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King Edward Studios Productions 2011!

FILM FIESTA 2011 VIDEOS 5th Inter-Class Short Video Competition With Music Show >> KAPS 5th INTER-CLASS VIDEO COMPETITION AND MUSIC SHOW- Official Event Review (click here to read) -by Fizza Mobasher 1st Position Qabar Say Mazaar Tak 2nd Position Resident Evil - The Origins 3rd Position Talaash Mirage Ishq e La Hasil

KEMCOL 2012 Student Survey !

KEMCOL 2012 Student Survey ! Its the time of the year again ! Fill out the Kemcol 2012 Student Survey with your funny answers and be a part of it! Name/Nickname Class 1) Loving K.E is like... 2) Had you been a pigeon at KE, who would have been your primary target? 3) One day a pigeon from the dome of Patiala whispered in my ear that 4) Why this kolaveri di? 5) I am a Kemcolian because I can 6) One word that K.E. taught me.... 7) If there had been Jillani Pavillion still, I could have/would have/there would have been 8) What super heroes do you think KE has? 9) When I first entered the new cafeteria 10) Kemcolians are best at? 11) Life at KEMU is incomplete till you have? 12) 70% of class being girls means 13) When I am pretending to listen to the lecture I am actually 14) KIS NA KAHA THA PEPSI 65 KI KARDO? 15) Why so serious? 16) What do you think is the biggest talent/t

Installing Windows 7 on Shahbaz Sharif's Laptops in place of ubuntu

How to install windows 7 on Shahbaz Sharif - Youth Initiative Laptops  If you're reading this congratulations on your new laptop!!! A great initiative by Shahbaz Sharif - Whatever people might call it. Regardless, it is an unprecedented event in history! So, your new laptop comes with Linux operating system - UBUNTU - The most popular and visually appealing one. It looks pretty slick. And as you can see, it can easily meet your basic needs  Yes, it can run facebook too! So it's fun to play with it for a while. The advantages being 1- No risk of viruses 2- Apps like chrome, firefox, VlC and about every thing that is free out there has been made compatible with Ubuntu and can be found in its neat appstore 3- It's completely free ! That is the reason why the govt installed it in the first place - A Windows copy on a laptop would have costed them an extra Rs. 10000 per laptop atleast and this is a very wise move to keep the cost low and so that they

KemComics 2012 Results - By KAPS & KemUnited

What started on 6th April 2012, and saw some of the funniest comics ever and some ... well.. not so funny! Anyways, YOU"RE ALL WINNERS... but following the norms, below are the official results by our worthy adjudicators. [Details of the contest and rules can be seen on this post... KemComics Fiesta 2012 Rules ] Some of the Comics have been marked as judges favorites as appreciation for the efforts and because they made us ROFL !! The winners shall be awarded Prizes at the KAPS Interclass Video Competition 2012. Judgement Formula Total Marks = 20 No. of Likes on KemUnited Facebook page= 10 Marks Humor= 4 Marks Creativity=3 Marks Editing quality= 3 Marks 1-49 Likes – 2 pt 50-99 Likes – 4pt 100-149 Likes – 6 pts 150-199 Likes – 8 pts 200+  - 10 pts <!-- More --> The Photos are in exact sequence of KemComics Facebook Photo Album Name Points [in sequence above] total= 10+4+3+3 Farwa Nasir - 4th Yr 4+4+3+3=

Being Patch Adams...!

By Farkhanda Qaiser MBBS 3rd Year Thinking it to be just another lecture on ‘ communication skills ’ by some senior teacher, I headed towards the Mini Anatomy Lecture Theatre (which I later found out to be the demonstration room in DH). This workshop was being conducted under the auspices of “ Kemcolian Akhuwat Club ” which had found an ingenuous way of filling up the seats. Namely, asking all society presidents to send 3 of their active members. And since I happen to be QUITE an active member in A LOT of societies so I was representing many of them. But still I wasn’t really happy about this sudden interruption in my plans. However my thoughts changed drastically after the 1 hour which was the duration of this workshop. Mr. Pervaiz Bashir – advisor to President of CPSP – was the convener. As is the style of motivational speakers (I dub him that), he started off by asking a simple question from the 40+ audience of medical students: Why did you join this profession? Almost one-half ci

The Annual Interclass Trilingual Declamation 2012. King Edward Debating Society.

Rules 1. The speaker will speak for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 minutes. Marks will be deduced for failing to observe the stipulated time. 2. A speaker making offensive remarks about any important personage and passing controversial religious, political or sectarian remarks shall be immediately disqualified. Using words/ sentences with any indecent connotation and passing derogatory remarks against the chair will lead to instant disqualification of the speaker. In such an event, the speaker may be asked to step down from the podium during the speech. 3. The speaker will be judged on the content of their speeches, their proficiency of the respective language and the response of the audience. 4. Paper reading is not allowed. Those who do so will be penalized. 5. Speakers should refrain from using excessive Urdu in their English speeches and vice versa. 6. The three best speakers, from all five categories will be awarded prizes. 7. The decision o