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KemComics Fiesta Season 2

KAPS and KemUnited present KAPS KemComics Fiesta 2013 Season 2 After immense popularity of the  KemComics Fiesta by KAPS & KemUnited  and the  KemComics album  on KemUnited facebook page, we are back with another funfilled season ! Make a funny comic depicting the theme : '' Oppa Kemcolian Style ! ''  Email it to before  14th March 2013. Voting will commence from  15th  March 2013 on KemUnited facebook page for 1 week. Final results after 1 week of voting will be announced on 22nd March. Winner will get a trophy at KAPS video competition and every participant will get Certificates. Rules :- 1) A person can submit multiple entries 2) Photos will be judged on the following criteria: 50%: By Judges based on Creativity, humor and editing quality 50%: The number of "Likes" a photo gets on KemUnited facebook page 3) The Organizers of the competition reserve the right to reject any entry found to be offe

The Art of Making a CV

Be innovative, fresh and ideal. As future doctors we have to apply to numerous programs, observerships, electives and whatnot. A CV is like a weapon for us. A good CV can do wonders since most of the universities abroad offering programs for immigrants narrow students down to their CVs. What is important is that a commendable CV cannot be formulated over night. It’s best to begin early and update it every now and chronologically then to crowd all your achievements in one go. NEVER state an untruth to look impressive in your CV, it may be overlooked when you are applying for a measly society but it won’t go unexplored on a bigger forum.  As it is said : “it is best to boast about stuff you have a photograph of”. Three things to keep in mind: 1.        Keep it simple. 2.        Keep it concise.

Random reflections on factors that hinder proper surgical training in Pakistan with some material which young trainees might find useful - By Prof. Syed Zafar Haider

Random reflections on factors that hinder proper surgical training in Pakistan with some material which young trainees might find useful - By Prof. Syed Zafar Haider Below are the scanned images of a small publication handed over to me by Prof. Khwaja Azeem. He enthusiastically showed to us (his final year students) what his mentor, Prof. Syed Zafar Haider had sent to him. He always spoke highly of him and after we went through his words in the following pages, our respect for him reached even greater heights. I asked Prof. Khwaja Azeem to allow me to share these golden words with everyone. Special thanks to him. 

Students at KEMU

by Syeda Kanza Afzal 1st Year MBBS Comic Credits : Unsa Athar Almost two months have passed since I first entered the world of K.E. A whole whirlpool of things has happened since. From Oath-taking to ragging, from the KAPS society to the KEDS, from the Kemcolian stickers to the hoodies, and finally from sub stages and tests to the Welcome party! (Hurrah! :D) All the moments spent at K.E gradually become sweet memories that hum along as we keep busy in the monotony of life. Anyhow, in the past two months, I have discovered that not all the students of my class are the same; they show much diversity! So here I am, trying to sum up what I feel should be the classification of students; and this, I am sure, is not only applicable to the first years but the seniors as well.  1) Full-Time Theetas:  This category of the students is most often found in the first three rows of the lecture theater. Noting down every single word of the lecture, they nod and shake their heads at the a

Abdomen & Pelvis Anatomy Spots Labelled

Abdomen & Pelvis Anatomy Spots Labelled Gross Anatomy of Spleen (Dissected Specimen) Gross Anatomy of Spleen (Dissected Specimen) Gross Anatomy of Spleen (Dissected Specimen)

K.E. At A Close-Up

by    Huda Iftikhar ( 1st Year, MBBS) Its been almost two months in K.e for us frist years by now and already it seems like our second home! Like it or not, It pervades our life.           We are still learning how to survive in this cruel world; full of threatening substages, spottings and tests. Every new substage seems like a bombshell and the recent spotting has proven to be the 'icing on the cake' (as the result will soon prove ;))! Who could have thought that one minute can be soooo small!!! To top it all, even the much- much-awaited sports week and welcome party alternate with physio test and stage:( Thats fun for you!!!          In this regard, I have to mention the superb seniors, who console us after our pathetic spotting: "kuch nhi hota, hmari bari me saari class fail thi"! Honestly, seniors are the greatest asset for the freshmen. With their slogan of "bus chill kro, tension nhi leni", as well as golden advice from past 'experience&#

Anatomy Learning Center Models Labelled

Anatomy Learning Center Models Labelled (2nd year): These may not be important for spotting but these are important from viva point of view. Dr.Rafia ask from them during viva. Anatomy of Larynx on labelled model

Laptop distribution ceremony

LapToP ShahBaz Da..!! A short review of the ceremony by KHAWAR  SANA PHOTO CREDITS: ( Naurez Qasim, Abdul Rafay, Awais Raza ) 2nd February, 2013 was the day when 1st year along with some seniors of 2nd round were to get LAPTOPS, gift (merit ki Jeet :D) from Mian Shehbaz Shareef.

Enduring the pre-med years

Enduring the pre-med years by Fatima Qamar “Beta yehe dou saal hain mehnat ke matric pe. Baad me phir sab asaan ho jata hai!”  You nod innocently believing it to be the last of your 8 year struggle with books previously. 2 years seem harmless right? I mean after all, its just ending finally. (finally!) It really is easy to believe because its pretty early for the big bad truth to set in yet - that growing up is NOT easy! Two years pass. You plan for the ultimate breezing-through college like a piece of cake. But…. waaaaahaaat?! Academy? AGAIN?! Wait there’s more. There is a thing called entry test too? ANOTHER two years to the previous two?! You nod again. Bitterly this time.Kahen tou aa jaega sakoon. You hope to the fullest.  So, prolly, most of you poor souls are still “latkay huwe”. In the hope to see the light of the day that has been blocked by the stacks of books, notes, key books, objective series, past papers and what not!

"Getting candid with the man behind it all."

"Getting candid with the man behind it all ." Interview by Amna Khalil and Fazila Gondal Behind the antiquity, the grandeur, the magnificence of King Edward is a man , with a shabby smile and teeth of gold. He is, in some twisted manner, the reason for our being.  He is the reason a few gluttonous of us have the courage to get out of bed in the morning and come to university. What he does, what he creates, out of his ashen hands is the stuff of chubby dreams , the ultimatum of all seductive temptations we have to curb. Yes, we are talking about none other than our very own “Guddu Uncle”. Uncle, can we ask you a little about yourself, like an interview? “Baji,  Aap mujhey btadein kia kehna hai. Aaj se pehley kabhi kuch aisa kia nahi” So what does your NIC card read, “Guddu”? (smiles) My real name is Zulfiqar. So why “Guddu”? “ Jab se hosh sambhala hai, guddu hi suna hai ”