Coarse Prof Resuscitation (CPR) _ A basic guideline when even ABC stops making sense!

Feeling like you are caught in the centre of a hurricane? There may be peace as long as your there but one step taken peripherally, and you’d be gone with the winds, blown away, stuck in endless swirls

Looking at clock seems like looking at a time bomb tied to you , ticking away quite rapidly to the big boom?

The text is playing mind games with you, books make faces, and concepts taunt! But you’re too helpless to even decide which subject to go with first?

Insanity and you… have become a one-package-deal! And anyone who disturbs you when your engrossed in staring blankly at the books , has just waved the red cape to an already infuriated bull!

Then there is nothing to worry about. You’re not alone.

And you are most probably a kemcolian with code –red-prof-season in the air!

what you yearn for is a way to “Effective theetaism”

But the main point is, how to do it all? What schedule to follow? Most of us being stuck with one question in ‘replay mode’ in their minds.” HOW TO STUDY!”

Well, here is a basic guideline which you most probably forgot because of prof-induced hyper-worrying syndrome. It might not help much but it just might help you back onto your feet, regain that lost tempo and pacify that box of Pandora in your head aching to unleash!


Count the chaps, the units and the pages. Get a rough idea what you are up against and than strategize to even the odds


Get a clock..face to face! It’s a showdown!

Weapons ready. Check

Theta mode. Check!

Now try to go through a few pages as quickly as possible while getting the main concept. You are racing against the arms…

Note the time. Estimate your potential , how much you can cover and in what time range.


Most of us by now are habitual of making a time table then LOL-ing at it themselves because….. (you ought to know! You’ve been there as well!!!)

but still even if you can’t stick to it 100% u could still stick to it a little bit. And when it comes to studying,then the same golden rule as with money ($_$) _______________“SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING”_______________

and just for cheese-sake , shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!


Well, keep the last days for preparing the first prof. Best to start off with guyton with biochem in mid. According to seniors 6 days are more than enough for mushtaq! 3 days per volume. As far as guyton is concerned, everyone has their own way of combating that tale-teller. Anatomy?? What can I say, studied one subject the entire year; Turned out didn't even know it!


You made it this far! U passed ur substages, stages and tests (well, most of them anyway)

You made it to K.E! You’re a kemcolian, cream la cream!… enough said!

Believe in your own way and style of theetafication. Stop looking at others. Some people listen to rock, some listen to pop and some prefer slow music. Has it ever influenced u to change your own taste? Neither should their style of study. Let your individuality be your strength


Hungry, eh?

Go eat fruits, protein, pulses! Whatever! Even someone’s bheja if you have to… but stop with the depressors. Please. Have some mercy on yourself. Just because one says something theta-type in a language u can’t comprehend, others can’t either. Just because someone is talking about a chap you have not yet covered that does not mean they have covered the rest as well. Common sense, duh! Stop beating yourself over what others do. Like mom would put it, seeing someone else rosy-cheeked should not make you slap yourself either!


Take a pen , make flow sheets or diagrams of that topic. In the end that’s what u would remember anyway. Take a few colour markers. Colour up that mind-numbing, dull ,dreadful black and white text. Next time u look at it, u would end up thinking u must have gone through these colourful topics already! (reality aside) this would make it easier to go through them, again as well. and if it is all too much to absorb, just youtube some videos of that topic.

8)TAKE BREAKSYour a homo sapien not a robot. Acknowledge the fact and take a break every once in a while. After completing your target, kindly breath, take a cup of tea or coffe whatever that helps. Plug in earphones if you have to. Go wash that face. Anything that can refresh you and does'nt take hours (for those who'd run to watch their fave season) will do! Even if you were a BMW or a ferrari u'd still need to stop for fuel every now and then. So take a break , no one's that einstein ki oulaad.PS calling/texting a friend and giving them a depressor really helps to lighten you up too at times ;)


“Will I pass?”

Haunting question indeed. Better excorcise this demon right now before you lose it. Have faith. Your job is to give it a shot, and then let the Higher Hand take care of the rest. If you can think u can do it, then the truth is you most probably can! No, you’re not fooling yourself. Your just believing in yourself!

Now open up that book, and go into your theta mode. Don’t forget to take breaks every once in a while. This is study, not torture (though it resembles torment quite a bit.)

And if it still does’nt help. This might ;)

DISCLAIMER: Not having given even one prof yet does make me, not a very legitimate source for prof guidelines. But seeing some of people losing it , made me remind them the basics. To take it easy and just hope for the best. This is just to help out those fidgety fellows who cant even decide how to start and where to start. To the rest of you , you already know way better than me.
Best of luck everyone. May Allah help us all in passing with a lil bit dignity ;)
and last:


  1. aaaaaa great girl!!! but i believe this is all hypothetically gud to believe still!! i c how u have countered the stree :)

  2. gud:) but this is simply fantasizing.mujhe sey to tyari ho hi nae rae :( .lagta hai apna bohat sari tayari kar li hai jo prof now seems a piece of cake to you!!!

  3. Anosha.... the blog finally opened... and.........
    You girls keep surprising me one after the other XD
    (Y) Well done. A good use of leisurely moments, I would say. Helping others. It certainly did boost me up too ;)

  4. it was really cool; it works for me; i do that always.. Keep ur good work up!!!!


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