Final Year Guide to SURGERY!!

Final Year Guide to SURGERY!!

FINAL YEAR!!! .... the finale to the five year saga... and yes its u who has to make yourself study throughout the year .. the era of spoon feeding has neared its end ... almost all the wards pass u in ward tests .. even if u go with the minimum preparation possible .... the class tests.. well lets just say they wont be any different from the surgery medicine class tests u went through in 3rd year 4th year!! ... .. starting off with surgery ... the text books available are :
1. bailay and love
2. SRB
3. dogar special and general surgery
4. washington manual
5.synopsis of surgery instruments
6.operative surgery
for the clinical methods :
1. S Das
2. Browse

General surgery : dont even try and do it from bailay .. because its is impossible to do it from there(unless u are a suppperrrrr nerd .. well then u are crazy )... dogar general surgery is the best book to do the entire general surgery from .... though do read through vascular system , shock from bailay !! ... for trauma .. the trauma manual of dr arshad cheema is a must have ,,, its easily available form the photocopier...

Special surgery:
some of the people found SRB to be a better book than bailay .... i on other hand just couldnt stand SRB .. that book has too much going on ... it really depends on u though .. whichever book u want to follow ... but bailay isnot perfect either ... u will find urself unable to answer test qs even after having gone through bailay ...
GIT and UROLOGY , i did these 2 from bailay ... BREAST AND THYROID ..did these from washington manual .... ORTHOPAEDS from shamim , PLASTIC SURGERY from wash manual, PAEDIATRIC SURGERY from bailay .... the rest of the special... well i didnt have the time or any capacity to do it ... though if u want to u can do that from shamim or from dogar special surgery .. for the topics u read from bailay ... u would never have the time to revise from there .. so after u have gone through bailay once .. either make ur own notes which u can revise before the paper or use dogar special surgery for revision .. since its a mini version of bailay ....
and since in viva at the end they doo ask u to explain the steps of a few imp operations .. do these from a seperate book of operative surgery ... the imp operations to which the steps u should know are
1. appendectomy
3.cholesystectomy (both open and laproscopic)
4. operations for hernia
5. laprotomy

During ur ward rotations ..... see all the instruments .... and note down their uses ... because at the end the external wasnt accepting the ones given in SYNOPSIS OD SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS.. do buy this book though and keep it with u in OT so u can identify the instruments... see all the tubes in drains from the dispensery in emergency .. they do ask u to identify these and give their uses .... u should see and be able describe the following x rays
1. free air under diaphram
2. air fluis levels in abdomen sign in sigmoid volvulus
4.t tube cholangiogram
6. pnemothorax
7. pleural effusion
8. subcutaneous emphysema
9. KUB (x ray kidney ureter bladder)
10. intravenous pyelorography
!!. cannon ball appearence of mets in lungs
12. apple core appearence in colorectal ca. ( barium enema)
13. fracture long bones

U should have learned and practised the following methods by heart by end of ur clinical rotation
thyroid examination
breast examination
inguinal hernia
paraumblical/umblical hernia
varicose vein
swelling in neck
diabetic foot
GIT examination

the methods are best given in S DAS but dnt do the differential diagnosis from there.. the xternal in north surgery atleast wasnt happy with each and everyone of giving the list of d/ds given in das ... do those form norman browse

during the two month rotation try as u must u wont be able to cover he entire surgery .. just do the important topics and the ones u are taught in ward .. and well i will give u the same advice my seniors gave me but i never followed it .. STUDY FOR THE CLASS TESTS .. which i m sure very few of u will .. but it will def pay at the end when u have a month left in exams and surgery seems like a never ending abyss...

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