KemUnited E-library Introducing: KemBooks !

By~Romesa Qaiser Khan

The trending and most beloved medical university blog of all times, KemUnited strives to bring everything to their readers that they possibly can. Whether it be academic help, event reviews, lecture slides or anecdotes on kemlife, we're always one step ahead in giving our best. And in line with that philosophy, here comes our latest innovation:  *drumroll* THE KEMBOOKS !!

We present to you a handpicked collection of the best and the latest, the old and the beloved, the underdogs and the bestsellers, the critically acclaimed and the universally admired ebooks you simply can't find conveniently elsewhere. With constant updates and possible addition of comic books to the collection as well, here's a small preview of what we're offering:

-The Song of Ice and Fire series
-The Hunger Games series
-The Inheritance saga
-Hannibal series
-The Millennium trilogy
-The Lord of the Rings trilogy
-City of Bones series
-Stephen King's complete works
-The complete Jack Reacher series
- John Greene's complete works
-Sidney Sheldon's complete works
-Jodi picoult's complete works
-Paulo Coelho's complete works
-Chuck Palanhuik's (author of fight club) complete works
-Robin Cook's complete medical mysteries series
-Classic Literature from authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway etc
-Modern day bestsellers like The Mountains Echoed, Inferno, The Casual Vacancy etc

And tonnes more. As avid readers will realize, it simply doesnt get better than this. We give you bibliophiles the seventh heaven of literature. ^_^
 Feedback will be much appreciated and books you request will be uploaded as well. So sit back and enjoy. Go to
Read as much as you want without any hassle and live hundreds of different stories.


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