition saiy pahlaiy kia hoti hai,viscosity
ascorbic acid? its role? coenzyme of cobalamin? function of methylcobalamin? ph of gastric contents+bile+saliva+HCl+pancreatic juice? role of THFA? folate trap? FA deficiency causes anemia? 
1.what is inuline? 2 .enumerate polysaccharides. 3.structure n function of heparin 4.jakob disease 5.what are modified aminoacids ?example? 6.vitamins playng role of modification?role of vit K in modification? 7.coagulation of proteins?example? 8.biochemical role of vitamin B12?its coenzymes? 9.what is crystallin? 10.follate trap 
cholesterol normal serum level,father name job?? achy achy kaam btao (i said ; sch bolna etc) sir ka laughter...beta cholesterol k achy kaam bhi bta do  folic acid coenzyme,schillings test,b12 coenzymes,y pernicious anaemia involves neurodegeneration,glutamine functions? y its non essential? lecithin?? kon si book se perha (didnt understand he was impressed or something else ?  sir MUSHTAAAQ..) acha sedha nechy jana wrna marks kam ho jye gy (was in too good mood)
ethanolamine ka structure, megaloblastic anemia is called so why? schilling test.
glucose level, random and fasting, Functions ov glucose, Glycogen kis form ma laty ha, Cholestrol level, functions of cholestrol, in which forms cholestrol xists in body ,Acute phase proteins wid xmples, Bence jontz proteins, how 2 detect
name any alcohol, use of glycerol, significance of shuttles, name saturated fatty acids, essential fatty acids, why they are called essential, are these polyunsaturated or monounsaturated, c reactive proteins, acute phase proteins, essential amino acids, why called essential, relation between phenylalanine n tyrosine, modified amino acids, alpha antitrypsin, tpp ka reaction, diff between thiamine n thymine, pka, why standard amino acids are called so, how many standard amino acids, ALT, transaminases, liver diseasae mn ALT kyn high hta h, test krne k lye sample khan se ln g, albumin globulin ratio
 bile..rancidity..iodine numbr..portal crcltn....intra hepatc extrahepatc of polyunsaturated fatty acdz...
Vit.D sources
Role of cholestrol in it.
cAMP n cGMP their synthetic enzymes
cholestrol level
Acute phase protein with alot of
Alpha fetoproteins.
HDL full form..
Good cholesterol
Pyridoxine's biochemical role
S-amino acids
Enumerate Hetero polysaccharide
Enumerate homopolysaccharide.
Follate trap
Essential amino acids. Why are they called essential? Semi essential? Difference btw alanine and beta alanine? Difference btw polar and non polar amino acids. Secondary amino acids ke types. Modification of amino acids. Cobalamin ke coenzymes? Why is nervous system involved in pernicious anemia?
reducing sugar?
Chemical name of steroid nucleus (perhydrocyclopentanophenanthrene  )
Essential a.a.
Difference between carotene and keratin
Polynucleotide examples
Difference between nucleotide and nucleoside
Example of aminotransferase
What does ALT stand for? What's it's other name?
write Hb buffer
which one is plasma buffer?
protein buffer?
how proteins act as buffer..i was silent(he said anything which carries some charge can act as buffer)then i told due to isoelectric pH....
what is the role of histidine in buffer action? (again isoelectric pH wala btaya k ye +ve ha but he said no 
anion gap its role
a common disease with metabolic acidosis (diarrhea)
name plasma proteins
name metallo proteins
zinc kis ka co factor ha?
selenium kis me hota ha?(i forgot the name)
glutathione kya hota ha?
ceruloplasmin kya hota ha? 
name all the cutochromes u know
name some ketone bodies
Na conc. in intra and extracellular fluid,ketone bodies,THFA, name the enzyme involved in synthesis of thymine (thymidylate synthase)........haq ada kr diya tum ne ab jao 
Secondary structure ov proteinz
polyunsaturatd fatty acid (more than 3 dble bnds)
bile salts fnctn
no of C atms in stroid ncleus n cholstrol
plsma lvl of chlstrl n glucose in fastng
HDL ks ki abrvtn
y its hgh dnsty? (more protein)
chlstrol ki 2 forms? (free estrfied)
whch is more abndnt? (estrfied)
ks k sath zada estr bnati he? (linoleic acid)
Transcrption Translation
Purines pyrimidines
Transmethylase example
Transpeptidase example?
Amylase decreased in which diseases?
Liver disease enzymes
CPK-MB increased in?
Nephrotic syndrome
Why edema occurs in Nephrotic syndrome?
Phospholipids ke types
Absorbtion of glucose
Intake of a person with sedentary lifestyle.
Difference between chylomicrons and LDLs
Where are they produced?
Which are exogenous and endogenous?
Vitamin D source, functions, etc
Apoprotein B

wht r ligases give example,is there any similarity btwn ligase n synthetase,diff btwn synthetase n synthase,coenzyme of pyridoxal n belong to which group of enzymes,name all the amino acids u knw,name aromatic amino acid n which is essential,name branched chain amino acids n which is essential,diff btwn creatine n creatinine,importance of glycine,what is saccharin,why sugars r sweet in taste,milk protein..??..n it belongs to which group of proteins,milk sugar...
cholestrol its function.
biotin and where carbonic anhydrase is present
 choline , polar A.A, aliphatic A.A , why called so , aromatic A.A, diff bw phenylalanine n alanine , why called polar A.A, function of pyridoxine , b6 n role in anemia , its role in tb ,vit c role in anemia ,coenzymes of vit b12 n their role , diff bw cofactor n coenzyme ,diff bw coenzyme n prosthetic group , n example of each...
Anionic Gap. K+ concentration in ECF. Enzyme converting Lactic Acid to Pyruvate, isomers, occurrence. Anomers. Table, cane, grape, invert, sweetest sugar. Polysaccharides. Tryptophan. Essential amino acids. Semi essential amino acids. Importance of Folic Acid in pregnant women. Cholesterol level. Metabolic Acidosis. Fixed/Volatile Acid.
Cholesterol functions
cholesterol and its functions
name all the buffers u know
plasma cholesterol level,
plasma proteins, how do they act as buffer, write hemoglobin buffer, properties of good buffers, ketone body level in serum, enumerate ketone bodies, cholesterol level, myelin sheath is formed by which phospholipid, ethanolamine
pplication of gibbs do nan in daily life. (Dialysis) waxes. Composition of bile. Functions of cholestrol. Practicle ma amount of Na .K. Cl in body


rancidity, lysolecithins, bile salts and their function, cholesterol, CCK etc 
all types of classifications of proteins,globular proteins,axial ratio,example of globular proteins,difference between tertiary and quarternary structure,pyridoxine,its importance and reactions,km,importance of Selenium...
vit C .Its role.role in collagen formation. scurvy? role of thiamine? pentothenic acid? its coenzyme?
1.classify proteins. 2.axial ratio? 3.diffrnce in tertiary n quartenary structure? 4.hemoglobin role? 5.pyridoxine role? why deficiency of pyridoxine leads to anemia? 6.Ehler danlos syndrome?
ubiquonone,vit k functions,phospholipids functions? types??
metallo proteins functions of heme, hemasidrosis, regulation of fe absorption ,purines names, cytidine
s hemoglobin
lipid clasfy
what r buffers,metabolic alkalosis,metabolic acidosis,wht happen when osmotic pressure dcreases,electrophoresis,sickle cell hemoglobin
diff b/w
resp, metabolic acidosis and alkalosis and lactose intolerance
vit D formation ,activation of vit D , functions of vit D, functions of Fe, glycoproteins , GAS enumerate 
Colloid osmotic pressure. Value of oncotic pressure. Plasma level of albumins. Quantity of albumins. Tertiary/quaternary structure of proreins. Structure of starch and cellulose.
Classification of enzymes
functions of cholesterol
classification of lipids
vit D ka function.vit K ka function,selenium kya ha?zinc ka function
classification of proteins,role of folic acid,nucleoproteins, beta carotene, ALT & AST,nucleosomes,plasmids.
oil, methotrexate, importance of folic acid, phospholipids and their importance


Written: Scheme for proteins Practical: Unknown solution: lactose
Viva: what is lactose, type of bond, type of bond in cellulose and glycogen 

PRACTICAL........scheme of carbohydrates+lactose(unknown solution)   MINOR VIVA....what is lactose,galactose,name other disaccharides,what is maltose,diff. between maltose and isomaltose,source of maltose,source ofsucrose.................. + don't get confuse but use your common sense while choosing unknown solution as lipids look greasy,carbohydrates appear mostly as clear fluid and proteins are turbid white or show white bubbles or suspension on top. also they haven't added (atleast in our group) any other protein than albumin or globulin i.e there are no proteoses or peptones ,casein or arginine.)      HOPE THAT IT WILL HELP A LITTLE :)  ]]]]]                               

write scheme of detection of albumin. normal urine . viva:how u detected urea? is urea present in normal urine? its quantity? quantity of normal urine? polyurea? 

practical:milk.....n viva:milk protein name...??...which tests detect it..???milk sugar...??show the test that u hv performed to detect it...n what is the procedure of this test..

15mins... Scheme for detecting proteins
Detect organic + non-organic constituents of normal urine...
Viva: what are organic components of normal urine... What's Uric acid?

What Happens During Practical?

As soon as you enter, you will be asked to handover your practical notebook and take a card. There are many cards, you take one and go to your seat. There is a practical written on your card, which may be one of these:
--Examination of Urine (either normal or abnormal)
--Biochemistry of Milk
--Unknown Solution

In the first 15 minutes, you write your practical on the sheet provided to you. If it's scheme, you draw the scheme. If it's milk or urine, you make the table.

Next, they give you new sheets and take away old ones. Now you are asked to perform, There are nearly 1:30 hrs for performing. After you perform, you just write the results and the conclusion on the sheet and hand it over.

After that you wait a LOOOOOOONG time for Sir Shakeel to come and take your viva. Your viva will be related to your practical mostly; however, sir Shakeel can ask anything else as well so BEWARE.


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