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Pride and Prejudice- Woeful tales of Pakistani doctors.

  By~ Romesa Qaiser Khan. "Yeh tum larkiyon ne medicine seekh ke kya karna hai? Abhi kuch salon main sari ghar beth jao gi. Choro ward, mazaay karo." "USMLE karke tum sab ne bahir bhaag jana hai, phir baray humanitarians banay phirtay ho" "Kemcolian ho, kemcolians saari dunya main chaaye huay hain aur tumhain yeh bhi nahi ata" Sooner or later, every one of us comes to encounter this blatant tanay-baazi at least once in our three years of clinical medicine, or if things get very real, within the first two years of basic sciences as well. The universal lamentation of the fact that we don't have enough doctors, our doctors are incompetent, our doctors are selfish- these aren't just limited to senior physicians but often come from our patients and are echoed by society too. And if we're completely honest, it DOES seem to be true. More than half of our batches are made up of girls, inevitably many of those girls ending up settling dow

8 characters which definitely don't exist at Mayo (and probably mostother hospitals)

1. House MD First years, second years, and premature Kemcolians please leave all thoughts that there would be a super genius doctor who can tell anything and everything so people suffer his/her bad attitude. There are no super genius doctors here and we still have to suffer bad attitudes. There are some well learned, smart, well read or clinically competent doctors for sure but nope no one in House's ballpark. 

12 Summer Resolutions that didn't turn out as expected

By Eesha Raazia (2015-2020) Summer marks the arrival of holidays, although it’s not the luxurious three months holidays for us medicos, still even the forty-day break brings heavenly bliss. Looking forward to the holidays comprises making some long to-do lists, obviously with the amount of work we have piled up during the modules and the amount of sunburns, summer sun has gifted us. We have all these extravagant plans and our minds are focused on one fact: “I will make the most of these holidays.” (Yeah, right! You wish!). We have all kinds of plans ranging from practical to moderately-practical to practically-impossible to impossible-in-each-and-every way.) Let’s have a look at our resolutions and how they resolved. 1.    Studying will obviously top the to-do list of a medico with holidays actually marking the last bonus prep time you have. There are practical notebooks to be made, unprepared tests to revise, untouched books to be dusted and oh yes! There’s th

12 Things That Need To Stop Happening Right Now

By Ammar Anwar 2nd Year MBBS 1. Sharing tweet screenshots on facebook Recepie for instant social media stardom. Ingredients: Zero IQ, rotten sense of humor, a phone capable of taking screenshots and a twitter account. Voila! The most infuriating thing about most of the "popular" Facebook pages these days is posting screenshots of tweets from certain people (I'm looking at you, Khawar Malik and Furqan Shayk). I get it if you find a good tweet and you feel the need to share it on your Facebook page so thousands of people could look at it and laugh. But what I fail to understand is, WHY the hell would you make photos that fail at resembling actual tweets, just to continue your stupid trend of sharing tweet screenshots on Facebook! Quite unsurprisingly, these idiots find actual followers on Facebook who are "into" this trend and some of the followers even try to make their own tweet screenshots just so, you know, take a shot at getting popular. Mise


AYESHA SAEED MALIK 2ND YEAR MBBS A memory not yet obscured or clouded by life’s heinous labyrinth, firmly imprinted in my hippocampus for a decade now, occasionally flashes in idle times and reminds me of a little girl and her vivacious dreams; writing in her lilliputian diary about all the possibilities her future promised to hold. She’d jot down her career options and go by them meticulously, pensively pondering over each vocation till she came down and settled upon the one that started with a ‘D’ and apparently went with a starched white coat and a shiny stethoscope. One day the same little girl heard the name ‘King Edward Medical College’ from a clan of adults, for the very first time. Little did she know about the institution except for what she had gathered during her little episode of eavesdropping, that it taught how to treat and cure the sickly, but enough to spark her curiosity. So she decided to dig deeper into the matter and ended up asking her parents of what this eni