Kemunited's GIF Competition!

Hey there, peeps!

Been through sports week? Cherished those DSLR pictures at LOH? Going through the grind of tests and wishing something could just come and make everything better?

Well, we can't do that. After all, none of us has a genie under possession (no, I am not sharing my pet demon, he gets scared around people okay?)

But what we can give you is a new and exciting challenge: KEMU's first ever GIF competition!

For those of you living under a brick, here's what a GIF is:

Also, first things first: it's pronounced JIF.

Pronounce it with a hard "G", and I swear I will find you, and the consequences won't be good.

Here for example, is a classic bromance dance GIF:

Woh meri dunya hai maa!

And another one. What a strike!

This thumka isn't half bad either

So by now, you have been introduced to the fairly amazing world of GIFs.

So how to make a GIF? You can either use an online software, or take a "Continuous Shot" from your camera and animate that later.

Here, now, are the rules and guidelines for the competition:

--> GIFs must be original. Copying from the internet is not cool. Also, GIFs that display some aspect of Kemlife, like the ones given up will be preferred.

--> There are two categories: GIFs with captions and GIFs without captions. If you are an angraizi-daan, let us know through your captions.

--> Deadline is 5th April 2017.

--> You can send submissions to

--> Prizes! Here's the fun part: we will give you a traditional trophy and certificate and whatnot, but winners of the competition will be presented with a "GIF Keyboard" with the best GIFs from the competition.

So head out! Grab a camera, grab some friends, and get going!

Ghareebon ka "Robin Hood"


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