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 Question 5: What time table can make me ace FSc?
can you suggest me a good time table to study? plus I keep on forgetting whatever I learn. Its really hard for me to grasp science subjects.

Time table is one of the things unique to every person. The schedule that suits my life style and studying habits might not turn out good for you. So first figure out what suits you. Is it easier for you to study under the sun in daylight or during the night when everybody at your place is asleep. The study hours again depend on you.
If you can sit for an hour or so and study tik k or you like taking mini breaks every half hour. Make a time table that best suits you. The things to be kept in mind while making a time table are:
1. Make sure you stick to it and finish the daily target.
2. Give maximum hours of your day to study.
3. Never compromise your sleep hours unless it is really really important to keep awake.
4. It is advisable to take mini breaks after an hour or so.
5. Set priorites; do the weak subjects first.
6. Remove all possible distractions while studying.
7. Your time table should be flexible. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Take it easy. 
To grasp science subjects, you need a good teacher and full concentration. Try to understand the basics first then go for the learning. Draw diagrams. Search the net for animations. Ask questions. Discuss with peers. To memorize stuff write it! Rewrite it! Rerewrite! Make some one at home/college listen the sabaq from you. Or another way that I love is to learn a topic and present it to an empty room as if you are delivering a lecture as a teacher (you have to cover each point for your invisible students :D )
Good luck!

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