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Medicine viva questions 2016


Kemunited Specials: Shaukat Khanum Series (Part 1)

By Moeed Ahmed, Unsa Ather, Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Aneeqa Javed, Ammar Anwar and Ayesha Mushtaq This is a special blog about the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) from students of King Edward Medical University. The blog has no conflicts of interest and is strictly related to healthcare with no political affiliations/conflicts. We thank the Management of Shaukat Khanum Hospital for allowing us to visit their facility and interviewing the CEO and the Chairman. Our journey started in the month of Ramazan, 2017, when by special invitation, we got the opportunity to attend the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Annual Fundraiser in Lahore. The event was a wonderfully organized gala, held in the grounds of the Hospital's main building, with the Chairman and Founder of the Hospital Imran Khan gracing the ceremony with his presence. From small kids emptying their piggy banks to well established industrialists contributing lacs , the ceremon

The lost year of finding contentment

I am in the middle of my house job. The future spreads in front of me wide like an ocean. Uncertain like its depths. And scary with all its uncertainties. In my best years , I was never the one with plans about myself. And at 24 with a graduate degree , in middle of one-year internship  and with flimsiest of idea of future , I am far from anyone's best. But after a long time , I feel useful. It's not like when you are in college (possibly just me) when you go for enjoying with friends or sleeping. But working in hospital will do that to you. Make you feel useful. The truth is I am doing a surgical rotation and I am as far from being a good surgeon in making as its possible. My hands had never learnt any skill and they seem as hell to be resisting now. If I am being honest to myself , I don't do anything any other average doctor won't do. But it feels good when a patient goes  home after a big surgery. After a foreign body removal from eye. I may not have saved any life.