Memoir of a Kemcolian

"The ultimate mystery of life is one’s own self." (Rabbit)

Memoir of a Kemcolian:

We sat innocently in the Kemcaana lab reading for our Physiology test. I was deep in thought about the fetal distress syndrome when suddenly the man named Rashid descended upon us. “ Are you currently using the computer?” he said. We looked up into his angry face and replied honestly: “No.” “Then please vacate these seats immediately.”


The two of us, poor souls were left wondering what to do as Mr. Rashid went around the lab to scold other students out of their seats. The blistering heat of June implied upon us that we should stay seated in the air-conditioned zone of Kemcaana. Thereupon, we decided that we would do exactly what the man asked us to do – use the computer!!!

We switched on the computer in front of us only to be disappointed that the net was again as usual disconnected. I opened a few files randomly, one was a scan of an “ijazat nama” (permission letter) in Urdu, and while we sat reading it in hushed excited tones, the man next to us looked three to four times in our direction. We felt awkward, we had not even touched his mini-laptop that he was working on, and yet he felt it his obligation to stare us down.

Anyways, I then opened a thesis on pain-killer drugs, and closed it quickly enough. Finally we came upon a document titled “Rabbit.” But to our sheer disappointment (again) there was only a quote which ended with the name Rabbit. It was then, with nothing to do on our minds than sit in Kemcaana, I began writing this story. So the title/quote is somebody else’s but the story is ours. And here I am, ending this story while my friend continues to read and laugh at my idleness once a minute.

That’s all folks.

- Syeda Kanza Afzal (and Shireen Farrukh aka the friend) :

2nd Year.


  1. Muhammad Talha ShabbirJuly 18, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    next time just mention my name in front of Rashid will work :)


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