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12th All-Pakistan Parliamentary and Declamation Contest 2011

King Edward Debating Society  Proudly Presents 12th All-Pakistan Parliamentary and Declamation Contest 2011.

KEMCOL Survey : Most Influential Personalities of KEMU

KEMCOL Survey : Most Influential Personalities of KEMU Ladies and Gentlemen ! Here is your chance to nominate any three undergraduates of KEMU as the most influential personalities of the year 2011. If you want to see their names in Kemcol's most influential personalities list , vote now or forever hold your peace. * Required Your Name / Nick name  * Your Class  *  First year  Second year  Third year  Fourth year  Final year Most Influential Personality Number 1  * Class  *  First Year  Second year  Third year  Fourth year  Final year What makes him/her so special ?  * Personality Number 2 Class  First year  Second year  Third year  Fourth year  Final year What made you choose him/her ? Personality Number 3 Class  First year  Second year  Third year  Fourth year  Fiunal year Why him/her ? Powered by  Google Docs

SPWS Fund Raising Campaign2011

MAYO Present Scenario: Mayo hospital is one of the largest hospitals in South East Asia and is a centre of excellence for public benefit. It had bed capacity of 300 beds on the Day of Independence (1947) but now is extended up to 2399 beds. The situation of Intensive care facilities available on surgical floor is quite grave . Apart from the fact that there is not a single ventilator available on whole of the surgical floor, the floor virtually lacks equipments that are required for the monitoring of severely ill patients. There is no proper compressed air and suction facility available in HDUs. SPWS Quotation: SPWS will donate a range of equipment and upgrade the existing non-functional equipment in HDU’s of respective wards. Name of equipment No needed Lowest possible cost Total amount Data scope passport XG cardiac monitor 1 R.s 85,000/- Rs. 85,000/- Defibrillator physo control 9 defibs 1 Rs.65,000/- Rs.65,000/- Siemens 900c
"All dimensions n' diversions are at one point convergent !" On 27th July, 2011....InshaAllah Last date for Registration : 10th July ,2011 Dates for Auditions : 18th , 19th , 20th July !! TWO SHOWS !! An inter-class event,where, Every kemcolian is welcome to perform n' participate for free. A Joint Venture by KAPS & KEDS ! LIVE CAMERA COVERAGE of Stage Performers & the Audience during the SHOW !! Browse through following links for full details: ~ ~ Rules/Guidelines Page ~ ~ Online-Registration Page ~ ~ Awards To be Declared In The Event ~ ~ Help Desk

Pride of KEMU: The Illustrious Kemcolian Authors: Prof Dr. Arshad Chohan

“Altapete” , exemplifies the true sentiments of every kemcolian. It is this motto that makes each and everyone of us “a million dollar girl and a million dollar boy”. This article is dedicated to those determined kemcolians who have made their mark in the world of medical authurs. Needless is to say that they are the pride of KEMU and their hard work will always be remembered. Writing a book is a strenuous and demanding task requiring utmost concentration and a vast knowledge of the subject. We should be extremely proud of these gifted minds who have proved that KEMU is indeed the best.  Following is a list of authurs from KEMU .   P.S : Any further additions are welcomed. These are only the ones I m aware of. 1. Dr Arshad Chohan   Fundamentals of Obstretics Fundamentals of Gynecology 2. Dr Haroon Mushtaq   Clinical Examination   3. Dr Tahir Saeed Haroon ABC of dermatology Student Reviews     Fundamentals of Obstetrics and  Fundamentals of Gynecology b

Electives at PIC - Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore

PUNJAB INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY ELECTIVES  by Aariz Zainab 4th Year ( FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO DO ELECTIVES AT PIC AND HAVE ENUF TIME AT HAND AND WANT TO SPEND IT IN A CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER-OK ENUF OF INTRO LETS GT TO THE POINT) Maam Afshan is the electives coordinator at PIC. Start the application process at least 3 months prior to the date u want for electives. I have no of maam afshan if anyone wants it. STEPS:HOW TO DO IT? 1.Take the elective application form from PIC or their website. I think i got it from ma friends at PIC. 2.Attach result of 1st and 2nd Prof to it plus an ID card copy of urs. I think i m leaving smthing out so check out d form.After filling it get a photocopy of all of the form plus attached things. 3.The 2nd or 3rd page has to be filled up by the Clerk in room no 3 who also gets it signed by VC. Fr dt write an application addressing the VC dt u want to do electives at PIC nd fr dt u need clearance.Diary dt application.Submitt the photocopy nd origi

Comprehensive USMLE Step 2 CK Guidance by Dr. Ayaz M. Khawaja (Score: 268/99)

Comprehensive USMLE Step 2 CK Guidance (268/99) USMLE Step 1 Guidance article can be seen here Salam to every reader. Let me start in God's name whose blessings have been innumerable. My score is  268/99.  This article would be a fantastic review especially for those candidates who wish to maintain their Step 2 study in parallel to their final year curriculum. It is highly advisable that you do this since the content is not too different and the USMLE curriculum gives a much greater stronghold over medicine and related disciplines rather than your own final year curriculum. This holds especially true for Pakistani medical students. I am not too sure about the situation for Indian medical students. Let me start by reviewing some issues the same way I did for my Step 1 article. USMLE Step 2 CK Study Guide - Experience and Tips. by Dr. Ayaz Score 99 Issue # 1: Give Step 2 before Step 1? I have heard this question a lot more than I expected, especially from