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The Celebs of KE - Interviews 1.  Behind the Curtains Session 6 - Dr. Attya Mubarik Ex Prof Anatomy T he commander of the biggest fan following in KE and the most popular Professor of Anatomy to date, Dr. Attya Mubarik SPEAKS HER HEART OUT (Literally!)  2. Behind The Curtains Session 5 - Dr. M. Zahid Prof of Pharmacology The Gold Medalist of Pharma quietly talks about his life over a cup of tea. 3. Behind the Curtains Session 4 - Dr. Rafea Tafweez Prof of Anatomy The Ring Leader of the biggest Dept of KE, read here about her personal and professional journey. 4. Behind the Curtains Session 3 - Dr. Kamran Aziz Ex-Prof Biochemistry The elegant former Biochem Genius has alot to say on the current and past affairs. 5. Behind the Curtains Session 2 - The Legendary Anwar Kala Humble and blushing, Anwar Kala tells us the origin of "Daaksaab Chai Paani?!" 6. Behind the Curtains Session 1 - Pro VC & Prof Ophthalmology As lovable as he appears to be, see how the shy Dr. Asad giv

MCAT 2014 ADMISSION SCHEDULE: Dates to remember

Attention MCATians!

Pathology Viva & Practical

Pathology Major Viva

Pharmacology Viva & Ospe

Pharma major viva

Forensic Viva & Spotting

Toxicology Viva

Pharma Instruments by Nida Rauf (Batch 2010-2015)


Pharma Specimens by Nida Rauf (Batch 2010-2015)


KE - Through a Minion's Eyes

Maryam Ayub 3rd Year        In KE there it is commonly thought that there are two groups of Kemcolians . One are the prof.  toppers and distinction holders (commonly known as theetas) and the other are the society people.  About a hundred students which run and own the social aspects of Kemcolian life. Both groups consider themselves the face of KE. But between these two Groups in an ocean of obscurity are the majority of students who fall in neither category. These are the people who have participated in atleast a couple of events over the years and are inactive members of atleast one society.

General histology


استدعا صبح صادق۔۔درختوں کی اوٹ سے نکلتا خوشآب سورج۔۔ ننھی منھی کلیوں 

Histology of Skin

Joints articulations


[AsK]emUnited Question 6: MCAT and FSc prep

[AsK]emUnited Premed/FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative. Question 6: A-level books for MCAT? a. Is there a need to go through Alevel books for MCAT prep? b. Should I prepare for MCAT along with my 2nd year?

Lower Limb

Lymphoid Organs

Connective Tissue

Muscle Tissue 2

Circulatory System


Nervous Tissue

Appendicular Muscles

Muscle Tissue

Surface Anatomy


Lymph Node Anatomy

Cell Junctions

2013 Past papers (Prof and Sendups)!


Memoir of a Kemcolian

"The ultimate mystery of life is one’s own self." (Rabbit) Memoir of a Kemcolian: We sat innocently in the Kemcaana lab reading for our Physiology test. I was deep in thought about the fetal distress syndrome when suddenly the man named Rashid descended upon us. “ Are you currently using the computer?” he said. We looked up into his angry face and replied honestly: “No.” “Then please vacate these seats immediately.”  
General Anatomy--Intro & Integumentary System Cell Junctions Ossification Lymph Node Anatomy Surface Anatomy Muscle Tissue Appendicular Muscles Nervous Tissue Circulation Circulatory System Muscle Tissue 2  Connective Tissue Lymphoid Organs Lower Limb Joints  Joint Articulations General Histology Histology of Skin  
Lipids Lecture Slides B-Chem Labs Made Easy! (Instant B-Chem Practicals by Muhammad Salik)
RBC Indices& Anemia Functions of T Lymphocytes Neurone Basics
Referred Pain Encoding of Frequency& Volley Principle Encoding of Auditory Information Bitemporal Heteronymous Hemianopia Short Bowel Syndrome,Steatorrhea and Vitamin B 12 Injections

[AsK]emUnited Question 5: Study schedule for FSc

[AsK]emUnited Premed/FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative.   Question 5: What time table can make me ace FSc? can you suggest me a good time table to study? plus I keep on forgetting whatever I learn. Its really hard for me to grasp science subjects.

[AsK]emUnited Question 4: Learning organic chemistry

[AsK]emUnited Premed/FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative. Question 4: Best way to learn organic chemistry? Should I learn the organic chemistry equations from the book or can I simplify them? Can I use english stanzas in Urdu tashreeh and vice versa?

USMLE Step 2 CK experience by Rizwan Khan (254)

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST BENEFICENT AND MERCIFUL      I recently got done with Step 2 CK exam & I want to elaborate my experience and the mistakes that I made during my prep so that any of my colleagues who are preparing for this exam might benefit from them. I wont go much in detail about how to prepare and where to prepare from since it is already highly debated on the forum and in the previous posts but would focus more on my personal experience and the bad choices which I made during the preparation phase. SELF-ASSESSMENTS AND QBANKS Uworld 74% Kaplan Qbank 69% Kaplan diagnostics  = 80% (70 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 1 = 71% (50 days before exam) Kaplan Simulation Exam 2 = 76%  (40 days before exam) Fred simulation for CK = 84% (39 days before exam) NBME 2 (offline) 21 mistakes (30 days before exam) NBME 4   =    263 (13 days before exam) UWSA =  259 (2 days before exam) Real exam = 254

KYA JURM HUA HAI کیا جرم ہوا ہے

"کیا جرم ہوا ہے" کشمیر، فلسطیں، بوسنیا اور غزا ہے امت پہ پهر آ کے کٹهن وقت پڑا ہے بارود میں خوں سے معطر یہ فضا ہے اک کتاب، اک نبی(ص)، سب کا اک خدا ہے دیکهو تو لہو پهر بهی یاں کتنوں کا بہا ہے چڑهتے نہیں ہو آفتاب،  کیا جرم ہوا ہے!

MCAT Preparation in 15 Days ! Medical College Admission Test Experience

MCAT in 15 Days ! Medical College Admission Test  Experience (The following info pertains to MCAT 2010 when the new govt resolved to terminate the monopoly of MCAT mafia aka academies by conducting the test immediately after FSc exams ) This isn’t some academy advertise offering money back guarantee or a magical guide book enclosing spells to defeat the MCAT monster in emergency mode. It’s just a simple story of how I prepared for the MCAT in about 15 days, got a 90% and made it to KE. (Along with those other 300 brilliant minds) Never thought I’d be sharing my experience 4 years after the exam because it was expected that all the upcoming batches will be facing the same fate and this mystery called MCAT will solve for good but it turned out that we were the only ones to have faced the worst. Hope this experience somehow helps the kids who are appearing for MCAT next month and are freaking out already.

Book Review: The Cuckoo's Calling

-Unsa Athar - published in US magazine, The News I saw this post on Readings Book Store Facebook page about a crime fiction novel written by JK Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith and since I am done with my FSc and am allowed now to buy and read novels, I got all excited about it - like I had been about the last HP book before its release. Hence, when The Cuckoo’s Calling came out I bought it instantly, despite the eye-popping price, and spent my send-ups prep leaves reading it and had to deal with the disastrous consequences later!

Gaming on HP Notebook 1000: The Shahbaz Sharif Laptop

A Review of Great Games By: Muhammad Salik It’s Ramadan with a topping of Prof Season’s Special Prep Leaves. And for the Kewl people of 2 nd year who just got there Profs extended THIRTY DAYS beyond the expected date, everybody is in an existential crisis about what to do next, after watching all these movies in IMDB top 250 Movies list and going through all the 9 + TV series by staying awake tirelessly through the nights, staring at our mighty Shahbaz Shaarif Laptop without even blinking, some of us have now run out of things to do. And some of us just like to live dangerously and try new dangerous things. So guys here's the good news, and by GUYS I mean GUYS because I don’t think any girl would be interested in anything written beyond this. I’ve written this blog about all the cool games you can play and enjoy and I say ENJOY because I made this list while keeping in mind your Shahbaz Shaarif Laptops system Info and testing all of them myself (i.e on an average cheap

KemUnited E-library Introducing: KemBooks !

By~Romesa Qaiser Khan The trending and most beloved medical university blog of all times, KemUnited strives to bring everything to their readers that they possibly can. Whether it be academic help, event reviews, lecture slides or anecdotes on kemlife, we're always one step ahead in giving our best. And in line with that philosophy, here comes our latest innovation:  *drumroll* THE KEMBOOKS  !! in KEMUNITED E-LIBRARY

Unofficial Societies at KEMU (part 2)

Unofficial societies at KEMU (part 2) lubaba mukhtar 1st year It took me some digging and research but at last I found out the remaining unofficial societies of the KEMU underworld. King Edward Evils’ Society (KEES):   The members of this society are honest, diligent, disciplined, never giving up, work loving students and people who fulfill their duties with integrity (they’re like wood peckers, always busy with their beaks pecking something). They’re found in lecture theatres; if you can’t seem to locate them, start looking at faces hidden behind books. Their weapons are their notebooks and pens, always with them. These deadly weapons are used to hypnotize the irregular and indisciplined fellow students into believing that they’re useless (I don’t doubt they are, but making them realize this: that’s awfully cruel).    STOP YAWNING, YOU’RE DESTROYING THE PEACE OF THIS CLASS!!!

What We Do In KE: Ramadan Special

  Thou shalt relate to this How we are spending our summer vacation: How the day starts:

MBBS/BDS Admissions Session 2014-15: Notice for Preparation of Documents

MBBS/BDS Admissions Session 2014-15 Notice for Preparation of Documents It is announced for the information of all concerned that the process of admission to public sector medical / dental colleges of the Punjab will start in July this year and the Entrance Test is expected to be held in August 2014. Prospective candidates are advised to ensure the availability of the following documents at the time of submission of application:  (1) Attested copy of Domicile Certificate of the candidate. No other document shall be acceptable in lieu of domicile of the candidate. (2) Attested copy of Secondary School Certificate or result card of matriculation examination. (3) The candidate who have appeared in HSSC (pre-medical) Part II or equivalent examination this year and are waiting for their result, will submit a Hope Certificate issued by the head of their educational institute/college to appear in the entrance test. (4) Eight (08) recent colour photographs of the ca

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

By Lubaba mukhtar 1st year We can’t ever understand or feel what a cancer patient goes through; we can only imagine; and when I read “the fault in our stars” by john green; I felt like all the people in the clutches of this monster in this novel seemed to say:

Book Review: Darbaar-e-dil by Umera Ahmed

By Lubaba mukhtar 1st year It’s an Umera Ahmed novel so many of you must have already read it, but I thought it’s such a teaching piece of literature that it should be farther recommended to those who haven’t yet had the privilege of reading it. It’s a must read for girls especially of ages 14-18; even if you’re older than this; I think it can still teach any lass a lot. It’s a story laying emphasis on the beautiful fact that there is no one who loves us more than our Lord. It’s a story of the strength of prayer, it’s a story of the foolishness of “ashraf-ul-makhlookat”. It’s a story of bending our destiny, changing our fate by the strength of prayer. It’s a story teaching us that:

1st Year MCQs Physiology


1st Year MBBS Biochemistry MCQs


Syllabus of MCAT-Medical / Dental Colleges Entrance Test 2014

>Syllabus of MCAT-Medical Colleges Admission Test/ Medical / Dental Colleges Entrance Test 2014 in Punjab As announced by UHS-University of Health Sciences, Punjab. >Structure of Entrance Test Paper 2014 >Marks Division >Vocabulary List >Self-test questions

Lecture Slides; Medicine: RA


Lecture Slides; Medicine: SLE


Lecture Slides; TB & CD: LUNG CANCER



Courtesy:Syed Ahmad Raza

MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Physiology

Courtesy: Syed Ahmad Raza

MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Biochemistry

Courtesy: Syed Ahmad Raza

MCQS- 2ND YEAR M.B.B.S. Anatomy

Courtesy: Syed Ahmad Raza

Pharmacology Important Topics

All Classification Tables are Important . (MINI KATZUNG ) ANS : ·          Chap 6 : Cholinergic/Adrenergic Transmission ,Cholinoceptors. ·          Chap 7 : Tissue and Organ Effects, Table 7-3 ·          Chap 8: Pharmacokinetics of Muscuranic Antagonists, It’s Effects, Contraindications, Cholinesterase Regenerators, Trimethaphan ·          Chap 9: M.O.A, Effects on CNS , Eye, Vascular System and Heart ,Table 9-1, Clinical Uses in CVS ,bronchi and genitourinary tract. ·          Chap 10: Pharmacokinetics, effects,table 10-2.

3rd year Send Up Past Papers 2013