Gaming on HP Notebook 1000: The Shahbaz Sharif Laptop

A Review of Great Games

By: Muhammad Salik

It’s Ramadan with a topping of Prof Season’s Special Prep Leaves. And for the Kewl people of 2nd year who just got there Profs extended THIRTY DAYS beyond the expected date, everybody is in an existential crisis about what to do next, after watching all these movies in IMDB top 250 Movies list and going through all the 9 + TV series by staying awake tirelessly through the nights, staring at our mighty Shahbaz Shaarif Laptop without even blinking, some of us have now run out of things to do. And some of us just like to live dangerously and try new dangerous things. So guys here's the good news, and by GUYS I mean GUYS because I don’t think any girl would be interested in anything written beyond this. I’ve written this blog about all the cool games you can play and enjoy and I say ENJOY because I made this list while keeping in mind your Shahbaz Shaarif Laptops system Info and testing all of them myself (i.e on an average cheap laptop).  So what this means in the simple terms is that these games will run great on your systems and you’ll enjoys endless hours of game-play and you’ll forget all your hunger and stress and time will fly past you. It’s like the NERD drug, now mind it, Theeta’s are the evolved nerd’s who have dedicated their life to books and only THE books that are in their academic course, so thats the difference between a nerd and a theta. Nerd’s a cool term now-a-days, they too like to live dangerously. Whatever now let’s begin the Countdown.

Disclaimer: Anybody who’s got an allergy to Video Games and has never enjoyed playing GTA on their Big Heavy Table Top Metal Box called a PC can stop reading this right now. I really feel sorry for you guys because I don’t think that you've got the right receptors in your brains to enjoy these thing. And practically it’s a waste of time to play video games so do whatever you enjoy doing.  Good Luck.

So in this blog I have a list of Top 15+1 PC games that I have played on this laptop (almost all of these games are also available on PlayStation and X-Box as well):

First/Third Person Shooter:
1 1.       Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1
2 2.       Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
3 3.       Resident Evil 4
4 4.       Crysis
5 5.       Gear of War
6 6.       Fear 2
7 7.       Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Action/Adventure, Hack n Slash:
1 1.       Assassin’s Creed Series
2 2.       Devil May Cry 4
3 3.       Devil May Cry ( DmC Reboot)
4 4.       Darksiders
Car Racing:
1 1.       Burnout Paradise
2 2.       Need for speed Most Wanted
3 3.       Blur
Puzzle/Mind Games:
1 1.       Limbo (+1)
2 2.       Mirror’s Edge

So without any further ado let’s start the reviews.

First/Third Person Shooter Category:
Every Gamer know what this category means but still these games are the games with Guns and Grenades and stuff and you have to either save the world or better yet save yourself and sometimes your girlfriend too.
So in short the people who like Counter-strike, played Doom when they were kids are definitely gonna love these games.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare:
It’s a great FPS game. Graphics are great. Story is even better. It’s got lots of different Guns and stuff, lots of different environments from tundra to deserts. Works really well on HP 1000 Notebook that happens to be our Shahbaz Shaarif Laptop (Now I know why he wrote his name on the laptops).
Each game in the series has kind of its own different main story and a small linking story which links it to the other games in the series. The game is based on Military Ops in which you’re the guy leading the team. You’ve got action, great game-play, cool characters and even a nice little touch of dirty politics and nuclear missiles so it’s a complete package, you even get to fire heavy missiles from an automatic computer controlled bomber jet, yeah I know how cool it is.
That baby on the right in not just for show, you get to shoot down helicopters with this, now that's when we say "Hell Yeah".

Resident Evil 4:
Everybody has watched the famous Resident evil Movies, the first one was really good while the others were just ‘Meh’. So the game doesn’t follow the Movie’s story, yeah I mentioned the movies just to praise the first one and degrade the others. So the game actually has its own story which is kindda cool. You’ve got cool guns which upgrade while you progress through the game, more cool guns come and go. Nice and interesting puzzles and a very gothic environment which fits really well with the zombie theme. Plus you get to know how and why the zombies were made, that’s a treat. It’s definitely the Best Shooter game I’ve  ever played. And nobody can deny the fun in blowing a Zombies brains out, so guys without being a sadist any further I’ll urge you to play this game, it’s one of the best this generation has to offer.
And that's the Girlfriend I was talking about!!!


A new game, with modern tech. You’re a soldier with a high tech suit which enables you to do some super-human stuff for some time.
Plus you can wear this on Halloween too, the 'insect suit' they call it... or the Nanosuit if you prefer
You’re actually on a mission investigating about an alien constructed structure discovered by North Koreans and then suddenly you get to know that things are not what they seem, you soon realize that it’s not just a simple investigation mission and that the structure is not just some structure, it’s big and it’s ugly and it wants everybody dead.
I think that laser light is disturbing that Giant Peaceful Spider
So you get to kick some North Korean ass as well as some Extra-terrestrial ass so that ought to feel good. A nice game, loved the sniper in the game. You’ll enjoy it. The game earned quite some awards.

Gear of War:
The world's burning, there's a skull up there, it's the apocalypse!!! or maybe just an Alien Invasion
Definitely a heavy, new game plus it’s a famous one because it did really well after its release. People love this game. It’s a bit heavy for our system so you need to turn down the graphics a bit in the options to make it work smoothly.
The games features kind of a big Invasion slash War scenario, humanity on another planet, having a hard time with the alien kindda things and your guy is freed from a prison as he’s some bad-ass soldier who can turn the tide or whatever, who cares when you get to kill some nasty alien stuff on an alien planet with cool tactics and a great new game-play style.
 You have to co-ordinate with your partner at several points to get through many parts and the best thing is that even when it uses the cooperative game-play style which gives it a real feel, you can easily handle it in single player without any networking because of its cool design.
See, one guy is shooting while the other is running, I think that Cooperation
So enjoy some ass kicking action while sitting tight in your room.

Anything with that child in the cover can never be peaceful
It’s a horror plus FPS game. It’s good, works smoothly on our system. So it's the same girl in about every horror story who has been wronged somehow by someone and thus the conflict begins and starts all the reality altering ghostly activities and some bloody killings. It's basically all about an experiment going wrong and ALMA, you'll see what ALMA is soon enough in the game and She is quite impressive. So basically you'll get a lot of blood and shitty ugly horrifying dead people so that you can take out your anger on them and kill them once again "Coz They Don't Belong Here" that's gotta be your war cry or something, or you simply kill them because otherwise they just kill you, so whatever suits you. It’s a great game, really interesting, good graphics, runs really smooth and has a cool Slow-Mo feature which kindda lets you slow time a bit, won several awards and works great on HP Notebook 1000. And for the Horror thing here's a pic from the game that might give you some goose bumps............. Nah it just looks really cool.
My Advice: Don't go in there, this can't possibly be good

Sniper: Ghost Warrior
A nice game. Those people who love Sniper stuff with stealth missions and recon missions etc will love this game. Cool graphics and works great.
You’re a sniper guy who sits on a mountain and kill high profile personnel from the top of that mountain, you've got other smaller weapon too which are used during your way up the mountain.
Graphics great, game-play and the Sniper experience is among the best. You get to zoom in, slow your heart and breathing for a few seconds and then shoot, the bullet's out of the gun and your camera follows the bullet as it hit your main target.
Now don't get started on that ECG
So with this good sniping experience I say start shooting from you bed and kill those war-mongering maggots.

That’s all for today, In the next part we’ll visit the Action/Adventure category and some others too probably, till then enjoy the ones mentioned above or just try any game from the list, who cares for a review when you can actually see what the game is like when you play it. I guarantee that all the games on the list are really great without any particular order but the first ones are the best ones.

P.S: That's the first time our website is looking so cool with all these Gaming images.
P.P.S. here are the specs for a full view.
Display adapter type Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
If you've got these specs everything ought to work fine!!! Cheers


  1. You have outdone yourself, Salik (Y) So k3wl!

  2. Muhammad Moiz TahirJuly 11, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Fifa 14 and counter strike are also awesome games. Plus u can try company of heroes if u are into world war rpg games 😊

  3. Muhammad Moiz TahirJuly 11, 2014 at 12:36 AM

    Nice article by the way 😊

  4. Thanks. :-)


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