Forensic Viva & Spotting

Toxicology Viva

 18th Nov
 Sir Khalid pehly apka name cast puchty aur roll no.phr internal assessment  py bisti kartay.
 usky baad sir arif questions start kartay...  Define Atropinsation? What is mechanism of Atropine? Kis ka antagonist ae. Kis poisoning mai use hta.give its route of administration and dose in organophosphate poisoning.   What is BAL? its mechanism.kis ki poisoning mai use hta. sulphahydryl groups kahan htay body mai.knsa knsa poison insy bind karta. What is Apomorphine.its action.Morphine ka MOA and classification. Hazards of Apomorphine emesis. Aur emesis mai kn knsay electrolyte lose htay..... 
       ALKALIS MOA ( its effect on HB which ) it forms ALKALINE HB
       ARSENIC EFFECTS ON SKIN + Mech. of death in Arsenic Poisoning 

Clasify irritants->(Fourth type: Corrosives might also act as irritants in dil. quanity).... HCN poisining MOA, Antidote(dnt try to mention its moa or u ll repent :P), pm findings..... Vitriolage n term applied on it under Qisas n diyat ordinance... Makng nut M/L significnce, diff bten true n artificail bruise.... Xanthoproteac reaction, carboluria, wat is toxalbumin moa hw it wl cause lysis? Lathyrism, moa of CO, opium fatal dose, antidote.....
Difference between fatal dose and lethal dose?..ant-abuse (dilsulfuram)..idoinism..brominism..idiosyncrasy..Classify war gases..what is Automatism?

 19 nov
Classify corrosives , Irritants ( do mention the 4th type tht is what he wants to listen ) , cardiac poisons , Digitalis antidotes , nicotine antidotes , Fatal dose of LSD  

20th nov..
ViVA..Sir Arif was alone...methanol metabolites,treatmnt(Hw wl u prevent toxicty frm already formd formic acid?).. MOA ov Cu,chelating agents fr Cu n their MOA n Route?..Arsenic MOA? name any -SH cntaining enzyme, WHY ARSENIC GOES TO NAIL BONE N HAIR ( protiens like Keratin there hv -SH so Arsenc binds..same goes for MEE's Line formation)..Toxalbumn? how it causes lysis??(is Antigenic so complemnt activation, MAC formation which causes lysis by pore fomation)
What is Blue Vitriol?
What is White Vitriol?
iron blood test's

23rd Nov
Sir Arif
what is succimer?? (dimercaptosuccinic acid - chelating agent used in acute lead poisoning to remove excess lead)
what is dimercprol?
why its is called BAL? dose?
by looking at body how can u identify poisoning? (diff lividities..)
subendocardial petechial hemorrhage kis case mein hota hai?
leathery appearance stomach ki kis case mein hoti hai?
red velvet kis case mein hoti hai?

Toxicology Spotting

20th nov
Questions abt M/L imp(aconite,tobbaco),name 2(cardiac poisons,hallucinognz,addction drugs), name mydriatics n miotics,Antidote n route ov admns(Arsenic),Postmrtm Imbibition,prnciple ov Renisch tst

23rd Nov
1. oleander... name other two cardiac poisons?
2. aconite... active principle? M/L imp
3. capsicum fruit... points of identification
4. mercury... mechanism of action, antidote?
5. dhatura fruit... active principle
6. abrus precatorius... M/L imp
7. opium... what is drug dependance?
8. arsenic crystals... 2 features of chronic poisoning?
9. nux vomica... fatal dose? M/L imp
10. separating funnel... principe of stas-Ottos process?

 Forensic Medicine Viva

18th Nov (Only External took  viva)
 Questions Define Death.. Define Brain Death.M/L Significance.. Asphyxia. Differentiate Between Asphyxia & Anoxia. Non Specific Signs.. Limitations Of Petechial Hemmorhages.. Define Autopsy. How Will You Differentiate Between A Lacerated Wound & Incised Wound.. Difference Between Incised & Stab Wound.. Why Color Change Occur In Bruise.. Part Of The Body Where Bruise Is FOrmed But There's No Color Change .. (I Didnt Knw The Answer.. Thought If Its Antemortum Bruise, But Sir Said Particular Part Of The Body.. Name It..  Difference Between Maceration & PutrefactiOn.. Define Shajja.. McNaughton's Rule.. Do The Definitions Properly,Guyz..

19 Nov
Internal (associate prof. ) took the viva of half batch will you examine cranial cavity  2. what are types of cranial hemorrhages  3. how will establish P.I frm a teeth 4. wht is mental fitness .  5. whole chapter of asphyxia 6. Dry drowning  7. exit wound  8. privileged communication 9. tattoo concealment and its M/L importance. 10. Imp of mandible in age determination 11. Firearms 12. Def. of injuries (shajjah etc)

22nd Nov (associate professor)
what is professional misconduct?
indecent assault?
what is lucid interval?
how a doctor declares one's lucid interval?
autopsy findings in case of lightening?
shajjah munaqqilah?
tail-wag effect? n its effect on the body?

Forensic Medicine Spotting

1. chicken RBCs... enumerate chemicat tests for blood stains?
2. wool fibre... 2 points of identification?
3. male mandible... sex determination, point of identification, Chinese have Mesencephalic skull.. true or false?
4. radiograph (clavicle >22 yrs)... M/L imp of this age?
5. spectroscope... use? difference btw OxyHb n Reduced HB absorption spectrum?
6. Piece of hand grenade
7. Bowel Scissor... use?
8. Self-inflicted wound... Features? M/L imp under Qisas n Diyat?
9. firearm exit wound... mode n cause of death? feature that supports your opinion?
10. Scalds... features?

2 Microscopes.. 1.  Slide Of Human Hair.. & 2.Human RBCs.. 2 Identification Points For Each.. 3.Radiograph.. 4. Sacrum For Determination Of Sex.. 5.Gun Powder.. 6.Cartilage Cutter.. 7.Model Of Adipocere fOrmation.. 8.Model Of Electric Burn.. 9.Rectal Thermometer & iTs Use.. 10.Model Of Scalds & M/L Significance


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