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O house job , why art thou killing me?

(Otherwise known as 12 ways house job destroys you completely) By Anonymous House Officer (This is more for plausible deniability than being actually anonymous )  There's a reason every doctor forever remembers two things. Final prof and house job. One is the epitome of isolation and cramming with your books feeling forever alone. The other is the pinnacle of 24/7 presence in company which you probably don't need and definitely don't want. 1. Your body hurts all over If you never thought about all the muscles your body has , you will definitely think about them now. Each and every muscle will hurt in a different way to remind you of its existence. It can result from reasons as varied as odd positioning (the retractors are necessary evil at best and torture device for house surgeons at worst) to plain old electrolyte deficit.                                                                                            2.You are permanently sleep depr

"Delving into Davidson" - a Guide to Medicine!

By Amna Khalil, Class of 2016 There aren't many who make it through senior year without falling head over heels in love with medicine. But when it comes to the sitting down and studying part, jaan jaati hai! Fret not! Lets break this vast subject down into easily do-able and revisable parts!                                                       Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim SURVIVAL TIPS a) Throw that Inam Danish in the bin b) Sorry, pick it up again, Infectious Diseases wahan sey hi karni hain ! c) If you too have wasted the entire year wondering Davidson karoon ya Kaplan, Oxford karoon ya Step up, its high time you decide which book speaks the best to you, instead of blindly following the crowd d) If you must must listen to Conrad Fischer Sahib, squeeze that in before the prep leaves ( unlike me, who attempted to listen to it all just a month before the professionals) e) For those who still have their rotations to go, jo case  present kardo kabhi nahi bhoolta , so see a

GHLO Electives-- A guide by Hamid Ali

-Hamid Ali (Class of 2017)   GHLO (Global Health Learning Opportunities) is a program by AAMC which connects different universities in the world to send and receive medical students for Clinical Electives.  Thanks to the efforts of KEMCAANA, KEMU became a part of this collaboration a few years ago. There are medical schools from all over the world, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia but most importantly for us: there are about 8 to 10 hospitals in USA that offer clinical electives through this system. Given that I had not given my USMLE Step 1 exam, I applied to two programs: Wayne State University and West Virginia University, and got acceptance from both. How to use this GHLO portal?


AYESHA SAEED MALIK MBBS 3RD YEAR Now, hold on there before you plaster me with plagiarism, read again, it says “Me and Flash” not “Marley and Me.” It’s a new story, my dog story, I promise you. If it’s any solace to your vain souls then I’ll admit that I haven’t yet watched Owen Wilson’s dog tale.

5th Annual Photo Captioning Contest Results 2017

So the results for the Photocaptioning contest are finally out! 1st Position Entry # 8 "To be able to appreciate life on this side of the wall, when you are living the dream of many, is not unusual. But to be able to have a grateful heart when you are on the other side, spending a mid summer day in scorching heat is real living. Gratitude through the highs and lows, blessings and adversities is what stirs magic in all things ordinary." Photo and caption by Rida Fatima Sajid 2nd Position Entry # 9 "The tenebrosity of the world depicted the sentiments of the core, she gazed through the murk of the evening sky, should have left her in melancholy of the happenings around, but the light within pierced through her eyes and dazzled throughout." Photo and Caption by Zainab Aslam 3rd Position Entry # 31 "Does it not startle you that no amount of mud is dimming her beauty? Those mud covered clothes, those tangled hair, that smudg