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Head & Neck Anatomy

Important topics: By Laiba Khalid

Life In Practice : Wards and DH.

Life In Wards & DH

To balam pichkari, ghur-sawari and tareefain pyari pyari - Batch'16 Class Trip.

                                        By Amna Khalil and Sania Mumtaz Tahir Sometimes life becomes a drag, no smile is happy enough, the Imlee ki chatni not tangy enough, the rain not sad enough. You stare transfixed at the cobweb on the wall while you shower, singing is out of the question. You sit in the cafeteria under the whizzing fan, in the heat that smells of sweat and lassi and you watch the runny raita as it flows over the mound of biryani on your plate and you wonder why your life is as pathetic as it is. All it took us to break out of the morbid spell that had us gripped was racing each other across the lush green grounds of Lockwood Hotel Murree at midnight, with our arms flung wide open ; eight imaginary aeroplanes breaking out of their bubbles. Jahaaaaaaaz.

Prof. Dr. Karmran Aziz: Behind the Curtains Session 3

Behind the Curtains With Dr. Kamran Aziz    By Faiza Hameed & Moeed Ahmed Dr. Kamran Aziz and KE go a long way back. Needing no introduction, the    former HOD of the Biochemistry department is a legend in his own right. A Dow graduate (1972), a huge sports fan and a true-blue patriot, Dr. Kamran is among the founding fathers who helped KE  grow from a college to a university. A Lahore-based Kashmiri, Dr. Kamran secretly aspires for the Nobel Prize, does not have any political affiliations and still maintains the straight-backed, suited-n-belted elegance he was so admired for during his time at KE.  

Lower Limb Spotting Labelled


Notice Board-1st Year

A busy busy week we have! It here are the imp. dates that must be kept in mind :P A funny situation in which we are actually! But remember

How To Cast Your Vote ?

Elections 2013 are just a few hours away. For all the newbies who are gonna vote this year here is the  procedure  that you need to follow : > First of all you need to be a registered voter to cast your vote. > Send your CNIC number to 8300 ASAP ( as the networks will be jammed tomorrow) to receive the following info: -Block code -Series number -Polling station address -National Assembly constituency number Note/remember this info. > Visit your concerned polling station between 8am - 5pm on 11th May, 2013. If there is a long queue w ait patiently for your turn.

Paeds Unit 2 Ward Test Guide

(Courtesy Ammara Tariq,Ainne Muzaffar,Rabia Jameel,Nimrah Siddique,Aneeqa Nasir and moi-meme =D ) There will be a short case and a table viva.Table viva consists of instruments,Xrays (that are shown to each batch on their last day in ward) and miscellaneous viva questions.In the last ward test,three cases were included in short case 1.Nephrotic syndrome 2.Facial palsy 3.Pleural Effusion Test was conducted by Dr.Laiq and Dr Khuwaja Table Viva : Dr Akmal showed a photo and  asked what can you see in it? (Malnourished child, loss of subcutaneous fat,muscle wasting,no pad of fat on buttock and thigh,nappy rash,bottle feeding.) Which degree of malnourishment when age is 2 and weight is 7kg. How do we classify malnourishment? Then he asked me to resuscitate a newborn. (start from dry ,warm, wrap,and do say ABCD and before going to next step, say,'I'll reassess the child' Then he showed the shakir's tape and asked about use,benefit,,values