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Dawn of Reality

So you finally got admission in King Edward, you must be the most fortunate person of this entire planet.
This is perhaps the feeling everybody gets when he or she sees his or her name on the list. The feelings of joy and superiority. The first thing you do when you get admission is that you read the kemunited blog and are amazed by the fantastic use of vocabulary and memes your seniors have made, you are dazzled

and think to yourself in some time I will be able to do the exact same thing but  better.

I wont talk about the first day at king Edward because many seniors have already  thrown light upon it. After two days you realize your class fellows are well way above you in intellect at least where information is concerned, even those whose merit is below you are likely to do better than you oh ,now that’s stress. Forget about people that are supposed to be below you, the upgraded students are even better than you. now that’s real stress. No matter what you do to impress you just can’t impress anyone well except for your relatives and non medical friends.
your first sub stage comes and you are shaking with fear the minute you see your respective professor you forget everything, that hardly 5 feet person is making a giant like you sweat, you forget everything and give answers even you don’t know about,its just so frustrating.You sweat like crazy even in this cold basically become him
when you come out you want to cry but control yourself with assurance perhaps someone has done even a worst job than you but alas when result comes up you have passed with an exact 50 due to courtesy of the professor and everyone else has scores 60 or at least a decent 55.At that moment your brain bulb fuses or as I like to say “fuse ur gya”,and you remember the famous saying of sports “it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose” but let’s be honest:

You think go to hell everybody, but deep inside your ego is hurting. you Google some motivational quotes to make yourself feel better and even watch movies but never study,lets be honest after that fall who in their right mind would want to study,you again open the KEMU blog to find inspiration from your seniors but are again disappointed when you notice some of your class fellows have made such posts which are dripping with hard core English and you remember pre KEMU days when you thought you would be the one to make such posts.
And finally after a mere  month your motto becomes
And you are likely to become this
And your class fellows will stare you
They are likely to treat you like an idiot probably wondering the same thing as you how the hell you got here?.
But the best thing is that as time passes you will find true friends who will stick with you like an elfi.They will be like you and you will have the best time of your life with them and you will be thankful that you are not a theta
Dedicated to all the med students who are not theetasand last but not least if you find belittling yourself just remember


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