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Guidance Tips for Firstulas

FIRSTULAS, WELCOME TO UNIVERSITY LIFE!  Here are some things I learnt during university life or wished someone had told me earlier. Sharing these tips so you might benefit from: //NO BEST FRIEND. ONLY ACQUAINTANCES//  My elder sister on my coming to hostel suggested me to make as many acquaintances in first year, but no best friend. It worked in my case. It takes time to see true personalities of people around you, while you explore yours along the way.  //STUDY SMART// Make studies your priority. Enjoy co-curriculars along the way. Ask immediate seniors for guidance before every test/substage. Study with your colleagues. Teach eachother what you have studied individually. Concepts gain clarity this way faster. Offer help to eachother in studies. Be brave enough to ask for help when you need it. It's a sign of inner strength, not weakness. Everyone is struggling especially in first year. Read conceptual books alongwith exam-essential books. Watch YouTube animations. Listen to Dr Na