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USA Electives : The ultimate list of Universities.

A lot of Kemcolians have confusion about where to apply for electives in USA. There are many lists available on the internet, but the fact is that there are only a handful of place which gladly accept international students and where Kemcolians have actually gone. The purpose of this post is to provide you a basic list which has good acceptance rate for Kemcolians and give you the least headache ! This will be updated with time, so keep checking for updates ! -When to apply? Clinical electives in USA require you to be a final year student in your medical school. So there are 2 practical time-periods when Kemcolians go a. Summerbreak of Final year in May- August[for this you must have your application and all requirements ready by the middle of your fourth year] b. Right after Final prof exam March-May[for this every thing should be ready in the start of final year] -Basic requirements for electives 1- Documents obtained from Student office These documents

Kemcol: Most Influential Kemcolian 2012!

Kemcol 2012: Most Influential Kemcolian List. Vote now for the most coveted title of KEMU ! Tell us who do you think is the most Influential Kemcolian of this year. Please include the reason of your choice as well. Fill in seriously as this will help make the really influential kemcolian get his or her rightful place. Thank you! * Required Person who is the Most Influential Kemcolian is?  * Reason for your choice Person who can also be an Influential Kemcolian is?  * Reason for your choice  * One other person whose name you will like to see on the list?  * Reason for your choice  * Your name?  * Class  * Powered by  Google Docs Report Abuse  -  Terms of Service  -  Additional Terms

Freeeedom !!!

Not just another summer vacation ! by Aleesha Kainat (1st Yr)                               It nearly took me four days to come out of post-test-stage-trauma, back to a life finally !! June had been the hardest of all months. When anatomy department comes up with a list of short attendance students giving them a chance to fill up in June and thorax' stage ! Physio with renal and CVS tests.... Biochem.......well . . . . . Never mind  !!  Most of u I know won't go like this : Because we all know when it comes to biochem its always "NEVERMIND" Adding to our misery seniors were going off from 15 June while we were to suffer the torture till 30th June. It seemed as if this June would never end however it was just a matter of time that we were done with our first year!  No one of us ever thought that the journey would be so small unless till the last day. As soon as I finished the CVS test ( yeah CVS test was scheduled for last day-last period thanks