KAPS ~ Upcoming Event- Inter-Class Short Video/animation Competition With Music Show

 Inter-Class Short Video/animation Competition With Music Show
 Everyone is welcome to make a Short Video/Animation . Every one is welcome to Sing, or just play the instrument !
(please note that its a short video/animation competition with music show. NOT the music competition)

MAX video Length : 6 min
Topic of your choice. (pls avoid religious and political theme /topic)
Final Date will be announced soon(though ,event is expected in 3rd Week of April)

Top three positions will be awarded
Cash Prizes ,
a training DVD relating to Cinematography ,and
invitation to KAPS Annual Lunch 

Music Section will take auditions from singers soon. Please contact Arslan Baig , VP Music Club , for auditions and for registring your name in the singers list.

--- KINDLY SPREAD THIS EVENT NOTICE to all the current kemcolians.

- KAPS holds the rights to reject any video that contains vulgar or abusive content or language. All the videos will be properly screened. If your video length exceeds 6 min, it will result in deduction of marks by the judges.
The judgement criteria will be online soon.

For details contact Osama Pasha,General Secretary KAPS ,4th Yr.
For details regarding auditions, contact VP Music Arslan Baig or Secretary Music Club ,Sarah Bakhsh.


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