5th Annual Photo Captioning Contest Results 2017

So the results for the Photocaptioning contest are finally out!

1st Position

Entry # 8

"To be able to appreciate life on this side of the wall, when you are living the dream of many, is not unusual. But to be able to have a grateful heart when you are on the other side, spending a mid summer day in scorching heat is real living. Gratitude through the highs and lows, blessings and adversities is what stirs magic in all things ordinary."
Photo and caption by Rida Fatima Sajid

2nd Position

Entry # 9

"The tenebrosity of the world depicted the sentiments of the core, she gazed through the murk of the evening sky, should have left her in melancholy of the happenings around, but the light within pierced through her eyes and dazzled throughout."
Photo and Caption by Zainab Aslam

3rd Position

Entry # 31

"Does it not startle you that no amount of mud is dimming her beauty? Those mud covered clothes, those tangled hair, that smudged background or those dirt smeared feet?
Nothing seems to mute the brightness of those eyes.
Maybe because extravagance is not all it takes to look extraordinary. Maybe because you can find splendor in the most ordinary of things, in things you least expected to find it.
And this magic is the rarest of all, because it cannot be seen by all."
Photo and Caption by Aminah Tayyab

A very hearty congratulations to everyone who won! We appreciate all the entries and the extensive participation.


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