How To Cast Your Vote ?

Elections 2013 are just a few hours away. For all the newbies who are gonna vote this year here is the procedure that you need to follow :

> First of all you need to be a registered voter to cast your vote.

> Send your CNIC number to 8300 ASAP ( as the networks will be jammed tomorrow) to receive the following info:
-Block code
-Series number
-Polling station address
-National Assembly constituency number
Note/remember this info.

> Visit your concerned polling station between 8am - 5pm on 11th May, 2013.
If there is a long queue wait patiently for your turn.

> Show your original CNIC to the presiding officer who will check your name and photo in the voter's list, confirm it from the polling agents , get your thumb print against your name in the list and will mark your thumb with semi-permanent election ink.

> The assistant presiding officers will then issue ballot papers ; Green for the national assembly, white for the provincial assembly and the voting stamp. ( The officers must put a govt stamp and their signatures on the back of the ballet paper )

> Go to the voter screen alone and put the stamp on the party symbol of your favorite candidate. ( make sure you do it within the given space and that there is no overlapping)

> The ballot paper should be folded properly as shown :

This in done to ensure the secrecy of your vote and to avoid any ink prints on other signs (which may result in cancellation of your vote)

> Finally drop the green ballot paper in the ballet box with a green lid and white in the box with a white lid.

Precautions !
• Must take water, biscuits and sweets along, as you might get stranded in long queues. 
• Park your vehicle well away from the Polling Station.
• Identify escape routes and safe places in case of an emergency.
• Do NOT handover your CNIC to any stranger. 
• Do NOT carry items you don’t need (credit cards, debit cards, other valuable items).
• Do not indulge in any unnecessary arguments with political parties.
• Avoid entering Polling station with your spouse or all family members together. Try splitting in groups.
• Do NOT take your cellular phone as it is not allowed. Keep them at home as most likely cellular services will be jammed on Election Day
• Avoid all crowds and public gatherings to mitigate risk of exposure to incidental violence.

Remember !

Vote is your right ! Vote for the right !


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