MCAT-Medical College Admission Test

MCAT Guides & Experiences

MCAT Guideline 2016 by Larraib Saleem

Mcat is now almost less than two months away so here are some of the basic guidelines and tips that may help the pre medical students.

MCAT Myth Busting
Ammar Anwar clears the air around some common myths surrounding MCAT!

The Final Countdown to MCAT
Ayesha Mushtaq jots down some tips and tactics about how to handle preparation in the last month running up to MCAT.

MCAT Preparation in 15 Days !  
This isn’t some academy advertise offering money back guarantee or a magical guide book enclosing spells to defeat the MCAT monster in emergency mode. It’s just a simple story of how Laiba Khalid prepared for the MCAT in about 15 days, got a 90% and made it to KE. 

Guide to MCAT in Punjab    Amna Khalil writes an exceptionally brilliant MCAT guide, touching all the relevant aspects of the and providing tips for calming your nerves during the preparation days.

 MCAT-Some more advice Fatima Qamar describes the way to get into KE even if you don't have four-digited marks in FSc.  

Myths & Facts about MCAT Muhammad Salik tells us how the “ You stupid lazy scums, none of you is going to clear the test. It’s not a child’s play. With your attitude your done with even F.Sc rather MCAT.”from the teachers or relatives didn't make up his give up his ambitiob because he never paid heed to the myths about MCAT.


MCAT guide by class of 2017Different people from different areas with different marks show us that anyone can make it to KE with passion and hardwork

For the future MCATIANs -Fighting your fears 

 Unsa Athar writes a comprehensive guide to MCAT discussing the ways to ace each portion of the test with ease and to fight your fears gracefully.


Failure in MCAT (or any exam) is not the end of the world!  "The 14 years of your academic life were perfect, with ups and downs though but no big tragedy. You were brilliant in matric, brilliant in Fsc and then, you just lose it all on one single day; the mcat day! I know how painful it is to match your carbon copy with the answer key and finding wrong answers every now and then.but you have to move on! You have to learn to change this failure into succes"-Unsa Athar

Dishing up MCAT vocab for you! Muhammad Tayyab Zia makes it easier for you to digest the MCAT vocabulary by dishing it up in paragrapghs hence making it palatable!

Guide to FSc & MCAT
“ENTRY TEST is a test of your information, knowledge,

Concepts, speed, IQ, EQ, RQ and confidence.” and Maryam Akbar explains us how to ace it

10 Steps to Ace MCAT  Aneeqa Javed gives you 10 simple tips to score well in the test. Just 10 to-the-point, practical steps!

Important Tips for MCAT

Best of Luck for MCAT
Only resolution and diligence can give

What   is   called    dignity    in   life

Until    never    let    hope    leave
                  You can get, What you can't believe 
 Maryam Shahid 

Getting yourself educated in the desi manner i.e. through the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is one of the top most challenges of today’s society. Matriculation seems difficult at that time, but when you enter FSc, you realize that matric was the easiest job in the world.  Those obese books of intermediate part I and part II are the worst enemies one can ever have. Read what Unsa Athar has to say how she fought and defeated the monstrous FSc.

Enduring the pre-med years Fatima Qamar tells you how to deal with the darkest of years in one's academic life with hope and positivity.

A Levels students: You can make it to KEMU
Whenever Zanira Ali told anyone about her plans and the fact that she was doing A Levels, people told me that she was wasting my time over something with 0.1% probability. She never gave up and now she is a kemcolian! "Let me tell you something today, if you can work with dedication and perseverance you are in for a surprise. Many of the topics in physics and chemistry are those which you have already done and a little Biology everyday will keep all the trouble away."

Guide to FSc & MCAT
Maryam Akbar did her F.Sc from KIPS COLLEGE and got 1st position in BISE Lahore by securing 1030/1100 marks. Currently student of 4th year MBBS at King Edward Medical University Lahore, she been delivering motivational lectures to intermediate students since 2010. Read what she's got to say to all the aspiring kemcolians out there. 


MCAT didnt go too well? Not to worry. Ayesha Mushtaq compiles a list of alternative but related career options instead. 

Choosing the path to glory.. KEMU AIMC or FJMC.. Done with MCAT but confused about the priority list now? Let Unsa Athar help you.

Road To Prestige...Choosing The Right Institution "There are many things seniors advise that you should keep in mind while giving preferences to a college including hostel, staff, attached hospital and its faculty, building, your hometown and other related things. In such cases, most of us follow trends. 
But that is not a thing I am talking about. My concern is the thing I mentioned in the start: YOUR GOAL." -Muhammad Usama


**[AsK]emunited: MCAT Q&A Session: Fill out the form to submit your queries.

Premed and FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative
For all your question/queries

/comments, email us 

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  4. Managing Organic chemistry
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  7. Attempting A Paper
  8. Preparing Techniques
  9. Getting 80%+ marks in FSc in 25 days

Study Tips/Guides

Having problems with your study schedule? Clueless regarding where to start and how to start? Puzzled on how to get in the studios/nerdy mode efficiently without risking much of your sanity?
Looking for a few tips every now and then that might help you through this gauntlet of studies?

Yes??? Then you are in the right place! Let Anosha Anwer help you!

Time Management! (A general analysis) Once, just once, go through the lives of great people like Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir Syed, and above all our own Holy Prophet (SAW) who happened to be the busiest of all with the tightest of schedules (I need not elaborate, we all know). Did those personalities ever crack down as to lick the dust at the hands of their reckless approach towards their mighty responsibilities? A big NO, it is. So learn how to manage your time in an effective manner by benefiting from the tips given by Syed Ahmed Raza.


  1. Thanks What a great info you have given us by your blog. I like it and will share it to my friends.


  3. aoa.... how to manage the organic chemistry ,,,, plz help me and also tell that is it necessary to make headings in long questions In bio, physics and chemistry ?... can we use black marker in papers or not??.. how we should learn English grammer.. ?

    1. use blue marker.
      practice alot for organic
      do all the chaps together when you have studied them ans make relations among reactions
      do the conversions again n again
      written practice for mechanisms
      yes headings are a must.. impression dalna hota hai
      english grammar is again all about practice

    2. bt agr paper pay likha ho k use only blue and black ...phir b kia black use nai krni chahiyay???

    3. According to paper instruction you can use your pen.

  4. can any kemcolian tell me the merit of k.e.m ???

    1. changes every year
      90.0039 last year

  5. GREAT posts.......Every a post of you is a gem stone

  6. I AM SO Tens for mcat ,,,, although i am in fsc part 2 .... i have got only 487/550 ,, marks ,,, so am so worried ,, what i should do ,,, how can i get rid of this fear plz advise me ....

  7. Aoa,i need to know if there is a second chance to improve FSC marks in lahore board? as i have availed one chance of improving marks i.e frm 860 to 933 marks and because i have my scores a bit low in o levels too, now i intend to imrove more marks so as to make my aggregate safer next year.kindly plz guide.

  8. aoa i am 2nd year student and appearing for nust net-1 mbbs 2013 on 22 december i have no idea of the pattern of entry test espacially english , there is no specified syllabus on the nust website also, i have not even completed 2nd year course yet . will questions from 2nd year book come in the test or not ?help if anyone of you has given NET nust?i m very worried................

  9. wat to do ? please tell me .. im completely lost..!! rona arha bs. when i started fsc1 this year in may . i was pretty much sure that ill put my all efforts..but now its december n im :( ending with nothing ... please help me :( kya karu ab ??? tym kam hai !! :'(

  10. A.O.A i am Ans khan i am very tensed about my F.Sc First year because i took admission in a govt. College after my 954 marks in matric not such a bad marks but please guide me what should be the common length of a short question of a science subject and here everycody says that the answer to the short question of english must be at least of three lines is that true?And can i make very much headings i mean every or two or three lines have their own headings so the headings could be 15 or aboveplease answer me i'll be thankful you all my life please help me ... b3b

    1. About 3/4th of the page ..(i am telling it pagewise :) Yes make headings but mostly in long questions..TRy to make diagrams where possible. Write the material of fsc books. Enough. Ask your mentors.

  11. Visit this website too for MCAT:

    1. plz plz plz can u give me some useful tips to get highest marks in fsc and some preparing techniques

  12. i am a repeater this year.i have to ask that should i join mcat session of kips from 20 jan 2014 or i should prepare for it at home?please tell's really urgent and iam quite tensed

  13. i am so worry and my preparation for 1st year exams is not good please tell me if i start my preparation now will i get good marks in first year fsc and i am not grasping the concepts of chemistry if i ratalize it will i get good marks

    1. aoa. listen to ace fsc is not much difficult. it takes some of ur hardwork and determination. when it comes to ratta or cramming the truth is that not only ratta or concepts can make u bound to get good marks. u need to get the full concepts of the topic, even if u have to take a day or so to understand, but then make sure u learn it and write down on a piece of paper. enough. moreover, if ur not good at ratta no big deal to write ditto of the text book but try to stick to the definition as they are; explanation can be written in some of your wording. dont worry insh Allah u'll do good. cheers

  14. a.o.a. Guys please help me out! I've done olevels so i find prob in rata and cramming. can i use my own words, not the whole but by using the key words? and from how many days before i should start my revision? is a month enough? one more last question: i haven't studied some of the last chp's of sciences so should i complete one subject and then move to another or i should do them simultaneously? thanks in anticipation.

  15. guys.. i m doing my olevels frm roots i-9 isb.. n hoping to go into fsc next year.. i need help n advice abt best fsc college in isb, m running out of my time, thts why i want suggestions asap.. pls i m hoping fr best marks in fsc n admission in KE,so kindly guide me towards best clg here.. thanku in advance.. :)

  16. Everybody I know is afraid that nothing will happen, dental staffing that the money won't be forthcoming. They can't parole people fast enough to solve the financial hickey.

  17. a.o.a, i have recently joined fsc and previously i was in O level . Things are turning pretty bad as i am unable to grasp what examination boar expects from me and what should be my strategy or things to be required.

  18. HELLO! I am currently a metric student. Can any kemolian can tell what should be score in mEtric (out of 1100) so that i should be in safe zone of getting into KEMU

  19. i have two things to say one is that what are the best books for practicing the physics and chemistry portion please tell only one of the books that is the most recommendable.secondly tell me about the grammar portion as well and recommend a book for it.thanks

  20. Yeah It's good I appreciate this article. I recommand it to my friends,I,ll be back here again and again . Visit our blog for more .

  21. good
    must work hard

  22. A.SLAM plz tell me which key book is useful for chem exercise[2nd year and 1st year also]

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    ECAT Entry Test

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  25. Should I learn the text word to word or should I write it in my own words? Which way would lead me to success?

    1. no,it is not necessary to learn word to word from textbook,but the material should be sufficient,focus on concepts and paper presentation

  26. plz give me some tips for final preparation of my exams of fsc part 1

  27. plz plz plz unsa athar give me some tips for revision to score best in fsc part 1,also suggest me some good mcq books for fsc part1 and past paper series,plz plz reply soon

  28. What do you think If one cannot score good marks in 1st year he should take the improvement paper of that subject next year or not ?

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