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MCAT--Some Pre-Exam Tips and Instructions

By Khadija Mohab Khan (Batch 2015-20) Dear Juniors ! You have worked really hard during last 2 years but you have to be very careful on the  day before MCAT and the MCAT day . Here are some general instructions : 1.            PRAY HARD for your MCAT. You have studied enough but ask ALLAH Almighty to put His Fazal in your hard work. 2.            Be Confident but Humble. You should be satisfied with your preparation. You have done your best effort. Now It is up to ALLAH Almighty. 3.            ON THE DAY BEFORE MCAT : •             Relax! •             Do not study. You have studied enough. Now relax. If you can't help studying , go for revising vocabulary only. •             Get together everything you need for the test , Admittance card , ball points , clip board and watch. •             Pray for your test and ask all your sincere fellows , relatives and teachers to pray for you. Ask your maid and driver uncle to pray for you. This matters a lot!!

To You, my beloved, Pakistan!

<Music plays on television> “Ay Rah e Haq k shaheedo Wafa ki tasweero” “Captain Ali Farooq has embraced shahadat today during a operation against a Terrorist militant group in Swat.” The news reporter’s voice announces in a robotic tone. I listen and grief overcomes me for a split second. And then my mobile beeps and my attention shifts. I don’t remember if I prayed for him or not.

Doctors, god complex, the 'whys' and the 'shoulds'

Do doctors have god complex?  If you ask me the question plain and simple, I would have to answer yes. Doctors do have god complex. Have you ever watched a surgery or a patient in medicine opd and wondered how mere hours or minutes would have drastic effects on his life? To that person doctor is some sort of god or atleast a saviour from God. If you aren't in medical field you can try to remember an episode of House MD or Grey's Anatomy and notice the power, the rush actors try to portray when they are pretending to be successful doctors. ( Btw IRL the doctors aren't as nice as they are portrayed in Grey's either to their patients or to each other. For full disclosure maybe it's just based on my experiences at Mayo )  I think  most professions are just Mankind's poor way of trying to replicate one of God's qualities .  Civil engineers defeat mountains and water, people in electrical and software fields make use of things which can only be seen virtually, art


KEDS wins yet another laurel, this time on PTV.  ^_^ Our very own Aimen Mansoor clinches 1st position at "Pakistan Speaks"- a competition organized by PTV as on air thematic celebration of Independance Day- by her impressive Urdu Declamation Speech on the topic of "Corruption". Declaimers from various universities took part in this revered event but Aimen stood out amongst them all MashaAllah  :) We wish her all the luck for the future endeavours  :) #KIDSofKEDS   :D