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Walk for a Cause

The Students' Patient Welfare Society heralds Hepatitis is preventable, curable and treatable. KNOW IT, CONFRONT IT.

HEPATITIS Campaign Context:

SPWS, in context of the Hepatitis Campaign, had already arranged a Beat hepatitis CTreat Hepatitis C Seminar,

followed by a week long of awareness campaign in Mayo hospital.

The Poster Competition

And Visit to the barbers and beauticians, educating them about hepatitis C

Now, on the World Hepatitis Day,SPWSaims at spreading thisawareness through theHepatitis Awareness Walk.

Date: 28th July, 2011

Time: 10 am
Route: The walk shall start from Patiala block. The progression shall march through the streets of Anarkali reaching GPO and then back to KEMU.

Media coverage shall be arranged and pamphlets will be provided.

YLC Saga - Khamoshi ka boycott - Day 2 (Part 2)

By Farkhanda Qaiser We were still bubbling with the excitement of our success when breakout sessions on the many causes and implications of environmental degradation, were announced. I chose the session by Nigaar Nazar – the first Muslim woman cartoonist. Her central character is Gogi which she uses to create awareness among general public on various social and environmental issues. For this reason she has been placed on top of a list prepared by USA’s Cartoonist Rights Network. She has also done comic strips for many journals and television channels. However her work doesn’t stop here. Now, she has started an outreach programme which involves distributing the Gogi school bag among underprivileged students. This bag contains a collection of storybooks and comic strips with morals, made by her and targeting the young ones. One of her books is titled, ‘Kooray ka jin’ which emphasizes upon the importance of cleanliness. Another one deals with the threat of extremism and terrori…

YLC Saga Continues - Go Green - Day 2 (Part 1)

By Farkhanda Qaiser Day 2: Environmental Leadership 6:30 AM Yoga exercise 8:00 AM Breakfast 9:00 AM Understanding environmental degradation with Tofiq Pasha Mooraj 10:30 AM Panel discussion 11:30 AM Tea time 12:00 PM Shehzad Roy and Djuice Team 1:00 PM Lunch and Zohar Namaz 2:00 PM Activity time 3:00 PM Breakout sessions 4:30 PM Session with Dr. Nadeem Abidi 6:00 PM Asar Namaz 6:30 PM Corporate Kacheri 7:40 PM Maghrib Namaz 8:00 PM Environment friendly dinner and Isha Namaz 10:00 PM Breakout plays 11:00 PM Capacity Building with Sohail Zandani Walking bare foot; silently raising hands instead of clapping and hooting; eating environment friendly food and doing khamoshi ka boycott, that’s what the YLCians did on day 2, the day of environmental leadership. A day that began as early as 6:30 AM. Unfortunately I was in too deep a slumber and slept all through breakfast as well. Much to my distress, later I was told by my teammates that I had missed an excellent session of yoga and an even better breakf…

Young Leader's Conference – An experience of a lifetime! - Day 1.

By Farkhanda Qaiser Dates: 1st-6th July 2011 Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Karachi DAY 1: 10:00 AM - Departure from Lahore. 11:45 AM - Arrival in Karachi. 1:00 PM - Arrival at Sheraton Hotel 2:00 PM - Lunch 4:00 PM - Official inauguration of YLC 5:30 PM - Informal session with corporate champions 6:15 PM - Asar Namaz 6:30 PM - Rules of the game – align everyone to the YLC way. (By Kambha) 7:30 PM - Maghrib Namaz 8:30 PM - Bank Alfalah – the caring dinner. 9:00 PM - Theatre Performance. 10:00 PM - Isha Namaz 10:30 PM - Quiz regarding stay in Sheraton. 11:30 PM - Putting I first (by Kambha) 1:00 AM – Treasure hunt (by Umair Jaliawala) team names n slogans. “Emaan, Ittehad, Tanzeem…Inqilaab” This was the slogan of the 10th YLC 2011, being held at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi. It made little sense to me until we learned to live by these words in the 6 days of our stay at YLC. We were given seemingly impossible tasks like 20 people standing on 4 chairs, having dinner with our hands and feet tied and eyes blindfolded but…

KemKlash- Moeed

Moeed - 1st yr !
For details visit :

Awais Wessi -2nd Yr --- KemKlash Intro

For full details about KEM KLASH visit

every one can participate ! and perform anything !


Episode 1: Click here

Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 2 ‘ FUN UNDER THE SUN ! ’

The most awaited study-less week of the year, the sports week, was even more awaited by the 1st year as it was our 1st chance to get sun-burnt and burn the extra couple of ounces, but tragically this fun filled week was followed by our very 1st stage and The SUN tried its best to spoil the FUN. Roasted under the scorching heat were Participants, supporters and the KAPS photographers. I actually got a heat stroke and one of the relay race winners fainted – I do think she was on drugs though (steroids) ………………yet we enjoyed it a lot (don’t we always!) .

The bidding for the stall…..the choice of menu….. Stall décor….. the decision of theme….. the chart fever….. Everything was done mostly in DH! Nothing works like mutilated corpses to charge up the appetite. Throughout the event, hideous, disgusting, evil and yet appetizing and exciting posters were plastered…

KemKlash - The Promo

KemKlash - The Promo