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Coarse Prof Resuscitation (CPR) _ A basic guideline when even ABC stops making sense!

Feeling like you are caught in the centre of a hurricane? There may be peace as long as your there but one step taken peripherally, and you’d be gone with the winds, blown away, stuck in endless swirls Looking at clock seems like looking at a time bomb tied to you , ticking away quite rapidly to the big boom? The text is playing mind games with you, books make faces, and concepts taunt! But you’re too helpless to even decide which subject to go with first? Insanity and you… have become a one-package-deal! And anyone who disturbs you when your engrossed in staring blankly at the books , has just waved the red cape to an already infuriated bull! Then there is nothing to worry about. You’re not alone. And you are most probably a kemcolian with code –red-prof-season in the air! what you yearn for is a way to “Effective theetaism” But the main point is, how to do it all? What schedule to follow? Most of us being stuck with one question in ‘rep

MCAT-Some more advice

by Fatima Qamar Amna did quite some job with her article '  Acing MCAT - If I can do it, so can you   ' and i don't think anyone could have advised better (20th position O.o no joke! :p) Anyway, there are people like me with a smaller a-mere-three-digit-score than amna. I had 977 in fsc whereas people in our  batch here at KE have scores till 923 even. So this signifies one thing at least. MCAT is the REAL thing to ace especially since  now it carries 50% weightage!!! so all those depressed from fsc score should know they have yet another chance to nail it. Another advice i should highlight, focus on nothing but the books ! & specifically on those UHS topics. That seriously eased  my prep alot. Finally, everyone studies. All have the knowledge. Its the nerves you gotta keep intact! Just don't freak out and  focus your mind putting all distractions aside. This is after all a career choice for you. Apart from these major issues just focus on time manage

Guide to Professional Exam Preparation

Guide to Professional Exam Preparation Laiba Khalid (2nd Yr)   SEND-UPS: -          They are basically your training for the prof, so don’t exhaust yourself. Spare a lot of energy for the prof ! -          Passing them should be your goal. A common reaction  BOOKS : -          Go for the recommended / standard books like Guyton for physio, mushtaq for biochem, bd for gross etc. Consult short books only for viva prep. NO CRAMMING : -          This is not FSc , you don’t have to cram each and every word/paragraph , just get the concepts. TIME MANAGEMENT: -           Remember : The more time you have, the more you will waste it, the more you will drag you prep, the more relax you tend to get & the more energy you will waste… The less time you have, the less you’ll waste it, the more you will study with concentration… -          Get a size big  calendar  to put near / above your study desk, write the entire plan down on it