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Drink tea.

A framed and carefully labeled photo of one of the most famous revolutionary poets and influential left-wing intellectualists of Pakistan overhangs us.
In the photo, Faiz Ahmad Faiz has his hand near the corner of his mouth; his fingers, weighted down by his dense thoughts, support a cigarette.
 His cigarette leaves grey smoke fumes suspended in a black and white capture.
“He did some significant jail time, you know?” I say to my friend seated in front of me.
She mutters, “Our problems are bigger.”
And then in another one of our creepy insight moments, she points towards her head and I murmur, “After all the jail is in here.”

What We Do In KE # 5

By Laiba Khalid


Behind the Curtains With Prof. Dr. Rafea Tafweez - An interview with H.O.D. Anatomy

Behind the Curtains With Dr. Rafea Tafweez
By: Moeed Ahmed & Taroob Latef
The Ring Leader of the biggest Department of KEMU
She has taught and worked at PGMI, LMDC, FJ and KEMU, you name it.
Top female graduate of AIMC with a dream to get a phd in anatomy Dr. Rafea Tafweez calls herself a “mom’s child”, enjoys hanging out at HotSpot with her children, admires the very handsome tennis champ Bjorn Borg and likes running her department as a family.

Kemcol English Survey 2013


A journey to remember!

By Rooqash Ali 1st year
PhotoCredits : Ahmad Latif
People who can’t find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.
John Wanamaker

Life to some people is hectic while full of liveliness to others. Dreary routines make everyone ill at mind. A little masala is needed to straighten their lives. Obviously KE is 2nd home for us but sometimes home too isn’t giving the heavens feeling. So to set apart the boredom, our great CR took the risk out of nothing to take trip to the places where every MBBS class went during their freshmen year. Organizing trip is another thing but the best part was his convincing skills which he used to persuade 85 fellas to go along.

KDS ANNUAL PLAY 2013- A Tale Of Two Tales

(With Special Thanks To Nida Rauf and Mehroo Bakhtawar for being so wonderful and for having life-saving Photoshop skills. And to Tayebah Mumtaz Hashmi and Neehal Wali for being generous with their time)
Photo Credits: Ibrahim Raza, Bilal Mazhar

   So riddle me this: Who’s skinny and just a leeettle messy-haired and wears glasses and is a wizard?    No, it isn’t Harry Potter.    And don’t act smart, it’s not Danny Radcliffe either!    There’s no need to look afar boys and girls, because we’re talking about someone much closer to home. We’re talking about the man behind the magic of this year’s AWH-wait for it-SOME annual play! The wizard was ofcourse our very own KDS Secretary, Neehal-the whiz-Wali.

Laiba Khalid’s Third Year Chronicles

Laiba Khalid’s
THIRD YEAR Chronicles 


‘You’re in 3rd year already?! It seems almost yesterday you got admission in KE … ’
Sounds familiar? M sure all of you must have heard this cliché from your friends & family you meet once or twice a year or maybe after 2 years (for the reason that you’re a med student ! and you require no other excuse to miss social gatherings). Well thank you folks for making us realize how fast we’re aging, how soon this journey will end and within no time we’ll be outta this place, gone and forlorn as if we never existed.
But there are some boosting ones as well:

BSC Annual Examination,2014