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Happiness is ...

Well its an old saying that MONEY CAN NOT BUY HAPPINESS , well from the perspective I am going to show it is true :D Happiness is … : Calling your mom and asking about Dad One of these days I was calling my mom and I asked how’s Dad? What’s he up to haven’t talked to him in a couple of days , when I hung up the phone I realized I am a blessed child , I have both my parents alive and there for me , that’s a real blessing and that’s the real happiness Mama k hath ka khana when you go home after Long time well curse mess ka chef , they keep on making same food of same taste with same chicken everydaty 'day and night' , not thinking about taste buds and law of human taste sensitivity   when you go home mama k hath ka khana is a Bliss , its a DIVINE feeling and thats when you feel how blessed you are  Telling your siblings stupid secrets and knowing they won’t hate you for doing stupid stuff Siblings are a blessing , be it a 2am study-days tension

Kemunited's GIF Competition!

Hey there, peeps! Been through sports week? Cherished those DSLR pictures at LOH? Going through the grind of tests and wishing something could just come and make everything better? Well, we can't do that. After all, none of us has a genie under possession (no, I am not sharing my pet demon, he gets scared around people okay?) But what we can give you is a new and exciting challenge: KEMU's first ever GIF competition! For those of you living under a brick, here's what a GIF is: Also, first things first: it's pronounced JIF. Pronounce it with a hard "G", and I swear I will find you, and the consequences won't be good. Here for example, is a classic bromance dance GIF: Woh meri dunya hai maa! And another one. What a strike! This thumka isn't half bad either So by now, you have been introduced to the fairly amazing world of GIFs. So how to make a GIF? You can either use an online software, or take a


NORTH SURGERY WARD: UNIT I  MAYO HOSPITAL, LAHORE A DETAILED GLIMPSE           Chairman Prof Khalid Masood Gondal                                                                     (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) (Complied by Dr.Taroob Latif,  Unsa Athar,  Saad-ur-Rahman ) "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"    -   John Quincy The walls of North Surgical Department have nurtured the most capable surgeons of Lahore who have gone on to make us proud around the world. The legacy that it holds has set a solid example for everyone to witness. It is with great pride that we give you a glimpse inside the most revered ward of Mayo Hospital to date.                                            Photograph by KAINAT ZAFAR LAGHARI Mayo Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals of Lahore. It caters to one of the busiest populations of Pakistan with patients being referred to Mayo Hospital from all o
Sunday, March 19, 2017 5th Annual KELS and KEMUNITED Photo Captioning Contest 2017 Hey, there Kemcolians! Wanna have some quality of life? 'cause we are here to hone your intrinsic and latent abilities! Get ready  to demonstrate one of the talented aspect of your spectacular and multi skilled personality. Once again, this venerated institution brings to you , the coolest and the most fun event ever! Lets gear up to engage yourself in the love affair of your life!  Here is the best time to do it! Yes! " Your Photography Skills". So peeps, unpack your cameras and be ready to take exciting clicks! Whether you have DSLR or not. Utilize the real chance to appreciate iPHONE 7' s photos! Just follow our rules and your passion. Come out of darkness. Show liveliness of your neurons and procure something interesting in any ordinary thing. Set up a platform you use to visualize. Be a celeb of your own skills. Your participation can give you reco