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[AsK]emUnited: Getting 80%+ marks in FSc in 25 days


Question 9: Getting 80%+ marks in FSc in 25 days

preparation both Part 1 and Part 2.

   Due to some personal reasons, I could not take my FSc. examinations on time. This year I am going for Composite Exam part 1 and 2 and then I’ll be taking MCAT. I feel depressed, I have listened to lectures, made notes but I don’t think I can make it. I need a methodology to study in 24-25 days for revision.
-Shairbaz Khosa. 


First things first, Depression is not going to help you with the anything. It will just make things worse. I know It's easy said then done but you have to be your own saviour. If you need something done you have to put all your energy in that and also you need to have the faith that whatever the outcome is, it is going to be the best for you. 
You have worked hard for the exams and it is now the time to make this final attempt to succeed. For revision in 20-25 days, I'll present a sample schedule which you can implement according to your priorities and examination.

Day 1-4 Chemistry 
Day 5 chemistry revision.
Day 6-8  biology 
Day 9 revision biology 
Day 10-11 English 
Day 12-15 physics 
16 physics revision 
17-19/20: Urdu + Pak.studies

In the revision days, solve the past papers and time yourself. Work on time management and paper presentation. Go through the key points,notes, numericals, high-yield topics. And keep your anxiety levels in check. The most important thing: PRAY. PRAY HARD. PRAY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. MAKE IT A 'DO-OR-DIE' SITUATION WHEN IT COMES TO PRAYERS. 
-Unsa Athar. 

For more details,  visit our PreMedical Section:

Few Words about [AsK]emUnited Premed Counselling Initiative..

KemUnited started a premed section not very long ago. We got an overwhelming response to it, within a short period of time. The KemUnited team felt that there was widespread ignorance about preparation techniques. Most of the students relied on hearsay from their nearest friends and seniors, which may have guided or misguided them depending on the caliber of that person.
This is our first step to give one-on-one advice.

How to ask a question:

Some points to keep in mind before you ask a question. Please keep in mind that the panel who will answer your questions are also students with limited amount of time.

  • Click here to go to premed tab of our blog. Go through all the articles given over there. YOU MUST ALSO READ THE COMMENTS as a question like yours might already have been asked and answered.
  • The question selected to be answered here will be one which most of the people can relate to and benefit from.
  • Give a brief description of your problem. At the end of your email, briefly enumerate your questions once again so that nothing remains unanswered.
  • Be nice and formal in your email. Do not rite like dis. Avoid using ch@t/$mS language. Use proper grammar, punctuation and correct spellings. If you cannot manage to do that, then please do yourself a favor and quit premed.
  • Email us at with the subject line "Ask kemunited"


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