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Dealing with Nurses 101

I’m going to start with a story. If you have had your surgery rotation, you would know that in the emergency there are two batches. One in the OT and one in the bay aka ground floor. So there is a washroom n the OT but in the bay, there is either the regular public use washroom or a washroom in the gastroscopy room. The keys to the gastroscopy rom are with the sisters. And for some reason it is really hard for them to remember where it is if the doctors need it whereas they use the room for making tea, drinking water, keeping their bags etc. One day, the sisters said that they are not allowed to give the keys to anyone because no one is supposed to use the room (they still had their bags in them) next day one said she didn’t get the keys in over. The next day they gave it to one doctor saying that they gave it this time but they wont give it again. And when someone asked they said your doctor misplaced it even though she returned it with a thankyou to the nurse. On all these occa

Anti depressants are not happy pills

So a friend of mine recently started anti depressants and he mentioned that he was having trouble with keeping up with everyday life because they make him drowsy. I take anti depressants too and now I am at a dose that does not really hamper my functioning but I realized that even I had forgotten what it was like back then. So I just wanted to share my experience for all those who are struggling right now, I know its hard and it seems like it is taking forever but trust me it will get better InshaAllah.

Revisiting The Glory of KEMU: Interview of Professor Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal

In 2015, KemUnited met Professor Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal, the then Dean of Department of Surgery at Mayo Hopsital Lahore, for an exclusive interview. As Sir Gondal returns to KEMU as the university's first Kemcolian Vice Chancellor, we revisit those moments; and hope that once again, KE will be the top ranked medical institution in the country under Professor Gondal's leadership. Click here to read the whole interview: a visual highlight of the mind of the person who aims to make KEMU the best.... Here is the KemUnited Cabinet 2018 with Professor Dr. Gondal after his appointment as Vice Chancellor: