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KAPS and KemUnited present: KemComics Fiesta 2012

KAPS and KemUnited present KAPS KemComics Fiesta 2012 Make a funny comic depicting the theme "Kemcolianism at its Finest" . You can also add a caption to your comic. Email it to before 6th March 2012. Voting will commence from 7th March 2012 on KemUnited facebook page for 1 week. Final results after 1 week of voting will be announced on 15th March. Winners (Top3) will get Trophies at KAPS Arts Exhibition 2012 and feature in Kemcol Pictorial Section 2012. And every participant will get Certificates. Rules:- 1) A person can submit multiple entries 2) Photos will be judged on the following criteria: 50%: By Judges based on Creativity, humor and editing quality 50%: The number of "Likes" a photo gets on KemUnited facebook page 3) The Organizers of the competition reserve the right to reject any entry found to be offensive Judges: Tauseef Omer (Ex-President KAPS) Qasim Khan (Ex-President KEDS, Graphics de

King Edward Debating Society: Executive Cabinet 2012-13.

Executive Cabinet 2012-13. King Edward Debating Society Executive Cabinet decided for the session 2012-13 in interviews held on 17th February 2012 is as follows:- Presidential Council:             Staff-President:                      Prof Dr. Samina Naeem             Staff-Advisor:                                     Dr. Saira Afzal             President (Declamation ):      Muhammad Bilal             President (Parliamentary):   Usama Talib             President (Parliamentary):   Muhammad Ibrar Islam Vice President:   Sidrah Latif Chief-coordinators:   Iqra Ahmed                                     Rabia Zia Coordinators Declamation :             Serious Category:        Ayesha Sikander                                                 Haris Bilal             Humorous Category:   Muhammad Awais                                                 Muhammad Fahad Coordinators Parliamentary:             English:            Farkhanda Qaiser

Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 3 ‘Finale’

Laiba Khalid’s : FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 3 ‘Finale’ Episode 1: Click here Episode 2: Click here I know I know I am a bit old for a freshman now but hey I just couldn't gather the courage to say bub-ye to my chronicles , oh someone get me a tissue please ! ….... Duh! To blow my nose of course, it’s freezing cold! They say all the good things come to an end , i can’t be sure about the ‘good’ part but well it’s got to end, our 1st year at KE as well as the chronicles! It wasn't anything less than a roller coaster ride! Though the last few months were particularly bumpy... The most awaited and equally hated part of the year, the Prof Season is what i am talking about. The impossible nerds wait rather impatiently for this moment so that their true talent is recognized and the rest of us of course hate it like anything! It’s the time when you realize: Who ‘the’ theta of the group is

Final Year Guide to SURGERY!!

Final Year Guide to SURGERY!! FINAL YEAR!!! .... the finale to the five year saga... and yes its u who has to make yourself study throughout the year .. the era of spoon feeding has neared its end ... almost all the wards pass u in ward tests .. even if u go with the minimum preparation possible .... the class tests.. well lets just say they wont be any different from the surgery medicine class tests u went through in 3rd year 4th year!! ... .. starting off with surgery ... the text books available are : 1. bailay and love 2. SRB 3. dogar special and general surgery 4. washington manual 5.synopsis of surgery instruments 6.operative surgery for the clinical methods : 1. S Das 2. Browse General surgery : dont even try and do it from bailay .. because its is impossible to do it from there(unless u are a suppperrrrr nerd .. well then u are crazy )... dogar general surgery is the best book to do the entire general surgery from .... though do read through vascular system , shock

A Freshman’s Jolt; King Edward Chapter

A Freshman’s Jolt; King Edward Chapter by Amna Khalil (1st Year)  King Edward was like a dream, dreamt with the full acknowledgement of it never being fulfilled ever. A few weeks into the declaration of the result, I would find myself squashing my tongue between my teeth again and again or pinching myself here and there. Watching how the planets aligned and led me to the one thing I truly desired in life was indeed amazing. Ecstatic, I watched all the KEMU videos on Youtube beforehand and nearly memorized the popular kemtips off the blogspot. In short, I was already in love with King Edward before even seeing it with my own eyes.       When I had to choose my subjects two years ago, I sank down into the sofa and I pondered and pondered over the issue. All I really wanted to do in life at that time was watch T.V .Four months into pre-engineering, the thought of me lying on my death bed (yes! I am quite the morbid person) hit me and made me think real hard about what would matter

Final Year Study Guide Complete Subjects

By Saba Fatima ok new final year..the most wonderful and d most hectic year of mbbs...:P rite frm frst yr,,final yeAr face one prob...and that is WHICH BOOK TO STUDY???a breif guide ofa ll subjects...\ GYNAE AND OBS... 2 books are usually used...ARSHAD CHOHAN n TEN TEACHERS...Dr. Arshad Chohan's book is the ultimate gold standard in Gynae and Obs... ten teachers is a short breif  review of the subject..defintely not even close to can only be aptly described as a book for those seeking shortcuts.. or merely if you just want a quick review.. but as per our detailed written pattern it canot fulfill the requirements...this is where Prof Arshad Chohan's book is the perfect fit.. it will get you through the complete written paper with absolute ease and give you a complete grip on the subject unlike ten teachers.. this book is fully equipped to get you through the exam with flying colors be it MCQs, SEQs, LEQs or PBQs... Once u go through it u know the imp thngs to

Wards Dissected -- for 3rd Years

Batch of 2013 share their experiences about major wards. 8 Things you need to know about West Medical Ward by Sadaf Hafeez Ward test won't be delayed at any rate. The ward's head is Ma'am Balqees. She'll throw back every excuse for post-ponement as easily as  Nadal hits the ping pong. So be ready for test on time. The Test course won't be reduced. Whilst batches from other medicine wards may brag of acing the ward tests with course-outline including only two systems namely G.I.T and Respiratory system , west medicine shall teach and examine you in all four systems namely G.I.T , Respiratory System , CNS and yes ,even CVS ! Again Ma'am Balqees won't take anything less. 3rd year is all about history taking ! Not so in west medicine. Admin of west medical wards believes history taking is a mere joke without knowing the differtial diagnosis. The maximum you can do is to ask specified questions about the presenting complains. Further you'l