MCAT-Some more advice

by Fatima Qamar

Amna did quite some job with her article ' Acing MCAT - If I can do it, so can you ' and i don't think anyone could have advised better (20th position O.o no joke! :p)Anyway, there are people like me with a smaller a-mere-three-digit-score than amna. I had 977 in fsc whereas people in our batch here at KE have scores till 923 even. So this signifies one thing at least. MCAT is the REAL thing to ace especially since now it carries 50% weightage!!! so all those depressed from fsc score should know they have yet another chance to nail it.

Another advice i should highlight, focus on nothing but the books ! & specifically on those UHS topics. That seriously eased my prep alot. Finally, everyone studies. All have the knowledge. Its the nerves you gotta keep intact! Just don't freak out and focus your mind putting all distractions aside. This is after all a career choice for you.

Apart from these major issues just focus on time management. & master filling the circles fully as Amna pointed out. And mind you keeping the order right is very very important. 

Here's another tip. MCAT has negative marking ! So it makes a big deal what you attempt or don't. I calculated that my actual marks were 990 in MCAT but due to negative marking i scored a 971! see the difference!! & why does this matter? because the merit number ahead of me had weightage 88.7053 and i had 88.7051. Such is the competition. & 5 marks i lost due to randomly filling the wrong circle! so imagine 50% and these marks and how it changes those 4 decimal places at the end and how you leap by 20 people even by a single mark! So attempt questions you are 100% sure of. Calculate how much MCAT marks you need along with your Fsc and Matric combo and then calculate how much you need to attempt and by leaving how many MCQs you still are in the safe zone. Be very calculated in every thing you do. And again attempt only when you think negative marking can do you no harm as you've had attempted those fully confirmed MCQs in greater quantities. 

And in the last week of MCAT i gave STAR academies grand tests like actually sitting in the exam hall and attempting as such. At doomsday, i pretty much eased myself and tried to keep fears away. Had a water bottle along though UHS was kind enough to provide that too.

Just Pray hardest ! Allah sure has the best plans for you. Believe in your duas as they make miracles happen. & i have this annoying habit to ask every friend and teacher to pray for me. Do that. That'll only aid you more. Relax. Breathe deep before and during the exam. Read darood too. And focus.

IA the best will happen. All the very best of luck to you for 23rd sept this year!


  1. never read it before the mcat.. it could hv worked!! bt made it though..:) hopefully joining u guyx at kemu with 89.16% aggregate!!

  2. very well done. IA! :)

  3. there will be a hype in the merit this year! the boy having 974 numbers in mcat has 756th position(in mcat only)!

  4. I had done very bad score in Fsc due to illness i got only 350 marks can u plz tell me how much marks should i get to get admission in any M.C???

  5. Well.. work really hard and get atleast 450+ and an excellent score in mcat.. keep on praaying :) Sab perfect ho jae ga In Shaa Allah

  6. cud u plz tell me how to get good marks in urdu in fsc part 1 coz i never get to understand it and niether have a good urdu vocabulary.

  7. well.. just take care of the length of the questions and make ur presentation neat and clean... use of marker shud be proper. n pray bs thts it

  8. Okay nice article. I should say extremely awesome but can you tell me what is more preferable for coming into KE: A Levels or FSc? Currently doing O Levels... and can't think much of these... A Level equivilancy marks cut and FSc, I don't know if I could adjust to it?

  9. i'm so afraid of !!! plz tell me how can i shedule my time !!

  10. FSc. Take Pak Culture instead of Urdu. A piece of advise as a brother. ;)

  11. Oops too late to tell.


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